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Julia Roberts Is Grateful For The Kardashians! Find Out Why She Loves All Reality Stars HERE!

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You never thought you'd hear America's Sweetheart and Kim Kardashian in the same sentence, now did you?!

Julia Roberts is professing her love for all reality TV—including The Kardashians, Project Runway, and the Real Housewives

But it's probably not for the reasons you're thinking!

The Pretty Woman actress explained that she loves all TV-based celebs because they take the pressure off of her personal life:

“As a film actor, I’m [only] inviting people to pay attention to my characters. But if you’re a reality star, by virtue you are asking and inviting people to pay attention to you. It’s great because they take that attention away from me.”

Although the 46-year-old loves these small screen stars—she admitted to appreciating, but never actually watching an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

“I think there’s still time. They’re still on TV, aren’t they?”

We love the jokes, Jules!

SO glad you're grateful for reality TV, because the fans are too!

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6 comments to “Julia Roberts Is Grateful For The Kardashians! Find Out Why She Loves All Reality Stars HERE!”

  1. snake boil Salesman says – reply to this


    Apparently ol julia isn't wise enough to know that many of these "reality tv shows' are scripted and faked (allegedly according to rumor). I've heard rumors of "reality" show producers encouraging fights and tears. So in other words… I could NEVER live with this woman as her lover. We'd be fighting over the livingroom remote "we have more than one tv. Go watch your kardashians in other room. I bought Oscar the Grouch's garbage can so you can have a place to watch reality shows, missy." My girl watches documentaries all day. Thats reality tv to us high IQ couples. She's japanese and hates american tv shows ("they arent as fun as japanese tv") except for The walking Dead. That kills her. Horror movies and horror tv shows are her thing outside of documentaries. To me, reality shows are a sign that america is in decline. The only way you can get a reality show is if you are trashy in some way. There will never be a reality show showing us the daily lives of geniuses in a science laboratory. But a porn star on the set? Sure.

  2. snake boil Salesman says – reply to this


    Reality Tv shows are what gave rise to the undesirable phenomenon of people becoming famous for NO REASON. MIT is full of geniuses who will one day help us land and live on mars. But what are their names? We will never know. Reality stars steal the limelight from geniuses.
    If Einstein was from my generation and formulated his scientific theories TODAY, nobody would have heard of him. He's not kim. Scientists do not attract attention today. Society dumbed itself down so much, it cant even relate to geniuses.

  3. snake boil Salesman says – reply to this


    I should have read her quote first. Yah well. Thats a pretty selfish way of thinking. Reality tv is destroying american culture but all she can think about is her privacy.

  4. 4

    Re: snake boil Salesman – Reality TV is destroying our American culture because we have moron's out there that LOVE to watch these stupid inane shows!! If no one watched then they would be off the air!

  5. stopppp says – reply to this


    Good try Julia. No one cares about your life. When I read the articles on the Daily Mail it surprised me to see you got 27 comments and Kim got 1874. You want to try that again? I am more fascinated with reality tv because they sometimes resemble my own life. I can relate. As for actors like yourself you are over rated. You and Angelina Jolie got away with stealing people's husbands away but want us to treat you special and respect your privacy. I pay for your salary so if I wanted to know about you I could I just don't care enough. So get off your high and over rated horse dear.

  6. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: stopppp – Stealing people's husband? Are you literate at all? It's 2013 and you use the word "stealing people's husband"? No one steals a man from a woman because people break up! It's the men's fault, not the women! Stop… but really… Stoppppp being hypocrites and sweep the front of your door steps before saying someone actually stole a husband. Rofl!