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James Franco Is White Hot Holding A White Rose! See The Flowery Pic From His Ford Commercial HERE!

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For us, James Franco? Oh, you shouldn't have!

First James gave us the Bound 2 music video parody, which was basically like receiving a thousand sweet-smelling bouquets of flowers, now this picture has blossomed of James holding a single white rose!

James was wearing a suit and extending this flower for a Ford commercial, which shot in El Lay yesterday!

Sure, a white rose is a symbol of purity, but we've got to be honest, this seksi photo is giving us very impure thoughts of what we'd want to do with James.

Not to get too graphic, but our fantasy involves a boulder, and spending 127 hours with Mr. Franco in a secluded canyon!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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21 comments to “James Franco Is White Hot Holding A White Rose! See The Flowery Pic From His Ford Commercial HERE!”

  1. NE1 says – reply to this


    It looks like he's giving a rose..

  2. Atasi says – reply to this


    Ohhh mama mia no comment ahhh hahahaha!!!!

  3. wrong path says – reply to this


    James franco: I have just read your article; the monster in mysterious skin.
    uhnuhn….you say taht it depicts the character's lifestyle seductively, very alluring, sensual, warm etc… WHAT is WRONG with you. This is your own mind that finds it attractive. IT IS NOT! It's a sad story, and there is NOTHING SEXY in the way it is showed, it's you that feels those things when you watch it and is turned on by it!!!!Don't you realise that you have a PROBLEM!!????? you say: that there is a scene where you say that a scene between the child and the coach is attractive??????? whattt?????? are you attracted to that sort of thing? go get treatment!

  4. senses says – reply to this


    James, you have anonymous gay sex!
    We know it.
    Why are you such a chicken? freakin' say that gay sex turns you on!
    You're only harming yourself by hiding it ’cause it's your sexuality.
    and you like prostitutes.

  5. organ says – reply to this


    Re: wrong path – I know, that guy james is not even fully aware of how he behaves and what people see of him. the way he depicts the movie in his article fully shows how he is. What he shows and does in his work clearly shows a person in denial, completely irresponsible and ashamed of what truly excites him sexually. anyway, nobody likes him in hollywood they all think he's a jerk and a pervert.

  6. notes says – reply to this


    Re: senses – he made a home made porno movie with prostitutes.

  7. now says – reply to this


    Ok, so that guy will either end up in rehab, a mental institution or in prison …….

  8. falling says – reply to this


    He has serious issues. he's also gonna have a very bad karma very soon.
    what is he spreading in this world, what a phony, what a liar!
    his face looks stupid too.
    he looks like such and idiot with that rose.
    you self centered, shallow, superficial idiot!

  9. mamamma says – reply to this


    he is a male version of lindsay lohan.

  10. vgtre says – reply to this


    Re: mamamma – that is SOOOOO true!!!!! hehehehhehehehehe!

  11. here says – reply to this


    it's kind of sad to see him believe he has talent.
    james, take a look at the films you direct, it's really pathetic and stupid. don't you see that you don't have the level?

  12. btt says – reply to this


    hate that guy, such a jerk.his career has been dead for years, he's a only a toy for the gossip. he'll probably end up controling a bordel house. you should see a psychiatrist because you think like a pervert. something is wrong with the way you act and the way you think. go get help.

  13. bang says – reply to this


    ewwwwwww, he's gross , he's ugly!

  14. trafic says – reply to this


    he's willing to do anything for money. that guy has all the wrong values. that's the problem with hollywood. selfish basterds who go for money, believe that they are as important as their paychecks. no wonder people are so impulsive and confused with the media, publicity, images…..nowadays, we have idiots like him representing what's fashionable.

  15. give says – reply to this


    Re: trafic – hey, i agree but don't be surprised. Today everything is manipulated and they shoves lies all over the place.
    look at the women in this business; all of them have gone under the knife. boob jobs, nose jobs, lip injections, facelifts, botox, you name it they had it. they are all constructed by other people to put pressure and make people believe in something that is not real. why do you think there are so many paparazzis? I hate paparazzis but it's there because people feel like they have been lied to. they want to see how people really are because their images are manipulated. people want to see if they are humans with a real life and not robots.

  16. real says – reply to this


    they are just there as puppets, not even aware of what's behind it. they just serve as a physical representation so other people can send messages to society through them.

  17. juyt says – reply to this


    Re: real – I know it's pretty easy for them. they are irresponsable, they lead easy lives where they have access to things and make shit out of it. their lives consist of superficial things, going to parties, thinking they are incredible, taking drugs, getting paid, being on the rich side, dating retouched supermodels, having shallow conversations about power…

  18. leit says – reply to this


    People like him are so self centered that they can't see what's around them.
    He's part of these people who are given a certain amount of "power" (money, fame, publicity, open doors) and who think they are above everything.
    It's a real sickness in today's society, people like him just think about being everywhere, accumulating things.
    I think that guy in particular has been acting like poison in hollywood, gossips, "art" etc….
    i hate that type of selfish attitude. the more they will keep acting, behaving that way, the more negativity is thrown out in this world.

  19. voir says – reply to this


    Re: leit – yeah this guy is a master at bullshiting!!!!

  20. buzz says – reply to this


    what a retard

  21. sexy serina says – reply to this


    behind every great man is a great woman, oh how i wish i was with u James!