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Pot Heads, Paparazzi, & Transgenders Affected By 4 New Laws Going Into Effect On January 1st!

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kanye papparazzi

While there's no upcoming legislation to be enacted that will outlaw Kanye West from getting within 500 yards of any camera at anytime, there are a slew of cool new laws that will go into effect starting 2014, that will affect paparazzi, pot heads, and transgender alike!

Here are the 4 groundbreaking new rules:

1. Pot stores will start opening in Colorado, Maine, and Washington on January 1st! This marks the first time the recreational pot industry will actually be legal!

Meanwhile, we're pretty sure Willy Nelson and Snoop might announce a joint (ha!) musical tour of Colorado, Maine, and Washington.

2. Illinois will legalize marijuana in a pilot project! Hopefully this pilot project doesn't involve actual pilots because we're not sure if you can order Domino's from Air Traffic Control!

3. In California, transgender students will gain more rights, like being able to choose which restroom they use, and whether or not they play for a boys or girls' team in sports! Go Cali!

4. In a Californian law supported by Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry, paparazzi who take photos or video of a child without their consent or in a harassing manner could find themselves behind bars for a year and paying a fine of $10,000.

Wow, California is 2 for 2 for being AH-Mazing in 2014, and the ball hasn't even dropped yet!

Looks like new year is going to be one of many firsts!

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17 comments to “Pot Heads, Paparazzi, & Transgenders Affected By 4 New Laws Going Into Effect On January 1st!”

  1. carry says – reply to this


    That is so disgusting that "Trannies" will be able to pick which restroom they use. WTF??? Talk about violation of straight people's privacy!!! I would be so f'n pissed if some Trannie went into a bathroom that me or my young daughter was using. F_ _ k that shit!!!!! This is going way too f'n far…I'm sick of all you "people" thinking you have more rights than straight people ’cause you're "special" and "different". If you have a dick, stay out of my bathroom! This is an abomination!

  2. benjamin says – reply to this


    Re: carry – bitch you are diluted. if u hate lgbt people so much don't go on perezhilton. get educated.

  3. carry says – reply to this


    Re: benjamin – Fuck you…I don't want men in my bathroom just because they want to be a woman. That is WRONG….bitch!!!!! And I'm entitled to my feelings. So fuck off! Men that want to be women are diluted! And vice versa. Adam and Eve, not Adam & Ed, bitch!

  4. margo says – reply to this


    Re: carry – Yeah. "More" rights. Sure.

  5. 5

    tranny rights, damn. we took our little girls into an ihop during the holidays and they went to the bathroom and came out screaming. some tranny with a bad weave and make up in there scaring the kids. some of the men wanted to take him out back and beat the shit out of him, which is gonna happen trust me. trannys should stay far away from places where there are parents because parents aren't having this shit, law or not.

  6. ashley says – reply to this


    I agree Carry, I don't want no damn man in a restroom that me or my children are in. This is despicable …… You have a dick so use the mens!!!!!

  7. 7

    carry…..you don't like the new law? Don't use the bathroom until you get home.

  8. 8

    so we see the "good works" our congress people are doing for us. i don't give a shit about celebrity children, we know they are hypocrites anyway. jenifer garner still takes hers out to be photographed daily. and we all know why Nayla will never be photographed she and her daddy are more popular then the bitch halle berry. you don't hear "anyone" wanting to see her son with the creepy guy.

    but this tranny business is gonna get a few trannys dead.

  9. bill says – reply to this


    I don't want a a tranny women coming into the male bathroom it'll just be plain awkward and us guys do like some privacy

  10. JJ says – reply to this


    While I applaud the law regarding taking photos of children only with parental consent-{ no child should be exposed to public scrutiny or have their photo taken and then published for the whole world to see} I do NOT agree with the law that allows transgendered people to use whichever restroom they wish. If you are born with female parts, use the the female washroom and if you have male parts use the male washroom. We are on a very slippery slope with giving different groups their own "rights". Do you realize there are now groups of individuals that state they were "born this way to love children and want to have sex with children." If we allowed Gays, lesbiens and transgendered to have rights to marriage based on their "born this way" argument, what is going nullify the exact same argument for pedophiles?? We need to be very cautious about the decisions our society is making.

  11. uncle Bob says – reply to this


    ppl lost it in california

  12. 12

    Leave it to California to give special rights to freaks but not care how many children are traumatized in the process.

  13. 13

    3. "whether or not they play for a boys or girls' team in sports! Go Cali!"

    That law is stupid and should never have been implemented. Men are bigger and stronger than women. With a larger frame, more bone mass and muscle mass. How would it be fair if an average 5'10” male became a female, then decided to play on a woman's basketball team where the average height is 5'7”? Laws like this do more harm than good. Wonder if im a coach, and a female who's turning into a male wants to tryout for my team and I deem "him" to be too small, can I get sued for not taking affirmative action, or will he/she make the claim im being transphobic?

  14. betty says – reply to this


    Most of these comments are just hate speech. It's disgusting. Can't they be removed?

  15. geewhiz44 says – reply to this


    There need be a law protecting dads from inappropriate anger and physical beatings from a boyfriend of their child's mothers! ( Halle Berry_ I have lost respect for you_) Your child witnessed her father getting a brutal unjust beating that destroyed his looks! Yet she can start a law to protect her child from harassing paparazzi?

  16. geewhiz44 says – reply to this


    How ironic. Halle Berry gets a partner to enact a law which will protect children from being harassed by paparazzi. Yet did nothing when her hubbie to be brutally beat up the father of her and his child!! His face , looks were destroyed and required plastic surgery! I have lost respect for Halle Berry. Not the first tigress story I heard about her.

  17. geewhiz44 says – reply to this


    Re: uncle Bob – Well Said!!