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Oh dear, Justin Bieber! You've got to stop stressing out all your devoted Beliebers! After the Biebs announced his retirement during an interview last… Read more…

12 comments to “Justin Bieber's Retirement Tweet Was Also Just A Joke! Calm Down, Beliebers!”

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    Maybe the little guy just needed his ego stroked. He says he is retiring, his rabid fans freak out and tell him how great he is, and Justin feels better.

  2. Eh says – reply to this


    I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS! I get happy that he's quitting, then get the news he isn't, then get it again then hear he isn't again. Can someone just bury him in a hole somewhere please.

  3. Esin Emko says – reply to this


    Please tell this twerp to just go away…enough of this BS.
    He is a twerp.

  4. Bongo says – reply to this


    Well done Justin, nice way to treat your young fans on Christmas Eve, although it's silly pretty sure that dumb text upset the crap out of them. Nice way to treat parents too who have probably spent a ridiculous amount of money on your merchandise for gifts, only to have your child freak out when they think you've retired. ungrateful Jerk.

  5. melissa says – reply to this


    no beliebers were affected by this, we all knew he was joking and he immediately said he was joking after, you guys are so quick to judge. you we're more upset about this than his actual fans were.

  6. ONIT says – reply to this


    To be honest, I read alot more positive reactions to the retiring announcement. I was surprised how many! So many people will be disappointed now.

  7. Corey says – reply to this


    Did you say "isn't hanging up his swagger"?….Justin bieber is a DOUCHE…he has no swagger, Perez.
    You suck, too.

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  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Stop crying wolf.

  10. LOL says – reply to this


    "We get that rumors spread quickly, but when a person says that they are retiring, is that really a rumor?? If you speak about YOURSELF, isn't that confirmation?"

    If I was a betting man i'd day Justin wants to quit and perhaps people behind him want the opposite and doing damage control. It seems an awfully silly way to do PR, and certainly hasn't worked if this was true.

  11. Retirealready says – reply to this


    ""He isn't retiring, clearly … He is basically poking fun of how quickly news spreads without anyone vetting if it is true or not."

    I think he needs to retire, if he tries to crossover here, it's going to be an absolute disaster, and we are going to see another Vanilla Ice. I am pretty good at spotting secular trends, and he needs to pull back and focus on his brand or he is going to destroy it (it's already been seriously damaged), and for what ? He has become even more of a joke with the older demographic he is trying to win over. The journals project is a bomb, none of the singles have sustained in the Itunes charts, Vevo hits well down, and his over saturated market, with more competition (e.g. One Direction) means he is fighting to hold his fragile market share related to music. As the Washington Post states he doesn't have enough talent to align with the manufactured image. Reality and Fantasy have turned into a nightmare for The Biebs.
    The public are going for the jugular, and he has very little to salvage here musically. You cannot build something from such a lost cause. His music career is a writeoff, and he has partially done it to himself from arguably fake stories, as a consequence of modelling after Michael Jackson.

  12. Marcellus Vood says – reply to this


    Re: melissa – True, we were more upset about him not retiring than the beliebers.