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Although last night's fierce finale featured a ton of killer performances and surprises... It looks like The Voice has significantly dropped in their own… Read more…

15 comments to “The Voice Finale's Ratings Sink Like The Titanic!”

  1. 1

    I love your roundabout way at gettin' back at CACA!

  2. 2

    Matthew got voted off too soon.

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  5. 5

    They cannot have a judge charged with sexual assault on a show for family viewing and expect that the ratings not drop. This is another classic example of attempting to undermine their audience and pretend all is well.

  6. generae says – reply to this


    I hate watching 2 hours of dreck to find out the winner…so I don't and read about it later.

  7. deb says – reply to this


    were waiting for shakira and ushers cycle to come back rather than watch Christina gag-a-puka and her snitty 'tude!

  8. 8

    Cole left and I lost interest.

    The tie-in to I-tunes is too great of an advantage. The winners are the ones whose coaches know how to pick "sellable" songs. When a coach chooses poorly, the contestant suffers.

    There were so many songs this year that I had no interest in purchasing. I knew when Cole sang "Shameless," he was out because even though the song did well, it wasn't going to sell to I-tunes consumers. A pity. He could have won it all.

  9. melly says – reply to this


    sink like the titanic, eh?
    is that really how a national tragedy with 1500+ deaths is treated after 100 years?
    maybe if it was 2113 you'd be saying the ratings fell like the WTC.

  10. bruno says – reply to this


    titanic? tonight who sank Perez was you, you were put in place that is in culvert

  11. bjsmith says – reply to this


    I stopped watching the Voice when. all of the good singers were sent home. The Voice has become so predictable. No diversity in choosing talent. Black people may as well not apply. Celo is a disappointment as well as a sell out. The show does not cater to all races. Its seems to be on the fix side. I will never watch that show again. Celo is not a man I want judging anyone. This man has some serious charges against him.

  12. 12

    Re: deb – agree! I hate Christina's attitude and let's not get started on Cee lo…. Cant' wait for Shakira and Usher to come back!!!

  13. Linda says – reply to this


    I didn't watch the finale on Tues because I am tired of Adam telling us who is going to win! Second year in a row. very annoying, I am a huge fan of Will but still! Let the runner up save face for crying out loud, announcing Tess is going to win right before Will even gets a chance to sing is really tacky, Adam! It was bad enough when you did it last year, but so much worse this year as BOTH are on YOUR team, and I think a bit more loyalty would be in order for you to care about the feelings and career of BOTH contestants. Will came through for you numerous times enabling you to have two of the final three. Not a nice way to behave, Adam.

  14. Sasha says – reply to this


    Just like last year, adam told us who was going to win. No need to watch when the outcome is known! I didn't watch it.

  15. 15

    Part of that 20% drop was caused from fans all over having "Party Watch" at selected businesses (Restaurants, Cafes etc.) namely, Miami, New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Jamaica. Instead of tuning in at home, they went out to these places to watch together who would be crowned.