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Geraldo Rivera Doesn’t Think Alec Baldwin Shouting "C*cksucking F*ggot” Was A Gay Slur!

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Some news programs should start with a warning: this show may cause massive headaches.

Well, once again, we are rubbing our temples after hearing what Geraldo Rivera had to say on Sean Hannity’s show.

Not only did he defend Paula Deen AND Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for their racist and anti-gay remarks, he then brought up Alec Baldwin’s alleged outburst in which he called a photojournalist a “c*cksucking f*ggot.”

According to Geraldo, what Alec said is NOT a gay slur!


You see, Geraldo explained how he and Alec and even Sean all grew up in Long Island. And in L.I., calling someone a “c*cksucking f*ggot” isn’t so much a homophobic remark as it is just a general insult that you can call anyone! Geraldo said:

“That wasn’t a homophobic slur! If you grew up where we grew up, Sean, Baldwin and I all grew up within 10 miles of each other and when we were growing up, in my era especially, those comments were common place! You have to give people some slack!”

Actually, it's not acceptable in Long Island or ANYWHERE to use language like that!

Sooo, maybe you should quit saying otherwise, Mr. Rivera.

Watch the Hannity segment below!

[Images via WENN and BauerGriffinOnline.]

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15 comments to “Geraldo Rivera Doesn’t Think Alec Baldwin Shouting "C*cksucking F*ggot” Was A Gay Slur!”

  1. Fritz says – reply to this


    Of course not, Gerry loves when the guys talk dirty to him
    and use him as their bitch, and tweak his hairy tits

  2. X says – reply to this


    Gays call each other the "F" word all the time. Gays are far worse to each other than what Alec Baldwin did. Hell, even you used the word one time and got a beatdown.

  3. karen says – reply to this


    He probably wasn't thinking that guy is gay & he's made me angry so I'll call him cf, but what he thought or didn't think doesn't matter. What does matter is the effect on others. There are words we shouldn't be comfortable saying because they do have real meaning & we kid ourselves into thinking desensitization will make people forget the true meaning of these words. When the sentiment is made OK then actions follow.

  4. 4

    Let's not forget, Mario used the same F word when he attacked Will.I.Am. Sounds like the pot's calling the kettle black. (And no, that's not racist.)

  5. Mary Claire says – reply to this


    PEREZ, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE GAY, DOES'NT MEAN YOU CAN POLICE FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THIS COUNTRY. ALLOW everyone that privilege. If you were in some other countries, you would have been OFFED by now. To EACH his own. If YOU want free speech, allow others to have it too. You are not special.

  6. 6

    Hadn't read about him in months.
    On topic, no comment, have no strong opinion one way or the other.

  7. MB says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – I thought that was funny. That's the video where he was talking about how WIA could've knocked his eyeball out of his head or something? His eyeball could've fallen out or something like that.


  8. teedofftaxpayer says – reply to this


    Re: karen – I'm a 66 year old gay male and HAVE NEVER CALLED ANYONE A "F*GGOT". I think you've been listening to too many rappers using the "N" word.

  9. 9

    Coming from a man so dsperate for publicity, he will push over disabled people to get the perfect video shot….%$#@ Geraldo.

  10. 10

    Re: Mary Claire – Freedom of speech does not get one off the hook from the repercussions from talking out your ass. Remember that, and if you are going to bark up the freedom of speech tree, expect that peoples opinions and responses might not be what you like either. The fact that you created a login to bash the owner of a blog site you don't even need to patron, is pretty sad.

  11. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Do you know what Slang means?…There are Tons of Sayings…Geraldo is right,
    Perez you are REALLY an idiot. Not EVERYONE is so so sensitive to who people want to
    sleep with. You should realize that gay men are not the center of the universe…but it
    you're any indication, I don't like gay people either..

  12. DT says – reply to this


    My favorite Geraldo Rivera moment was when he was in Iraq and gave away military battle positions by broadcasting himself drawing the planned maneuvers in the sand. He was then banned from the battlefield. Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed…

  13. 13

    Dear STUPID FUCK GERALDO, IF, and that's a big "if," Baldwin didn't have 50 years AWAY FROM LONG ISLAND, the CLEARLY homophobic slur MIGHT get a pass. BUT, you STUPID FUCK, he's old and there is no excuse for using homophobic slurs. Duh.

  14. Ashley says – reply to this


    Freedom of Speech…. one of the greatest things about america. If you want to marry whoever you want in any gender you also need to accept the fact that there IS freedom of speech people may not like what you do and may say gay slurs and unfortunately they can do that… but that same freedom is also what will make it okay for gays everywhere to marry whoever they want. Freedom is a double edged sword you take the good w/ the bad.

  15. 15

    As much as I get annoyed with all this PC crap, even I can see how that could be considered a gay slur. Given the fact that Alec didn't know if that person was gay or not, he still treated him as if he was. Geraldo is not someone I'd take too seriously anyway.