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Leonardo DiCaprio "Shocked" By Wolf Co-Star's Audacious Set Behavior!! Dirty Deets HERE!

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leonardo dicaprio shocked wolf of wall street margot robbie set lighting funny

If we had to guess, Leonardo DiCaprio has had pretty much the biggest trailer on every movie he's worked on for well over a decade now!

He's Hollywood royalty, and for good reason!

While filming Wolf of Wall Street, however, it sounds like one actress took him down a peg!

His super seXXXy co-star Margot Robbie actually physically PUSHED the actor out of her light while on set and he was soooo surprised!

She described the situation:

"We were positioned while they lit around us in one scene, and I kind of pushed Leo's head to one side and told him he was in my light and he moved out of [it]. He was so incredulous that I had told him to get out of my light, and physically moved him out of the way, he was like, 'Did you really just do that?'… I don't think anyone has told him to get out of their light in quite some time. He seemed extremely [shocked], but it was kind of funny."

Ha! We bet it's been awhile since Leo was tested like that, but it sounds like they all thought it was funny!

Wolf of Wall Street is in theaters now!

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19 comments to “Leonardo DiCaprio "Shocked" By Wolf Co-Star's Audacious Set Behavior!! Dirty Deets HERE!”

  1. shap says – reply to this


    thsis girl is such a twit!
    of course she needed her light, she's got so much makeup on her face.
    can't imagine her in the morning.

  2. savir says – reply to this


    you should see pictures of her before, she got a major nose job.
    And anyway, she comes from the world of soap operas.
    the only way she'll get a hollywood carreer will be by doing what she did in this movie, play a girl who's scenes consist of getting laid.
    that's her role for the whole movie, she gets laid and she's hairbrushed, wow, what an amazing performance…

  3. outa says – reply to this


    She won't last in hollywood. And she certainly doesn't look her age, she looks so much older; and she wears too much makeup.

  4. cheek says – reply to this


    what a bimbo.
    Where are her brain cells?
    She got hired because she's dumb. her role is a plastic surgery woman with no brain, she only played herself.

  5. poiuy says – reply to this


    Her performance is weak. what is an unexperienced actress doing in a movie like that?

  6. nopityfirthem says – reply to this


    The same kind of bitch with no class, only horny with the idea of easy money that comes with the fact to be a star. The same kind of gurl who would have lost her head if someone else had dared to do the same at her. Certainly, she would have started screaming to misogyny or if it was another woman, she would have jumped at the throat of her co-star!

  7. Nicky007 says – reply to this


    When I saw her in interviews, she was arrogant and unimpressive. She's obviously a fame whore after she leaked the photos of her and Will Smith, with no regard for his wife. She does wear too much makeup, and she looks way too old for a 23 year old. A perfect example of a "starlet" who will sleep around to get what she wants. She needs to go back to Australia and learn some humility.

  8. put that says – reply to this


    yeah, well, let's say that she looks silly next to leonardo dicaprio an jonah hill. talent is rare and she doesn't have it

  9. ari says – reply to this


    what a stupid way to get some attention. she's part of a scorssse movie (how did she get there anyway?) and that's how she talks about it. just shows that she's in for the gossip and fame and NOT for the work or the art. what's next, is she gonna say something like" oh hahahhaha, i farted right in the middle of a sex scene hahaahahh" or "at some point I said to soemone, you'e fat hihihhi""", what a dumb fake blond.

  10. transport says – reply to this


    "get out of my light!" ok, she's a famewhore for sure. this explains that.

  11. cre says – reply to this


    wow, i really want to put in the ring with jake lamotta. let's watch her say that to the raging bull and see how he reacts to this snotty superficial "23" year old

  12. fortune says – reply to this


    man she's dumb. and her face is fake, stop the plastic surgery darling, it won't buy you talent.

  13. 13

    my roomate's step-mother makes $84 every hour on the computer. She has been out of work for 8 months but last month her check was $13141 just working on the computer for a few hours. check this… w­w­w.B­u­z­z1­9.c­o­m

  14. TheskyturnedredwithGUM says – reply to this


    People commenting about how old she looks. Its not unusual for white females to look older than their ages. In fact, truth be told, thats more common than the other way around even though they ALL think they look younger than they are. Very few are blessed with baby faces like the olsens or miley (or, older examples, katie Couric, kelly ripa or ESPECIALLY the only woman much my senior I'd even consider marrying MasakoMizutani ( a cougar should have cat eyes) a middle aged woman who probably couldnt get into an american bar if she lost her ID). As for this girl. I'd have gotten back in her light "your light is for the back of my head. Ah so warm on my neck. Push my head again. That makes my head and neck tingle".

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    One dyckie person who doesn't capitalize making all the comments here. :roll.

  16. BIG says – reply to this


    What a "smart" comment. Is that all she has to say about her new performance? wow, very bright and not full of herself at all.

  17. xxcd says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Why do you spend your life on perez?

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: xxcd – A couple of minutes a day after I check my e-mail to unwind, and not every day. I don't really watch t.v. anymore apart from news, weather and business channel. I spend more time on substantial sites. Cheers.

  19. Janice says – reply to this


    I can't believe you all think thats shes a famewhore! I'm australian and i know her from neighbours (the soap opera she was in) and it's so cool knowing she scored a big gig like this. I'm proud of her, australian represent! She's literally so beautiful. How does she even wear alot of makeup? She may do sometimes but not ALL the time!