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Mark Wahlberg Swears Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction Will Be More Than Meets The Eye!

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We know what you're thinking — Transformers 4? More like Transformers BORE!

But it's the holiday season, so let's stay optimistic!

Mark Wahlberg replaced Shia LaBeouf as the super seXXXy lead and, who knows, Marky Mark's presence could be precisely the type of adrenaline shot to the heart this flatlining franchise needs!

Plus, Mark revealed in a recent interview that Transformers 4: Age of Extinction isn't like the other three! He says this is a stand-alone type movie with a "powerful" script!

The 42-year-old actor admitted:

"It was a tighter script, and its own stand-alone thing. I think the emotional core of it, the human element, is going to be extremely powerful. It’s an ordinary man trying to do extraordinary things to save his daughter and keep her alive—and this boyfriend he didn’t know anything about. He’d had a child when he was in high school and his wife passed away, and the promise he’d made to her was that she wouldn’t date any boys until she graduated and that she’d be at the graduation—because we weren’t due to the pregnancy. So there’s an anchor to it and a realness to it that I like a lot."

Whoa, that's intense!!! We can't wait to see it!

So what drives a man so clearly concerned with the quality of his films to make potentially mediocre summer blockbusters?

Mark dished on that, too - and the reasons might be different than you think!

He revealed:

"Well, it was exciting because it was the first time my kids were really interested in a movie I was doing. Any time they see me with a gun, like Contraband or Pain & Gain, they want to see that, too, but they can’t because of the language and all that stuff. But I loved working with Michael Bay, and I thought he had a really interesting way to make it new, different, and fresh. Plus, being in movies that have the potential to be hugely successful allows me to make smaller movies that I’m really passionate about."

Sounds like a flawless formula!

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27, 2014.

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3 comments to “Mark Wahlberg Swears Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction Will Be More Than Meets The Eye!”

  1. BishiBashi says – reply to this


    Who said this franchise is flatlinig? Each installment is grossing more than the one before it so obviously people like this stuff.

  2. htkgjh says – reply to this


    wtf? franchise sure as hell aint flatlining. but i am not excited at all for transformers 4
    trasnformers 3 would have been great if they kept megan fox, not for her looks, but because of mikaela and sams relationship. and she is a way better actor than rosie was.
    4 looks so dam boring and cliche, some single dad and a hot daughter to have a sexual appeal to it. bumblebee probably wont be in this because he is always with sam. so this is going to suck big time i wont watch it in theatres, wait until its on tv then i might. fuck this movie. make a 5 with megan and shia then ill support it.

  3. deuce says – reply to this


    This should be much better. I'm not a big Marky Mark fan but he has waaay more talent than shia. I wanted to watch the other transformer movies but could never sit through the first half hour - of any of them. shia is just too irritating to watch, he should be a movie extra at best. I tried to like him but no matter what he's in he is just irritating: I Robot, Disturbia, Wallstreet, Lawless, Indiana Jones (don't get me started - just ruined that one), Constantine…. and a few tv shows I don't remember. Anyway, heres to no more shia leads. Cheers!