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Well, we're not sure the people he's spoken out against would agree! Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has been in some hot water ever since his homophobic a… Read more…

22 comments to “Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Speaks At Bible Study: Says He's A Lover Of People, But Sticks To Hateful Beliefs!”

  1. Kissofdeath says – reply to this


    Perez, get a formal education. Homosexuality is a sin in the bible. Period. Men were not created to be with men. Since you were born that way, it was a deviant gene by nature. It happens in animal world and in human. It's about loving the sinner but not the sin. That's where he is coming from.

    It's not natural. It's not normal, but we should all be accepting that it does happen and treat homosexuals with kindness. Stop making him out to be a monster, he's not.

  2. The Best in Decades says – reply to this


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  3. kc says – reply to this


    Look at it like this, rather you believe in God or not. Men and women were put on this earth by someone or some thing to procreate. If homosexuality was meant to be men would be able to carry a baby and women would be able to impregnate a person. What Phil said may have been crude but it is his right to believe what ever he wishes he was not trying to force his beliefs on anyone, unlike others that are trying to force others to believe that homosexuality is a natural way of life. Before the wackos start on me let me say, I have a brother and 2 cousins that are gay and actually one cousin works for GLADD.

  4. Canadian M says – reply to this


    @Kissofdeath right on, very well said. Perez, get off your high horse. HE didnt spew hate towards gays or people of other races…he spoke on his beliefs, and did it in an extremely careful way…so get over yourself. You're spewed more hate on this man over the past few weeks than he could ever do in one interview, so get over it. You look like a moron and your credibility, what little you had, is down the drain. Move on.

  5. No Fun What so Ever says – reply to this


    im tired of these turkes cancel their show ,,,

  6. The Best in Decades says – reply to this


    The Experts Keep saying ,
    High Gas prices , Inflation ,New Taxcodes ,No job Creation and No Unity Will Make
    2014 ,true vampire in comparason to 2013
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  7. 7

    Your just as hateful towards women so fuck you

  8. The Beautiful people says – reply to this


    The Experts Keep saying ,
    High Gas prices , Inflation ,New Taxcodes ,No job Creation and No Unity Will Make
    2014 ,true vampire in comparason to 2013
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  9. No Fun What so Ever says – reply to this


    i was at that award show and their facial hair stiinkslke bag full of assholes ,i feel sorry for those women ,things ppl do fo money ….

  10. Carol says – reply to this


    Re: kcRe: Canadian M

    I'm sorry but bringing up anuses and vaginas is not a carefule way. It's not his beliefs that are an issue, it's the crude we he expressed them. I'd be fired if I started talking about people's anuses too.

  11. 11

    Perez, he has a biracial grandson and he takes in vagabonds for Gods sake! I don't think he's racist or homophobic. He was asked a question and he gave his honest answer. He did not bash anyone. In fact, he said he loved all people and that he himself is a sinner. Just because someone has different beliefs than you do, does not make them a bigot. Mr Robertson did not start this. A and E did. That's right, it was A and E trying to be politically correct and it backfired. We are all entitled to our own beliefs, thoughts, opinions and freedom of speech. It's ok……. you can't control other people but you can control yourself and your reactions. Instead of trying to fix someone who's intention was not to offend, maybe you need to work on your own hateful thoughts and reactions.

  12. Kvsem says – reply to this


    You are better than this Perez. Don't let your expererience stop you from seeing this guy is not full of hate at all.

  13. charlotte says – reply to this


    Gays want people to believe that just because you don't agree with something that you are a hater of it to make their plea sound more appealing. He did not say that he hate gays, he is saying it is wrong, the same if your child does something wrong, you explain that it is wrong, but you certainly don't hate them. The same with thieves, robbers……. we still don't hate them.

  14. Readagain says – reply to this


    Re: Kissofdeath – The scripture in the Bible was not said by God, it was said and translated by a man over and over again. There are scholars that feel it was directed of pedophiles, not all people. And a great deal of it has already proven false. There are many gays who have not become murders, etc., and went down that slippery slope. The Bible has a lot of things which lack common sense. Examples: A woman should marry the man who rapes her, a man can up to 700 wives, I can go on and on. There is more and more scientific proof that gays (most of them) are born gay. People can be born with two sexes, why can't be people believe that biologically something can be different than heterosexual biologically.

    Phil R. also stated that the Japanese (and he used racist terms) died in Pearl Harbor because they weren't Christians. Boy, there should be a lot of people dying all around the world, huh? Stupid, ignorant, small-minded comment. He hast he right to free speech. A&E has the right to can him. If he would have said in a less hateful and racist way, he probably wouldn't have been called on it. He should take a look at himself. He evidently feels he's a God and should be allowed to tell people that they're going to hell. He doesn't know. And based on Christianity, if being gay was a sin, if they "became reborn", they'd be accepted into heaven.

  15. thinkagain says – reply to this


    Re: Canadian M – Not everyone has to procreate. The world has enough people. We're not taking care of the ones that exist. So is a sterile woman a sinner? Or a sterile man? Reprocreating is a choice as well as a gift.

  16. Thinkaboutit says – reply to this


    Re: Canadian M – Phil R doesn't know as much about the Bible, I guess as he thinks he does. If gay is a sin, which I don't believe it is, if the person is reborn, according to the Bible, they can be reborn and forgiven, therefore, they are not going to hell just because good ol' Phil says it's so. He just do some deeper, critical thinking and maybe he be less hateful. Or at least learn to speak in a compassionate way (which is what Christ did, isn't it?) Did Christ speak with love to the prostitutes and even the people who crucified him?

  17. thinkagain says – reply to this


    Re: The Best in Decades – How can you say it's a mutant gene, just because it's different does not mean it's mutant and a sin. People are born with lots different gene breakdowns. Cystic fibrosis is because of genes, is that a sin? Are these people going to hell? I can't believe people can't open up their mind more.

  18. Kindra Couch says – reply to this


    He is not racist he has a black grandchild that Korie and Willie adopted. He may think gay is sin which I do NOT agree with but he does have the right to his beliefs as do I that gay is totes normal!!!!

  19. 19

    I have never left a comment before but I can't help but want to make one on this topic. I think that the real issue here is that this country has changed so much that unless you are condoning homosexuality and speaking positively blacks or other minorities you don't have a right to state your opinion. If Mr. Robertson was just going around bashing gays and blacks and non Christians then he would be a bully, but he wasn't. He was a man who was asked a question and answered it honestly. If you don't want someone to do that then don't ask the question. This country needs to go back to respect, being a homosexual may not be wrong to some but it is to others, and they have a right to their opinion. It can just be you have to support gays people and black people, how about we try something new, and support all people. Even the ones that don't have an opinion you agree with!

  20. 20

    Skid marks!

  21. DUCKFORLIFE says – reply to this


    Wow Perez. He did not say he hated anybody. With your way of thinking, if you disagree with someone, then you are Hateful. In that case if you have ever disagreed with your Mom, you must hate her. Did you hear the latest. Perez had hateful thoughts about his Mom. Perez hates his Mom. Grow up! Just because someone doesn't agree with Perez, doesn't make them wrong. Pathetic!!!!!!

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    I didn't think you'd post the Paglia article, but you did.