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Mariah Carey & Michael Bublé Get Together For An AH-MAZING Duet Of All I Want For Christmas Is You!

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This is definitely much, MUCH better than Mariah Carey's recent rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You!

Mimi obvi had an off day and definitely redeemed herself with this amazeballs duet with Michael Bublé!

The Art of Letting Go singer joined Michael on stage for his 3rd Annual Christmas Special for a special performance of her Christmas classic (above)!

Mariah went through a wardrobe change and had another performance, this time singing Christmas Time Is In The Air Again! Did you really expect the diva that is MC to not change outfits for both songs?


Ch-ch-check out both of her performances on Michael Bublé's 3rd Annual Christmas Special (above & below)!

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12 comments to “Mariah Carey & Michael Bublé Get Together For An AH-MAZING Duet Of All I Want For Christmas Is You!”

  1. 1

    Mariah Carey probably sees a slim and sexy woman when she looks in the mirror. Reality check: honey, ur a plus-size, and VERY huge woman. Those short and tight outfits look funny on you.

  2. Calvin says – reply to this


    Re: divinah – Mariah is by no means huge. And instead of focusing on her weight, she should pay more attention to HER VOICE. Like all TV performances, this one has been dubbed. If you watch Mariah's recent raw live performances, they're all over the place.

  3. Sarah says – reply to this


    I Love Mariah, but I did notice that she looks like she has gained a few pounds since she left American Idol. She is still beautiful though.

  4. Toto says – reply to this


    Love MC !!!!!!!!

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Fantastic duet! Buble's skilled and seamless simplicity along with his silky tone and resonance is perfection twinned with this excellent rendition by Mariah. His primo musicality pushed her vocals back into her top skill zone. Funny how that happens.

  6. jsqtsa says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – For sure it's dubbed. Nowadays almost all her so-called TV performances are dubbed. There're undubbed versions of her singing "Joy to the World" at Rockefeller Center and "All I Want for Christmas is You" in Washington on youtube in which she was very hoarse and cracked and struggled to hit notes above Eb. Sadly that's her vocal conditions nowadays, it will stay like that, if not worse…

  7. 7

    haters gonna hete. everyone who performs for tv has their vocals dubbed. Mariah had one bad performance and everyone goes off on the woman. That doesn't mean she's not a singer anymore, that means she is human and isn't always perfect. Mariah can outsing anyone you mention.
    I just wish people could admire Mariah's artistry a bit more before posting rubbish online - Mariah is unique and so so talented, it hurts to see so much hate towards an artist that has given so much to the world, to the music industry, inpiring millions of people and a whole generation of singers

  8. anthony says – reply to this


    This was NOT DUBBED!!! How can Michael's part"not be dubbed" but Mariah's "was" with a duet!!! come on people use your brains!!! Mariah even changed her pitch, styling and add libs for the duet to sound musically correct. Mariah never tries to out sing anyone when she duets with them not with Whitney, boys to men, aretha, etc or anyone.. You people really gotta give it up… just because you don't like some ones image (it's okay that adele is fat; beyonce is whorish, rihanna is sluttish, miley is disgusting, madoona looks like she is 65yo) personality or credibility you cannot deny their genius and talent… this women is the" undisputed queen of vocals" since the day she first came out until today!!! NO ONE can even compare so I guess people hate on her… get a life!!! ignorance and hypocracy!!!!!

  9. Brandon says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – It wasn't dubbed.

  10. DLOC says – reply to this


    I think you've touched on something here, something ive noticed with Mariah for a while now… that some people just cant wait to not like her!
    It doesnt matter how much quality she brings musically or how many hard earned achievements she has, all of it will be ignored in favor of cheap ridicule or rude, offensive criticism ( usually based on her appearance) …
    Elvis Presley also provokes this kind of reaction… =6599664]Re: CSOMS1979[/re]

  11. anthony says – reply to this


    Re: DLOC – That is so true dloc. Elvis Was the king of pop and his accomplishments are undeniable as well. you are so right. great point!

  12. SBB says – reply to this


    Re: anthony – It is sad that people focus on the negative in EVERYTHING today. What is the point? Mariah has her family, her awards, her records, not to mention her money. She is actually just coasting now…she's made it. Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand, after 20 - 30 years they did what they wanted and had nothing to prove…that is where Mariah is now. Dang, all are entitled to their opinion, but people who hate on her just end up looking threatened about the artist they prefer.