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Teen Comedy Film Gets An R Rating Because It Features Gay Kissing?!

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gbf poster watermark

You can’t be serious, MPAA!

A new teen comedy called G.B.F., starring Megan Mullally, Paul Iacono and Natasha Lyonne, recently got their rating after the Motion Picture Association of America reviewed the film.

It was an R! As in no one under 17 admitted without a parent or guardian!

So what, was there too much violence? Too many cuss words? Was there some highly erotic hardcore sex scene in the middle?

Nope. None of that. The only thing the director of the flick can think of is that there’s a gay kiss shown!

Darren Stein shared his frustration on Facebook after learning of his movie’s rating.

He posted:

"I always thought of G.B.F. as a PG-13 movie, but we were given an R "For Sexual References" while not having a single F-bomb, hint of nudity or violence in the film. Perhaps the ratings box should more accurately read 'For Homosexual References' or 'Too Many Scenes of Gay Teens Kissing.' I look forward to a world where queer teens can express their humor and desire in a sweet, fun teen film that doesn't get tagged with a cautionary R.”

What a crying shame too! This movie looks pretty damn divine!

But the MPAA has long been accused of throwing out R ratings when any gay or lesbian content comes on the screen! It’s an unspoken rule but the makers of movies with LGBT themes have long voiced their dissatisfaction with the Rs they receive.

We’ve come a long way with showing gay characters on TV. We would hope that the movie biz brass would get onboard the acceptance train as well!

It’s 2013, people!

Ch-ch-check out the trailer for G.B.F. below!

[Image via Vertical Entertainment.]

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9 comments to “Teen Comedy Film Gets An R Rating Because It Features Gay Kissing?!”

  1. 1

    Going out on a limb here and say that I bet more than just a little innocent same-sex kissing is involved in getting an R rating. That would be truly shocking if this was entirely the case.

  2. 2

    Society needs a bloody reality check…It's time to stop being so draconian and living in the past. It's 2013 and it's time for the human race to accept homosexuality isn't a sin or immoral or in any other way morally or socially wrong.
    It's disgusting that people can jump up and down and get all offended about two people of the same sex loving each other, but sit back and accept far more dangerous and damaging human behaviours. The human race is so fucking stupid we just cannot survive. We are such a moronic species that will end up making ourselves extinct.

  3. Don'tbelievethemedia says – reply to this


    Re: Strangeasitmay – It has to be. I remember seeing a couple movies that have just "gay kissing" and it was pg 13. Besides, there is some parents that are completely against they're child seeing ANY form of affection. Not only from "gays" Why don't you get your head out of your ass, Perez, and stop thinking everything is about bashing gays. Shit.

  4. Don'tbelievethemedia says – reply to this


    Re: Strangeasitmay

    It has to be. I've saw a couple movies that had innocent "gay kissing" and it was only pg13. Besides, theres some parents out there that doesn't want their child seeing ANY affection in a movie. Not for kids. Seriously, Perez, get your head out of your ass, everything out there isn't about bashing "gays" Every time there is a little problem out there you try to play the "it's because there is gay in it!" card. It's really getting fucking old. Especially, since everyone is supporting equal rights. Doesn't seem like the whole world is homophobic, but when you throw it out like that, of course simple minded people are going to agree with you.

  5. 5

    he said queer… hehe

  6. 6

    Typical liberal, trying to make something out of nothing.

  7. 7


  8. north blue,what'snext says – reply to this


    I think we have finally hit the wall with the gay lobby .
    the Achilles heel of this lobby group will never achieve its goal on young children because the parents will never allow !

    Even if the heterosexual adults will allow you to invade their intellectual space at a price of a semblance of peace with a community claiming moral changes.
    All in the name of freedom of speech or of any constitutional right .
    NEVER the gays will have the above on how we should educate his child.

    The right to heterosexual parents who want instill thier own values ​​to their offspring, this is not negotiable!! Especially the fact that when it comes to his own children,
    people want what is best for their children and intuitively!

    Pressure groups should shut up and let the world act with their own conscience ! FUCK !

  9. 9

    not every American wants to see queers kissing. she be rated Q for queer