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7 comments to “facebook-my-mother-never-fails-to-get-me”

  1. tokie says – reply to this


    i think its not that bad… its whats in around here… some dude is gonna come up and be like i love your hat bro.

  2. 2

    All those presents and typical they love the paper!!!!

  3. Joost says – reply to this


    lol you're so cute perez baby perez looks like the happiest kiddo

  4. 4

    OH OH OH OH OH, I'm sending this to Dana and the Tap Out folks….rofflecopter man, rofflecopter.

  5. fuckoff homo. says – reply to this


    Two vile wetbacks. Your whole twisted family of turds should be deported.

  6. 6

    Hi Perez! Ive been following this website for quite some time. And I must say, I have never seen you look more happy and fulfilled, and when i see that little guys sitting next to you, I know why youre so happy. Having a 2 year old myself, I know how much it changes you as a person. You wake up everyday to see that smiling face,and live to make a good life for your child. I just wanted to say, it looks like youre doing a wonderful job. You are both very lucky :) Happy New Year!

  7. 7

    Re: fuckoff homo. – How dare you talk down on him or his son. Its a child and hes still probably smarter and more intelligent then you are. Grow up