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Miley Cyrus Masturbates And Leaks Early! Watch Her New Music Video For Adore You In Full HERE!

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Miley Cyrus has prematurely ejaculated and it's all rather disappointing!

Her new music video was supposed to come out tomorrow, but it's leaked all over us just now!

We love the new Miley and her new music, but this new video was uninspired and boring.

It also was unnecessary!

She already did the super trampy when she rode a wrecking ball naked on her last ballad. She didn't need to go the sex tape route for her latest single, the sweet and beautiful ballad Adore You.

Miley doesn't do subtlety, and she touches her vajayjay so much in this video we're pretty sure she got carpal tunnel syndrome from this shoot!

Having said that, sex still sells. Especially when you're Hannah Montana. And a lot of people will watch this video just to see Miley touch herself.

What a shame, though, there wasn't much artistry to accompany a great song!

Check out the dull and sexed-up yet unsexy music video for Adore You above!


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116 comments to “Miley Cyrus Masturbates And Leaks Early! Watch Her New Music Video For Adore You In Full HERE!”

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  1. Gucci gotdamn it says – reply to this


    OH PLEASE, MADONNA DID IT FIRST And she perform it life on her concert. #next

  2. me says – reply to this


    There you go…. in addition to snorting, popping pills and twerking she can play with herself too. Who needs to have any talent anyway? Way to go Billy Ray, you must be so proud. Next time, use a condom.

  3. gol digga says – reply to this


    you over exaggerated this so much, you only ever see her touching her vajay once! stupid.

  4. 4

    Oh wow this song just sucks … she can't sing and the auto-tune has been used wayyy too much here! There's absolutely no originality at all here whatsoever. How can Perez say that this is a good song? Does he not have any taste? Besides that the video is pretty boring and uninspired … unless you are a desperate old man having a wet dream!

  5. Zaina says – reply to this


    Wait…look at the water why is it cream colored. Is she bathing in some kind of ejaculation

  6. hazel grace says – reply to this


    i love how perez critizes her for the video, saying she didnt have to go the” sex tape route” for this video yet he just put out a gallery called ”celebrity nip slips” . Just stop perez, this is why everyone hates you.

  7. Alysia Theoh Yu Qi says – reply to this


    Nice song <3

  8. Laremie says – reply to this


    At least there is NO MAN in the video She was touching HERSELF in it If a MAN is in the video I would be violated!

  9. hmmmm says – reply to this


    Once again you over exaggerate a story, just adding more people on your hate list… She barely touches herself. its more of why does she just rub her tits the whole video.

  10. WOW says – reply to this


    Re: Gucci gotdamn it – Wendy O. Williams did it long before Mandonna.

  11. 11

    ….It's not horrible but….the video is rather boring….good song though.

  12. Wy says – reply to this


    You're right Perez, I forgot how much of an artist you are. I truly respect your opinion on the artistry of this video, giving the extensive experience you have.

  13. Giorgio says – reply to this


    I thought this boy had a dick.How come he ended up with a vagina?What a disgusting creature Miley is..

  14. Wow says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus is a great artist and I loved Wrecking Ball….. but this video is worse then Bound 2 and that's saying something.

  15. 15

    What was left but porn? ugg…boring…material girl

  16. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: me – Oh cmon… Shit like this was barely shocking in the 80s. If you are too prude for it, then don't watch it… And you can't say Miley isn't talented. Girl has pipes. She's just obsessed with the shock value now… She'll get over it. Right now she's in the "I'm an adult and you all don't understand why I act this way because I'm so young and hip and you're not from my generation!" early twenties phase… Give it a few years, she'll get up to the "Wow, I am now mature enough to admit I still have a lot of growing up to do and realize everyone was right when they said it was a phase & I wasn't an adult yet" phase of the later twenties soon enough. LOL Everyone in their early 20s thinks they're the first generation to ever go wild and "act cool" & that older people "just don't get it" (meanwhile, every generation past the 1950s did the exact same shit as the one before in their early 20s, just swap different drugs in and there you go)… and everyone masturbates (gasp!)… This is really disappointing. The only people who are going to find this shocking are people under like… 18… who still giggle when they hear about sex, even if they've already done it.

  17. HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS says – reply to this



  18. 18

    Uh oh.

    Sounds like Perez lost another friend. I guess Hannah is the new target for 2014. Moving on from 2013's Gaga.

    Next year will be Katy Perry.

  19. Kim says – reply to this


    Remember, this is the same girl who recently said she didn't like cocaine bc when she sees someone do it she thinks, "What is this, the 90s?" LOL Clearly cocaine was the drug of the 70s to early 80s. Doesn't disco make that obvious (joke.)? The big drug in the 90s was ecstasy.. as anyone over 25 knows. I remember when "molly" came in style a few years back, a friend of mine said, "What is it, the 90s?" (& it was funny bc TRUE. Not cringe-worthy like when Miles said it about blow). See what I mean? She too young to even realize that the drug of choice (molly) is just a recycled, revamped version of the 90s drug of choice. You really do (at that age) think your gen is the first ever to do and say and act the way everyone does at that age. LOL I don't care how long she's worked and been around adults… Miley is a 21 year old baby… acting like all 21 year old babies. She just has more people watching her. But c'mon, even she can do better than this. She's just going for YouTube hits, it seems. If you're gonna do something like this - make it truly shocking. This is lame and boring.

  20. k says – reply to this


    Finally. It's been a while but I finally agree with something you say!

  21. Kim says – reply to this


    But enough of my social commentary (that I'm honestly, and clearly, not entirely sure is getting my point across by typing it haha)…. To put it simple: I knew it was gonna suck before I even watched it, because Perez BASHED it… and he's on Miley's dick even worse than he was on Gaga's… (obviously bc he LOVES that Miley stepped up to outshine Gaga right when he started hating her)… She could do no wrong in his eyes… Until this… So I knew it was gonna be lame, lame, lame. For once, I agree with Perez entirely - his opinion is actually spot on.

  22. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    For once I 100% agree with you.

  23. Ashley says – reply to this


    Perez, I and my friends think that you are absolutely correct about Miley's new video. She is trying so hard to shock people, & it is just unnecessary at this point, especially after the Wrecking Ball video.
    Merry Christmas. I hope that you and your family are having a great day. :)

  24. britney says – reply to this


    shes so gross and famous for all the wrong reasons. shes 1 example of why this world will end because its messed up that she is famous and popular for her disgusting antics. The world is so messed up and its people like her that mess it up. People are stupid to follow her. For what? What trend has she started? Exactly nothing. Shes not smart shes stupid. Just another copy cat to every other sexed up pop star. Its all about being slutty to make money. Sad.

  25. 25

    As far as this video goes … it looks like Miley adores Miley a lot more than Liam or some other guy. I bet Miley's having sex with herself and adoring herself in the mirror a lot these days. I doubt many Hollywood "D lister" guys would want to go out with her.

  26. 26

    I was bored half way through

  27. JC says – reply to this


    Re: Leonardo89 – Yeah, strange how all of a sudden the shade is being thrown. The thing is they never were friends. She wouldn't acknowledge his existence no matter how many times he was up her ass.

  28. Dani says – reply to this


    Felt kind of grossed out. It was not sexy, I thought I was looking at a boy playing with himself. Poor thing.

  29. howled says – reply to this


    I dont know, I think its less a trampy sex tape and one that means much more. This is wispy, devoid of color and very focused. I don't see it as being a sex tape but, as a way of expressing self love and how that can be shared with another.

  30. Rafael Fontez says – reply to this


    Re: Wow – HHAHA U RIGHT

  31. Emmika says – reply to this


    seeing her killed the song. she is soo gross

  32. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    You know your sick and twisted when Perez Hilton calls you out, since his standards are, sorry, pretty low. (Anybody that has seen him dressed up like Miley in her VMA outfit, can second that.) Really, this 'creature' needs to be locked up. She's sick in the head. It may be very pleasant to some people to witness this destructive behavior that have their own sexual identity problems, addictions, but it is quite another to sanction this behavior. If this is allowed to continue, than we cannot say a word against anybody 'else' doing it either. Everyone can do it, male or female. Our whole world becomes a sexual addiction and our media is a promotion 'of it.' The world is in serious trouble, life is not a non stop party. You are being groomed into masterbating chimpanzees only waiting to be titillated. Other countries, that hate us, are seeing us, represented by people that are not like us, and they are confusing us, with this low moral example. No one will cry when we are destroyed, our destruction will be applauded.

  33. ??? says – reply to this


    I'm not defending Miley or saying that this video deserves praise, but give me a break, Perez! Three months ago you were praising her trashy VMA performance, but all of a sudden you've become some sort of prude? Did something happen along the way that you're not telling us?

  34. CHINESE READ MINDS!!!! says – reply to this


    Asians all together can hear, and see what you're visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don't accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don't like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don't want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  35. Dora says – reply to this


    People are JUST realizing that Miley is an attention seeking whore? What is wrong with you people… HOW do you make people like THIS famous? Our generation is sad.

  36. 36

    Before 2013, Miley seemed like just an out of control bratty little sister to me. This year it seems like she's become this drunken wild child junior high girl who's been having sex with dozens of guys (and girls) all over town and everyone knows it and feels embarrassed for her family.

    Oh well. Miley's gotta savagely beat the living hell out of her old "Hannah Montana" Disney image you know. She's gotta be "miss badgirl sexpot" now or nobody will like her music and go to her concerts.

  37. Ali says – reply to this


    Ugh…..she is so repulsive and low.

  38. DeStInY says – reply to this


    Why the heck would you do this fuck face? Her video was supposed to come out tomorrow I refuse to watch it for free. Stupid Ass

  39. Anaïs Damphousse Joly says – reply to this


    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA STOP COMPARING HER TO MADONE FOR GOD'S SAKE !! NShe is NOTHING like her and will never NEVER be ANYTHING like her EVER XD She's just a young whore bitch who need Imagined that she's you sister, you daughter, you girlfriend or even your MOTHER O.o Would you still be proud of her ? Love her ? Or even RESPECT her ? NO ! Or I hope no cause if yes you have serious problem XD

    Anyway, the things is, she needs help, encouraging her won't help her at all, you guys are stupid if you think that's when she act like tha she is herself… Anyway! this year's pop culture was all about sex but Miley was the biggest mab of all, she was the sacrifice, the little girl who grew up and turned out whore. We've seen that before, get over her before she or they (those who REALLY control her image) get over herself…….

  40. 40

    I miss the good old days when female musicians like Gwen Stefani in "No Doubt" did sexy but COOL looking videos like "Hella Good". It's on Youtube.

  41. Linds says – reply to this


    why is she always in a bathtub or around white stuff? all of her videos are starting to look the same, I love the song but this video sucks, i don't want to see this girl sticking her hands in her undies.

  42. 42

    talentless slut. She is Slutty Cyrus more than ever.

  43. 43

    Clearly, she wrote "Adore you" about her vagina.

    another note, she looks like a creepy little boy. nice abs but ugly face and literally no boobs or butt.

  44. 44

    she look awful. no wonder why her bf left her. So ugly and even in the shower, she looks dirty.

  45. Davison says – reply to this


    There is already a parody of her music video!

  46. Sad says – reply to this


    What in the hulk does the video have to do with the freaking lyrics. Prez, You are very correct on this one.

  47. Michael W. says – reply to this


    I like the song.

  48. cotton Mather says – reply to this


    Re: britney – You are the type I'm really scared of……..(I'm a die hard conservative)

  49. 49

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  50. 50

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  51. 51


  52. tacogirl says – reply to this


    I HOPE people will really Throw her to the curb after this…I think she wants to be a porn
    star/singer…She is Just SO PATHETIC…Really, It's not shocking, artistic, sexy, Just
    boring and Sad. She is Immensely Unattractive. Incredibly Self-involved. JUST HORRIBLE>
    Please Go Away…Don't call yourself an artist…

  53. fallback says – reply to this


    Yea what the hell, a woman touching herself? We can't have that now can we, not in the already hypersexualized culture we live in!

    Mostly everyone masturbates, but when Miley does it in a video everybody shames her as if we're all Puritans. It's almost 2014, this shit should not be controversial. If you don't masturbate you're probably either you're having a lot of sex and don't need to or you don't love yourself. And if you're on here bitching about her touching herself (briefly if I might add) then you're probably part of the latter. People have associated Miley with controversy so now when she does something commonplace people shit themselves. I shouldn't have to explain this shit. Get some parental controls for yourself or get the fuck off the internet if you can't handle this basic content!

    I do love this song though. But god fucking forbid the music be discussed in the comment thread, it has to be all about her almost playing pocket pinball and what a slut she is for it.

  54. lukas says – reply to this


    wow, so pathetic how you say that this video is boring, why, because shes not naked? lol pathetic how you people will criticize her no matter what she does, you know she is also a human being. and last time i checked, she doesnt "masturbate it shows her slipping her hands in her pants about two times, which im sure we all have done, so stfu. lol its sick to see how judgemental you people are.

  55. MafiaKitten says – reply to this


    Beautiful song, but I would have done the video completely different. I'm tired of seeing music videos that don't even remotely fit their song's vibe. This song would have been perfect for a soft, beautiful scene. Plenty of other songs on Bangerz would have fit this video style so much better. Though I'm glad to see this song is a single. Maybe there will be some nice remixes.

  56. fafa says – reply to this

  57. Ash says – reply to this


    Re: WOW – Exactly!

  58. 58


  59. Chris says – reply to this


    I think the next video will be her doing a striptease, showing us her bajingo and then she will fade away like Bieber.

  60. free says – reply to this


    What's next? A view straight up to her uterus? Go away please.

  61. lydia&laura says – reply to this


    OLEEEE TÚ!! Toda la razon pa´ti

  62. Agree says – reply to this


    I agree with you, but your choice words for Christmas day were inappropriate.

  63. WolfyOne says – reply to this


    Oddly, this is her most tasteful video yet since her "change"…and I don't really see anything offensive in it..

  64. thranduil says – reply to this


    well i know the video sucks, but at least i was expecting a better comment on this. well, perez, well done

  65. joe says – reply to this


    You would think that for someone who has made a living off on talking about the people in Hollywood you would know more about it. She has handlers that are telling her what to do, what to wear, and I am sure what to say. They are having her act this way, and who cares its not hurting anyone but her. Its not for you to say. You are fine making money off it. You are the problem with this Country. Get a real job scumbag.

  66. Canada Guy says – reply to this


    Gawd awful boring song. The visuals also have nothing to do with the lyrics and the only reason people will watch it ONE TIME is to see if there is any skin. Another disappointment.

  67. anonumous2 says – reply to this


    Great music?? the song sucks more than the video

  68. Yaoska says – reply to this


    OMG ! please this girl is not sexy what so ever ! She should really just STOP trying to be sexy she is sooo NOT ! she's just plain ridiculous, FIRST OFF she has NO TALENT , SHE IS not attractive her TEETH hideous, she tries too hard, sorry Miley you cant pull it off , she just looks like a damn DIKE ewww ! she cant sing , have ya'll heard her sing live ? sounds like a cat is getting murdered! you suck MILEY !

  69. Name1234 says – reply to this


    Re: Kim – The problem is the kids who look up to her thinking this is what it's like to be an adult.

    I can tell you working in the music industry that most of the shit she writes, performs, and acts she has little to do with. Most people didn't even know Bruno Mars wrote for Justin Bieber, Celo, Matisyahu, etc. Most studio tracks are auto tuned, and A&R companies dictate her style and performance. You don't have to believe me, watch Pink's documentary. It's all part of the game and until you are big enough to wipe your hands clean from it than you are nothing more than a puppet. I have always hated the pop culture for this reason. A much less talented artist can be made to sound as good as a very talented one and dressed up like a stripper on Christmas. No thanks.

  70. fafa says – reply to this


    i can't believe that ! i didn't and couldn't even watch the whole thing ! it really broke my heart ! just imagne that little girl forced to do this ! it really hurts and discusting me to a point ! i saw woman doing that but woman ! porn are for adult not for little kids ! (don't take that at the first degree ! ) but you got my point ! close the door !!!!!

  71. 71

    Well, this year Miley has bent over and twerked her tail like a porn star in the audience's face, "motor boated" a dancer's azz at the VMAs, and done weird stuff with teddy bears and midgets. Now she's in a video looking like a little girl (or boy) masturbating.

    Gee, I wonder what she'll do in 2014 to shock people and get the media's attention? Do a video at a farm where she messes around with horses and plays with their manure? She grew up on a farm in Nashville I hear.

    I'm sure this would freak out the people who were talking about "Duck Dynasty" and bestiality last week. I'm sure as long as Miley gets more views on YouTube, more iTunes sales and more people go to see her circus sideshow freak concerts it's "all good" with her.

  72. 72

    Now HERE'S a SCARY thought: The "Biebster" AND Miley having OFFSPRINGS !!!! ROTFLMFAO ……………

  73. 73

    This is actually hilarious. I never thought I'd watch a video of an ugly little boy touching themselves. She looks like a monkey with those ears and lips.

  74. kylie says – reply to this


    She did no such thing as "masturbated" in this video. I mean, she did ~slide her hand down her undies~ and ~touch herself once~ but other than that, she just touched her boobs and bit her finger, and as far as i know, that is not "masturbation." I love miley and it's HER LIFE! get out of it and start worrying about your own life.

  75. fafa says – reply to this


    Re: kylie – i do, honey, she is the one who did it, in front of the camera, not me, and what about you watching this and like it, funny how you get offend by someone else's public life (next time, don't watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Telling it like it is. says – reply to this


    Miley seeking attention from a public forum is kinda like….wait for it….all of the dumb ass comments people make trying to seek attention as well. You're just like her. You just have your clothes on. But you ARE seeking attention. And yes…I'm leaving a comment, so I guess I am too. :)

    But get over yourselves. Madonna, anyone? Seen it? Listened to her music? Of course you did. Stop acting so freaking prude now.

  77. strong_one says – reply to this


    Re: gol digga – Exactly. That didn't look like what Perez described. It must have been the tame version.

  78. 78

    I totally agree with you perez

  79. strong_one says – reply to this


  80. 80

    This is one of the songs on her album that I don't like, and I wish she would have put out one of her better ones, also the video is kind of boring and some shots are unflattering (i'm assuming because she has a short neck).

    However she is NOT masturbating! What a total over-exaggeration by the media to try to perpetuate more negativity towards her. It was a pretty tame video.

    Also, even if it was a video of her masturbating (which it isn't) it's not like it's something new. Britney did a song about masturbation, Madonna and countless other pop artists have touched themselves on stage or in videos as well. Why is it controversial only now when Miley does it?

    And the last thing I have to say is it's ridiculous when people call her an attention seeker. No shit people she is in the entertainment industry… attention is a BIG part of that. ALL the people in the industry are seeking attention, because without attention they become irrelevant. That is just how it works.

  81. 81

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  82. Sosi says – reply to this


    She looks like Justin Bieber… Creepy as hell !

  83. Ken says – reply to this



  84. lil says – reply to this


    someone should slap it she looks like the town bike thank god I won't let my daughter watch any of her cilps like I want my child to think it's ok to be a slut or a slag makes you sick

  85. annaG says – reply to this


    way to go perez! finally..

  86. RiRi says – reply to this


    Poor thing…she's trying so hard! the video was so boring I could actually fall asleep. Dear Miley, I say this coz I care;If you think that this is what being an artist has become all about, just coz you did it twise and people saw, then you should just go back to being all Hannah Montana (if they'll take you back tho) coz you're loosing your touch. I would much rather have a Hannah montana themed video than the boring crap you just threw up on us. I like that song but the video somehow managed to make me not like it. so if this is how the next videos are gonna be like then better yet just make the song without video's.

    I feel sorry for all the children that use to love her as hannah and then they have to watch that…

  87. Fan Damme says – reply to this


    Blame it on her daddy. A former money-hungry disc-jockey who knows the way to instant stardom through smut. So he uses his daughter as the last stab in his ‘breaky breaky heart’ throbbings to turn his daughter into a little blonde stinky. Hey, his record money was running out. What other way is there to go?

  88. MAPI2011 says – reply to this


    Re: Kim – TOTALLY AGREE. Youtube hits give you top charts position, that the whats she wants

  89. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Pathetic….First of all, She's too ugly to have anyone Want to see her playing with herself.
    She's incredibly boring…Doesn't she know that she is just one big joke?!

  90. 90

    Parody of Masturbating Miley Cyrus — can't miss

  91. Liann says – reply to this


    She is trying to cash in as much as she can on the pedo market before she is way too old to bring back thoughts of Hannah Montanna

  92. si says – reply to this


    there was no auto tune in this at all. what are u talking about

  93. 93

    She is so unfeminine and looks so butch now! Gah! Convinces me now more than ever that she is really a boy in a dress. No matter what you do or wear Miley you will always be a boy to me. At 3:54 she almost transforms into Justin Bieber she looks so manish.

  94. taryn says – reply to this


    but…who cares? so sick of seeing her face

  95. taryn says – reply to this


    we get it miley…youre totally cool now, such a bad girl, total sex symbol…tottallllly

  96. Mrs G says – reply to this


    Shit this girl needs to shower!

  97. 97

    She looks like Justin Beiber

  98. 98

    It robably was necessary to sell this lousy song. It is HORRIBLE and boring - the video AND the song.

  99. jjj j says – reply to this


    She is really pretty
    Even without makeup

  100. K;LKJ says – reply to this


    Re: Crowley

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