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Chrissy Teigen Deletes Video Of John Legend Choking Her

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chrissy teigen deletes video of john legend choking her

Womp, womp.

If you follow Chrissy Teigen on Instagram or Twitter, then you know that this supermodel holds nothing back!

Including bad jokes.. But mostly good ones.

On Christmas Day, the 28-year-old model posted an Instagram video of herself wishing her followers a Merry Christmas when John Legend cut in and fake-choked her while she pleaded for help.

By the end, it was pretty clear that it was a joke, albeit a bad one, but some followers didn’t get it!

It wasn’t much longer before Chrissy took the whole thing down because people weren’t getting the punchline.

Better luck next time!

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[Image via Instagram.]

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12 comments to “Chrissy Teigen Deletes Video Of John Legend Choking Her”

  1. 1

    who cares? this is pointless garbage

  2. 2

    Who is this pan faced person anyway?

  3. karen says – reply to this


    how freaking bored do people have to be to sit around and photograph themselves & post them all day long?

  4. 4

    Yeah. Because domestic violence is something to really joke about. DUMBASSES! I hate this Chrissy Teigen person. She's supposedly a supermodel, but she's more an Instagram nude model and nothing more. John Legend is supposedly a singer. I don't get their appeal. I also don't understand why everyone nowadays feels the need to share themselves naked with the rest of the world. It's really getting disgusting. These people are nothing more than attention whores. Chrissy especially. She's like that other Instagram nude model named Emily. They have nothing else going for them except their hot little bodies. Until something happens and they find themselves like the rest of us. A little chubby due to having children, medications or actually having to work for a living. At least my mom taught me the value of myself and to respect others.

  5. Nini54242 says – reply to this


    Re: PenelopePittstop

    Ok, Penelope Pitt just STOP. (just like your username says)
    Just because she made a tiny joke or actually they did, doesn't mean that they are bad people who deserves to be hated. You should really read your comment again and maybe you will realize how pathetic and hateful it was.

    BTW Perez… How can people even call you a blogger? This stuff has no juice whatsoever. Write about something more interesting and stuff that actually matters, not freakin jokes that was "deleted"

  6. 6

    Making fun of violence against women, that's how this tramp combats boredom

  7. Ali says – reply to this


    Chrissy sounds about as smart as a box of rocks. Another celebutard loose in society.

  8. 8

    "violence against women" rofl, some of you uptight morons need to get lives.

  9. Ali says – reply to this


    Re: Nini54242 – They're not bad people, just idiots. Kind of like most of Hollyweird. Self absorbed, self-important morons.

  10. Randy says – reply to this


    Re: Nini54242Re: Nini54242

    You're kidding right Nini? I agree with Penelope and Anemov. She is indeed making fun of a domestic violence situation. If you were ever in it, you would understand how unfunny it is. You must be one of those Kim Kartrashian fans also. You know. The ones that actually think these people are famous for actually having talent, but they're not. DO you think these people are your friends? They're not. They are indeed horrible, self-centered, egotistical and untalented individuals who feel they are better than everyone else. The constant need for attention is beyond ridiculous for these adults.

  11. Toby says – reply to this


    Re: PenelopePittstop
    ^Agreed. Losers that need constant attention from strangers. These are what Hollyweird are spilling out into the streets nowadays. Untalented, uneducated and uninteresting losers that need attention from the rest of us to help build their self worth of worthlessness.

  12. me says – reply to this


    Re: PenelopePittstop – The pic is ignorant as fuck but you sound jealous of these women with "Hot little bodies" who will probably have "Hot little bodies" Until they are 80. You sound so bitter. You could have a hot body and not have to work a shit job also.