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Phil Robertson Spread HATE Years Before Duck Dynasty! See His Shocking Anti-Gay Sermon HERE!

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duck dynasty phil robertson 2010 hateful sermons intolerant antigay pennsylvania video ae suspension watch here

This is just so horrible!

If you were appalled by Phil Robertson's homophobic and racist remarks in the recent GQ interview, then this sermon will really bake your noodle!

The Duck Dynasty patriarch has apparently been preaching hate for YEARS!!!

We stumbled across this 2010 sermon from Pennsylvania's Berean Bible Church and we were SHOCKED by the cruel words that came out of Phil's mouth!!!

He makes multiple disparaging remarks about the LGBT community, calling gay people "insolent, arrogant God-haters" and heartless, senseless, sinners!

See his entire outrageous sermon for yourself…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Wow, REALLY? Phil basically just told the entire LGBT community to, well, duck off!!

We wonder whether A&E Network was aware of Phil's ill-spirited sermons before they gave him his own reality TV show!! All it took was a simple YouTube search, so it's hard to imagine they didn't see this coming!!

Ugh!! We're just so disgusted! Why would anyone say such vile things?

We're applaud A&E for swiftly taking Phil off the air, but we're surprised the network ever put him on national TV in the first place!

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121 comments to “Phil Robertson Spread HATE Years Before Duck Dynasty! See His Shocking Anti-Gay Sermon HERE!”

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  1. lynn54 says – reply to this


    Re: REALITY CHECK – If you do any research at all you will find that pedophiles are in fact classed as mainly heterosexual in nature, and are considered incurable. The right wing are up in arms because they are unable to separate church and state. They are terrified about same sex marriage. Phil Robertson's vitriolic rant is in my opinion that of a man who is a reformed Alcoholic but still displays the behaviour of an alcoholic, he has found a safe place to hide, in an Evangelist church. He underestimates the power that the gay population has garnered over the past 30 years. Oppression can do that for people. They rise up and take their rightful place in our society. I believe his rant to be that of a man who killed a lot of grey cells with his drinking and he is a lunatic. I meant psychologically speaking he is ill. Anyone in their right mind does not us a magazine to have a melt down and spew hatred and incitement against people. He speaks about homosexuals as if they are causing him great harm. How is he personally threatened by them? I find it tiresome how people thump the Bible and quote scripture to to justify their internal sickness. Sidebar: All reality shows should go off air. Good Luck to you Reality Check, doing some intelligent reading, achieve some education, and also how to spell. :)

  2. AdamWeston says – reply to this


    It is a SAD day for Christianity when what Phil Robertson has to say passes as Christianity. He spouts ignorant (or is it willful?) misunderstanding after misunderstanding laced with self-righteous hate. He obviously understands absolutely ZERO about evolution, DNA, the Big Bang, History, etc. Apparently being "Christian" in this country means having absolute blind faith in your "beliefs" - beliefs based on completely incorrect ideas about science AND the Bible.

  3. Brennan says – reply to this


    just look at them- they're from a veeerrrryyyy different part of the world. Being a New Yorker we're pretty liberal and, can i say a bit more "modernized"?, they probably don't even KNOW any gay people (gay people have better fashion sense anyways). I say let them believe and preach what they want because that's their right- no one said we had to listen to it. Besides, it could be much, much worse.

  4. me says – reply to this


    If you have a problem with his words here…..HE is Quoting a Bible passage…..so you are calling God our Creator mean and intolerant But of course you wouldn't know what the Bible says…….

  5. me says – reply to this


    Roman 1:28-32 Is the New testament and this is where theses words are found….the Word of God not Phil Robertson….so hate God if you don't agree but I don't think what you think matters!

  6. Who Believes A Poll? says – reply to this


    Re: Kyle – I am bisexual, but with that being said, do you seriously believe polls like that? I don't know anyone who ever participates in those so-called polls that the media likes to use to promote their agendas, and that goes for ALL the media who use polls, and it seems like every network has a different result from the same question asked for their "poll", no mater what the topic is.

  7. REAL TALK says – reply to this


    Re: lynn54 – lynn54, you are the one who needs to learn how to do some intelligent reading. Reality Check didn't say anything about pedophiles. What the heck are you talking about? You said "Anyone in their right mind does not us a magazine to have a melt down and spew hatred and incitement against people", which is EXACTLY what people crying about what Phil said to GQ are doing. I assume that you meant to say that they don't "use a magazine", not "us a magazine", so check your spelling before you tell someone else to learn how to spell. :D

  8. srp95 says – reply to this


    I think people need to get over the thought that everyone will be fully accepted and well liked because it's never going to happen. We're all too different from one another to accept everyone for who they are, so the world is never going to be one big happy family. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, thought, feelings, beliefs, etc. You can't tell people not to judge because everyone does it; some more subtly than others, but it still happens. People judge at first glance, it's natural. The people who do not support LGBT have the right to and people who do also have that right, it's America. I'm not a religious person so I'm not even going to bring that aspect into this little rant.

  9. hannah smith says – reply to this


    sir, You are right he has no reason to say such things but…just as you express your heartless comments on this site he has the right to express his opinion on these topics…he was raised to think that way and you have grown to believe well on this topic . He has the right TO EXPRESSION under the constitution as do you . HE IS ALLOWED AN OPINION SIR !
    sorry that it may hurt your little feelings but …JUST as you were born he was born too ..he has the natural rights you do ! You hurt the feelings of many people as did he !!!!!!!!

  10. shadowspeaks says – reply to this


    Whatever your conclusions may end up being after seeing quotes and clips, you should know that your judgment is only as good as your sources. Here is a clip of the same sermon, but it's not truncated to misrepresent Mr. Robertson. If you end up with the same conclusions, ok. At least you actually heard the whole thought.

  11. shadowspeaks says – reply to this

  12. Britney says – reply to this


    I like Phil. He seems like a down to Earth guy. He probably did not intend to hurt anyone's feelings, but sadly, he did. :( Anyway, I do not care if you are homosexual or homophobic, I Love and Respect Everyone. Marry Christmas to You All. :)

  13. shadowspeaks says – reply to this


    This won't take links, but shouldn't video be able to receive rebuttal with video?

    You need to type in the usual address with an h, a t, another t, and a p, then, youtu, followed by a dot, then, be, followed by a slash, with the following string after, "PT2MlnN53po".

  14. Britney says – reply to this


    *Merry Christmas to You All, I meant to say in my last comment, lol. This darn spellcheck on my computer picked "Marry" instead of "Merry" when I accidentally typed "Mery", lol.

  15. LET'S GET REAL, FOLKS says – reply to this


    How upset could A&E have been at Phil if they were talking about a Duck Dynasty marathon shortly AFTER suspending Phil? LOL! A&E sounds pretty pathetic to me. They wanted to take Phil off the air, but then they still wanted to air reruns of his show. It does not shock me that Conservatives and Liberals alike are calling A&E hypocritical.

  16. blah says – reply to this


    Re: justtospeakthetruth – Just to inform you on something yes, yes gays do talk bad about the straights. I have a friend that knows that I'm neutral about his sexual preferences and he talks down on us. and the only reason why they don't think we are perverted is because THEY LIKE THE SAME SEX! and the disgusting part? yes some of them think we are because we like the opposite sex and don't understand why we prefer it than the same.

  17. Idiotseverywhere says – reply to this


    This report disgusts me. HAS ANYONE HERE HEARD OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT?? Probably not, and I'm guessing most of you don't know what the Bill of Rights, or what the Constitution says. If Phil Robertson wants to say he does not support gay marriage, THAT'S HIS DEAL. Why is it suddenly bad to say you do not support gay marriage? But it's okay to bash every religious person right?? Phil has a right to say what he wants, just like a gay man/woman has the right to say what they want. But complaining about not having free speech, than bashing others for expressing themselves? Pssh, the gay community has been doing it for years. All you idiots need to get off welfare and learn what reality is.

  18. Thunder says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton would love Sodom and Gomorra, it's just his type of place.

  19. Teri says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – You do know what it is to "boycott" don't you?

  20. Teri says – reply to this


    Re: mikal – You realize that his "freedom of speech" was not infringed upon right? just because others openly and publically disagree with PR and his employer exercised their contractual right to suspend him does not constitute and infringement of PR's freedom of speech rights. The First Amendment protects us from laws being made that restrict freedom of religion, the press and/or speech. It does not protect us from how society responds to the expression of one's religion, the press or speech.

    Robertson's boss punished him for his remarks. The government didn't.

  21. Teri says – reply to this


    Re: michellt – A&E was only exercising their contractual rights that Phil agreed to. If Phil did not like the perameters set forth in the agreement he entered into to provide a service for payment then he should have never agreed. On his own time and not on the behalf or representation of the show or network he can voice his opinion in any venue he likes. But in the article it clearly say's Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. He was representing the show and did not abide by the agreed upon terms in doing so. A&E had every right to exercise their rights under the agreement. There is no Freedom of Speech infringement. This is private party to private party that was publicized. Phil did not suffer any ramification from any arm of the government.

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