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12 Days Of Perezmas! 4 Kanye Freakouts!

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Kanye West number 1 rock star freak outs

On the fourth day of Perezmas, our true love gave to us…

4 Kanye freakouts!!!

Tis the year of the Kanye West craziness and with that comes concert rants and interview screams!

'Ye hasn't held back this year and that meant that everyone and anyone felt his wrath, which means it's now time for Yeezus to shine as we take a look at four Kanye freakouts from 2013!!

Kanye West Stops Yeezus Tour In Tampa To Curse At His Tech & Lighting Crew! Watch It HERE!!! [CLICK HERE]

Kanye West's Secret, Angry Rant On Taylor Swift, Racism and More! [CLICK HERE]

Kanye West SLAMS Camo Print & Corporations In A Drunken Rant! Listen HERE! [CLICK HERE]

Kanye West Asked Harmless Question About Fashion And COMPLETELY Loses His Shiz On Sway!! Listen To The Shouting Showdown HERE! [CLICK HERE]

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2 comments to “12 Days Of Perezmas! 4 Kanye Freakouts!”

  1. 1

    How much do Kim & Kanye pay you to keep that picture of their ugly kid on your website? I know it's not her fault she's ugly. Her father was Kayne West, after all. She will never leave home or get married. Kim is already photoshopping/waxing the kid's eyebrows. If she'd had a boy instead, then there wouldn't be so much pressure for the kid to look good. KIm dates black men because they worship her & she doesn't have to worry about them cheating on her. If she were with a Caucasian man, then she wouldn't be able to sleep at night. She would constantly worry about a white guy leaving her for a REAL blonde with blue eyes and a lilywhite complexion.

  2. 2

    All artists have egos, sure. But not one of The Beatles ever said "I deserve…" or "I'm the greatest…" I don't recall Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, or Otis Redding ever quoted as saying any of that shit either, so it ain't about race. This RAPPER is not a rock star. Rock stars play music. Rap is indeed an art form, but it is not ROCK MUSIC. I am a pro musician and a published songwriter and NEVER have I taken two fucking days to write a verse. If something was taking too long to put down it got put away and I moved on to the next project. Maybe someday I'd go back to it, with a fresh approach, but man I'd never waste two days on a VERSE. That to me displays a level of incompetence beyond description. This guy is nothing more than an angry black person who happens to be able to, in an inordinate amount of time, put words together that rhyme and say them in a creative way. 40 years ago he'd have had to SING a melody to get signed; otherwise he'd have just been a sidewalk preacher collecting dimes for his cigarettes and burgers. Sickens me he has the audacity to consider himself a rock star. JIMMY PAGE is a fucking rock star, sir, NOT YOU.