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Miley Cyrus Masturbates And Leaks Early! Watch Her New Music Video For Adore You In Full HERE!

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Miley Cyrus has prematurely ejaculated and it's all rather disappointing!

Her new music video was supposed to come out tomorrow, but it's leaked all over us just now!

We love the new Miley and her new music, but this new video was uninspired and boring.

It also was unnecessary!

She already did the super trampy when she rode a wrecking ball naked on her last ballad. She didn't need to go the sex tape route for her latest single, the sweet and beautiful ballad Adore You.

Miley doesn't do subtlety, and she touches her vajayjay so much in this video we're pretty sure she got carpal tunnel syndrome from this shoot!

Having said that, sex still sells. Especially when you're Hannah Montana. And a lot of people will watch this video just to see Miley touch herself.

What a shame, though, there wasn't much artistry to accompany a great song!

Check out the dull and sexed-up yet unsexy music video for Adore You above!


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116 comments to “Miley Cyrus Masturbates And Leaks Early! Watch Her New Music Video For Adore You In Full HERE!”

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  1. NATALIO says – reply to this



  2. 102

    I am so tired of this crap. Shes disgusting.

  3. D. Christie says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus sexy??? LOL

    She's a flat faced, flat chested, really good imitation of a boy!

  4. Premature Ejaculation says – reply to this


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  5. unpleased says – reply to this


    Re: me – [rep=6603312]Re: Giorgio[/re]

  6. Frank says – reply to this


    Miley Sex Tape leaked on

  7. Miley Fan says – reply to this


    FINALLY!!! Mileys Sex Tape was published on DonPorno.xxx

  8. kosty says – reply to this


    i have just wasted 4 mins an 39 seconds of my life on that crap! its so wrong she only looks friggin 12 years old who in their right mind would find that sexy!?

  9. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Deleted scenes of "I Adore You" here ———>

  10. L says – reply to this


    Re: Giorgio
    transsphobic asshole

  11. Persik says – reply to this


    Full to watch the full free:

  12. j rock im a girl says – reply to this


    Miley is a feak

  13. shaboi says – reply to this


    oh please this video was perfect. It goes wonderfully with the song. And so what if she's not the first? She's still a goddess. Fuck yeah

  14. Amber says – reply to this


    You're nothing but a mean bully that is super insecure about himself. Why do you have to hurt people's feelings?! Like Kesha, what do you have against her? You're just a jerk who hates himself and takes it out on other people

  15. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    The description is bullshit. She touched her vagina only 2 times in this video.

  16. Sophia says – reply to this


    *LEAKED* Video & Private Pics of Miley Cyrus

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