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3 comments to “facebook-thank-you-bill-gates-for-making-me”

  1. Santa McClouuuuuuuud says – reply to this


    Society doesn't care about the poor and hungry. If it did, it wouldn't chastise females for marrying wealthy men. My mom grew up poorer than most of america. She comes from rusty spoons. But, unlike most poor females, she was smart enough to think "hmmm. i better get me a rich man. I'm not going to end up like my mom going thru life thinking poor men and poor women are good combination". And she found a rich man. But did any poor people congratulate her? Nope. Her boyfriend called her a gold digger. Her sisters did. Her mom did. Her poor friends did. Her poor aunts did. And not even for one week. They called her that for 3+ decades. For as long as poor people insist on calling poor females who marry up "gold diggers" and say cliches like "money cant buy love and happiness. Be strong and independent. Make your own money, GOLD DIGGER"…i probably will not be donating to any poverty related causes. I only have money because my mom was a "gold digger". Thats "dirty money". I wouldnt want the poor to have my "dirty gold digger money". But I do wish the poor a very merry xmas. My girl will have one for SURE.

  2. Santa McClouuuuuuuud says – reply to this


    If society REALLY cares about the poor and the hungry, it will promote the mailorder bride industry or create a more robust matchmaker industry hooking the poor up with financially secure mates. My $4000 check will not help a poor girl as much as her having an actual sugardaddy would. Society should be encouraging men to become sugardaddies for poor females and should be encouraging females to chase money and have sex with it and babies with it. Anything else is just bandaid. Marriage is how MOST under educated poor females go from rags to riches. If i started humanitarian organization, match making would be CENTER stage. "hey poor girl. dont beg that tourist food. Thats just one day of food. Get him and yourself aids/herpes tested and you go bone that tourist man if he's single. Thats how you go from poor to financially secure in lieu of miracles from the imaginary God . Sex love and boning. Not pan handling and begging". I will make a donation THIS time but next year its back to "no no no. The poor called my mom a gold digger for marrying up. The poor should make their OWN money. Be strong and independent. "

  3. 3

    Why do you only ever post about charities when you have "donated" to them? Way to try and make it look like you care.