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Oh holy night hotness! Rihanna must've shied away from the Christmas cookies yesterday... Because the (above) bikini clad snap posted to Instagram tod… Read more…

Rihanna bikini clad in Barbados!Rihanna bikini clad in Barbados!
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3 comments to “Rihanna Blesses Us With Her Barbados Bikini Bod The Day After Christmas!”

  1. 1

    I am putting my opinion aside that Rihanna is truly one of the ugliest pop stars/celebrities to date when I say that this girl (thing), no matter how hard she tries, has yet to ever pull off being sexy/cute/pretty/ etc. No matter what she does, she looks like an ugly, disgusting piece of trash off the streets. Ke$ha's whole image is to purposely look trashy but she has yet to ever look more trashy than this Gremlin (who doesn't try).

  2. Muhahaha says – reply to this


    I know Rihanna doesn't cares, that everyone doesn't cares, whatever.
    I must also say that normally, I don't give a damn shit about celebrities!
    They all could fall in a fire pit like in the movie: This is the end, exactly like Rihanna has fallen into one, lol.
    But if I could only be entitled to a wish, it would be to lose my virginity with Rihanna! Puhahaha XD

    You're the only woman that makes me hard Rihanna! You naughty girl! XD

  3. donna says – reply to this


    she is sooo trashy! flawless my ass! so shes skinny - big deal…shes getto!