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Dylan Sprouse Has HARDER Nude Pics Leaked! Emphasis On LEAKED! See Them HERE!!!

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dylan sprouse nude pics again leaked 3

Oh, Dylan Sprouse! You’ve done it again!

The former Disney star recently had some peen pics exposed on the internet, and they were revealing, but this is NUTS!


Two more REALLY graphic images of the 21-year-old NYU student have been leaked, and one is a little HARD to look at, if you know what we mean, and may or may not involve some man juices… or just some wetness.

Ch-ch-check out the NSFW pics, and you be the judge (below)!

dylan sprouse nude pics again leaked 1

dylan sprouse nude pics again leaked 2

[Image via Tumblr.]

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239 comments to “Dylan Sprouse Has HARDER Nude Pics Leaked! Emphasis On LEAKED! See Them HERE!!!”

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  1. eowedsaaaas says – reply to this


    Re: atl – The camera is flipped.. look at the apple on the phone

  2. bre says – reply to this


    Re: atl – he probabally took that one in the mirror

  3. Caroline says – reply to this


    Re: atl – it's the camera pal. cameras do that. mine does that. ugh.

  4. Matt says – reply to this


    Re: bytchface – Yeah, add a one before that zero and about 8 zeros after yours.

  5. sassyangie says – reply to this


    i have carefully studied all these pics and i have arrived at the decision that they are all fake, the first ones in his boxers my have been true but these are all fake this is clearly Photoshopped,the complexion of his hand and the rest of his body are different

  6. cocoluf says – reply to this


    Re: Uhavtoseethisbeforejud
    Well the pic is mirrored, like the apple logo also flipped around. so its all legit. ;)

  7. MS_ADL says – reply to this


    Re: sassyangie – Actually he has admitted that they are real. You should re-evaluate your abilities ;)

  8. hannah says – reply to this


    the moles switches sides and half his left bresat and nipple has disappeared… just saying

  9. Cris says – reply to this


    People….SRSLY? The first set of picks are real, but this ones?! FAKE ASF. First one is a photoshopped pic of this image The happy trail isn't even properly photoshopped, the second one, you can see the moles change sides, and its the same pic, just that mirrored, with a photoshopped cum and without the arm

  10. vegaslas says – reply to this


    Re: atl – Look at the Apple log on his phone. The photo is reversed.

  11. reversed says – reply to this


    Re: atl – yes, but look at the apple on the phone. It's also reversed compared to the previous pictures. It's still him, just mirrored.

  12. 112

    Fuckin Hot

  13. B-Razzle says – reply to this


    Re: atl – The picture is taken in a mirror. The apple is reversed too.

  14. banu says – reply to this


    the last one is photoshopped. the background is way too blurry. and if you look to the right there is a wavy spot you cant miss

  15. ummm says – reply to this


    im pretty sure thats cum on hi chest

  16. samantha says – reply to this


    why on the last pic is the birthmark on the other side of his chest..

  17. ikik says – reply to this


    fuckin idiot below. those aren't moles. its a smudge on the mirror

  18. sparky says – reply to this


    Well, first of all, if you notice his right arm in the first two photos, you can see a clear difference in tones between the arm and his body, and where the person didn't blend in the graphics completely. Second, the third picture, if you look at one of the originals, is a mirror image, color corrected, and is missing his treasure trail.
    Damn it, I was excited about them, but alas, they're fakes :(

  19. CAMEAN-2 says – reply to this


    ? The moles are on the wrong side of his chest. So, something tells me the last one is a fake because he's holding the camera with the same hand from the same perspective, just zoomed in…unless he has an identical set of moles reflected across his sternum. Plus, Dylan already acknowledged the first image and the one in undies. But, this is just now coming into play.

  20. Adriana says – reply to this


    Re: bytchface – i wanna fuck him after this even more so yea..

  21. ventroaq says – reply to this


    Nice pics, but definitely NOT revealing enough.

  22. justice says – reply to this


    Re: Uhavtoseethisbeforejud – the apple icon is also reversed on his phone so that just means they flipped the picture the opposite way

  23. dale says – reply to this


    derp!!! the last one is too blurry, esp the 'member' that was added into the pic! now, when his twin does them, you let me know…

  24. matty says – reply to this


    Re: Uhavtoseethisbeforejud – first of all, no you wierdo, nobody else was paying that close attention to his moles, obvi, someone was staring at this for WAY too long. Second, it's called a mirror… what does that have to do with anything anyway, you would have to purposefully move the moles, what would the point be, to leave a clue that it's fake? I'm not saying one way or another if the jizz is fake, but the moles have zero to do with it..

  25. 125

    too beautiful for words <3

  26. darkrogue94 says – reply to this


    i noticed that his moles are on a different side of his chest too, so im pretty sure the last one is photoshopped' even though it looks nice lol

  27. John Doe says – reply to this


    Re: atl – If you had ever done a selfie you would know that shooting into a mirror REVERSES the image, therefore the moles would be on the opposite side .

  28. Darien says – reply to this


    Re: atl – Did you also notice the apple logo flipped in one of them? It's called mirroring. It's when you flip an image on its horizontal axis and it's stupidly easy to do.

  29. Bobby says – reply to this


    don't care. guy's hot but not exceptional.

  30. Lizzie says – reply to this


    Re: atl – So is the apple logo

  31. BjPark says – reply to this


    Here is the tumblr where the original photos that were photoshopped are from.

    Perez should print an update.


  32. Laura says – reply to this



  33. Voyeur at Large says – reply to this


    A friend once said "If you've got it, flaunt it!" At least Dylan has something worth looking at.

  34. ads says – reply to this


    Re: atl
    the entire pic is reversed idiot

  35. joeymbadass says – reply to this


    Looks like these were made using photos from here –>

  36. DrDexter123 says – reply to this


    Re: Uhavtoseethisbeforejud – No darling he just reverse the picture.. look at the apple on his phone. it is reversed.. it's real

  37. WELLNOW says – reply to this


    yes… Yes…. YES! OH YES!!! <3

  38. Eef says – reply to this


    Re: Uhavtoseethisbeforejud – Look at the apple logo. The logo is flipped also. Thus, the pic is flipped and isn't fake.

  39. wellnoshit says – reply to this


    Re: atl – its reflected look at the apple sign on the phone

  40. HelloWorld says – reply to this


    Suite life on DICK

  41. vanessa says – reply to this


    First of all.. where is the other nipple on the third photo
    (and in the first photo his arm looks so fake)

  42. Samy says – reply to this


    Oh damn it!! Hes hot, i would like to see cole sprouse! :)

  43. Rudehamster says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Jeez..not another American that insists on muscles and hair? No wonder you're so fucked up over there.
    They guy is fine as he is. Stop whining like a girl.

  44. Rudehamster says – reply to this


    Re: sgneejay – Then you're in the minority, you up-tight fool.

  45. Rudehamster says – reply to this



  46. zakima says – reply to this


    I think Dylan has a beautiful body as well as personality. I remember years ago my children and I got a chance to meet him and his brother and both were fine young men. This / these photos taken should not be an embarrassment but he should be proud that he looks so amazing , I bet he works out and works hard to keep his body looking this fantastic. If people want to be perverted because he took a photo of himself than be that way, but if your looking at it in a realistic pov than you would know that it was just a photo he enjoyed taking for his own personal reason and logic and it just got into the wrong hands.. I applaud you Dylan for the pics, sorry they were leaked but damn you really are a gorgeous young guy.

  47. markaland says – reply to this


    Re: Uhavtoseethisbeforejud

    The left/right mole thing depends on whether the "selfie" was taken in the mirror with the back camera, or directly with the front camera. It's the same Dylan in all of the pics!

  48. Someone says – reply to this


    Re: atl – That last photo is real. The photo is flipped. cause look at is iPhone, the apple sign is flipped as well.

  49. 149

    he has a nice girth would love to lick the liquid on his chest /stomach off with my tounge

  50. 150

    Re: bytchface – number of gay guys who find this hot!:)damn i wanna see what his brother is packing!

  51. 151

    Re: Adriana – i want him to fuck me bareback

  52. Jim G says – reply to this


    The last picture is sooooooo not a real one! It is however a pretty good photo shopped picture of what he might look if he had just ejaculated on his stomach. But it's very good for fantasizing ;)

  53. George says – reply to this


    Is that cum? Yummie

  54. kelly says – reply to this


    Pervert in the making

  55. Memymoi says – reply to this


    Oh wow … oh wow … oh wow … I've had a crush on him for a long time and as a gay male of roughly the same age as him I am melting all over my keyboard because my heart just exploded and … yeah …

  56. b says – reply to this


    Re: Uhavtoseethisbeforejud – thats just his dirty mirror..hes sexy lol

  57. Herp Derp says – reply to this


    If you look at these pictures without looking at the old pictures you might be fooled. If you look at these pictures and compare them with the original pictures you will notice that these are photoshops of the old ones. The first is a mash up of the original two and the last is a mix of the old one where you can see the base of his cock and a picture from (tumblr:) liammartin101. I can't believe Perez didn't catch that. You don't need to look at the positioning of the moles or the apple on the phone to question it's validity. You just need the original pictures. :P

  58. caity ann says – reply to this


    those who are saying 'clearly photoshop/fake'

    has it ever occurred to you, that he took it in the mirror? wow. smart.

  59. omgg says – reply to this


    he's hott

  60. MaliOdManira says – reply to this


    He jacked off on his "abs" you can see that

  61. Toño says – reply to this


    Dios mio!!!! Está mas bueno que un tren :P

  62. Rey says – reply to this


    I love how ppl keep saying that these pics are fake. He's come out and said that they are real pics of him. Lol… #hottie

  63. twink says – reply to this


    You do realize it's the same photos as before but photoshoped right?

  64. Kris says – reply to this


    Complete fuckin idiot perez. Give gays a bad name

  65. Ron says – reply to this


    Hummm, nice from what I can SEE of it…..

  66. Gayboy72 says – reply to this


    Damn… well my childhood is fulfilled <3

  67. Sammy says – reply to this


    That moment when you see Ben Geller's wiener :|

  68. 168

    Re: atl – its called a mirror lol

  69. Manley joseph says – reply to this


    I love nick

  70. 170

    Re: atl – Yeah but look at the apple sign, it's a mirrored picture.

  71. guy says – reply to this


    tRe: atl – one with a mirror one without and fyi he admitted they were real

  72. Adam says – reply to this


    Re: atl – Don't worry, the apple logo is reversed too, think it's just the image.

  73. pec says – reply to this


    dylan is soooo hot love his biiiiig snake

  74. SHOULDHAVESENTTHEMTOME says – reply to this


    his pics give a whole new meaning to "Suite life"

  75. paul says – reply to this


    Dylan is hot wish he would do to me what the pic says with his big snake love ya

  76. nickie says – reply to this


    love this little cheek! and the cum… ;) )

  77. james says – reply to this


    nice pic

  78. james says – reply to this


    omg i wanna suck his dick

  79. james says – reply to this


    iwanna fuck you dylan

  80. james says – reply to this


    im gonna enjoy masturbating to this picture

  81. james says – reply to this


    i wanna 3some with dylan and cole

  82. Lilac says – reply to this


    @Kelly- so, he's a pervert for sending photos to his girlfriend which he expected nobody to see? And wouldn't you also be a pervert for looking at it?

  83. Lilac says – reply to this


    That 3rd pic is not Dylan Sprouse; it's from the tumblr of some guy named Liam Martin

  84. james says – reply to this


    he can cum on me anytime

  85. james says – reply to this


    i jerked off to this picture screamed his name when i was cumming

  86. Scott says – reply to this


    Awesome! Finally giving the fans what they want!

  87. kayleighmcpherson says – reply to this


    this is just soo hot! hahaha i dont know how you guys dont find that hot!

    well he only lives once! hes just a normal human being like everyone else. i dont know why all the paparazzi just cant leave anyone alone and let them live there life with out stupid dumb people with a camera they should get permission first before they leak any photos!!!

  88. 188

    he is just SEX ON LEGS!

    I dont know why use cant find this hot ¬¬ he is only young!!! he will make mistakes OBV!! you only live once i motto you need to live life to the fullest and basically this photo is telling me he is. i just dont know why use need to judge people. he is a normal human being just like us. we all make mistakes at one point and the paparazzi pisses me off too like LA is infested with them! its like when thousands of fat kids get free cake. as if they have never seen one before and they just take pictures WITH OUT PERMISSIONS!!! id get a Petition started to make sure paparazzi get permission first before they even post pictures that celebs dont want up.

  89. Paige says – reply to this


    holy sweet mother of jesus

  90. whatttttttttttttt says – reply to this


    omg wow too grapic but hey its his life

  91. winnerz8922 says – reply to this


    Re: atl – you realize that this is a mirror pic… so its flipped around…

  92. Mason says – reply to this


    Are you stupid? You do realize these are just the old pictures photoshopped together. They aren't new.

  93. Caleb says – reply to this


    Dylan has one more pic out there and I have it oh it's a good one.

  94. JC8_4life says – reply to this


    yes I think Dylan sprouse is hot so of course I studied the pics in detail and unless he: had plastic surgery on his chin, has moveable moles on his chest, his fingers swelled up, he shaved his happy trail, changed locations oh and changed the direction of the back of his iphone; I'm going to have to say the 2nd pic is a fake

  95. parker says – reply to this


    Re: sassyangie – the first one is just the combination of the two real ones. So I'm assuming their both just fake.

  96. sash says – reply to this


    Re: atl – Seriously? It's called a mirror.

  97. hannah says – reply to this


    Re: atl – if you look, you can see the camera on the phone is switched to the other side in the other picture so it means the photo was switched. it's still him

  98. Ebby says – reply to this



  99. 199

    is that Ben Ross"s son from friends???

  100. Jake says – reply to this



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