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This isn't even dreaming big, this is dreaming the impossible! It seems that Prince William & Kate Middleton have topped Vivid Entertainment's wish list… Read more…

2 comments to “Prince William & Kate Middleton Have A Sex Tape?! No — But If They Did, This Guy Would Be Really Happy!”

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    Waity and Willy are NOT "popular" in the UK, where they are seen as lazy and out of touch. They do the minimum of "public duty", once or twice a month they actually get off their asses. Other than that it's parties and shopping. And renovations that the taxpayers get stuck with.

    Prince William is the Royal Patron of "Age UK"…the organization that has published the figures of the elderly dying of cold in the winter in the UK. They can't afford to heat their homes.Nearly 200 will die today, and tomorrow, and the next day until over 30,000 will have died, by the end of winter, in a rich, supposedly sophisticated country. William could easily help, if he requested something would be done. No doubt about that. But no, he's not drumming up support to save the elderly.
    William and his family had a safe,warm Christmas while many elderly died,and more elderly are still dying, because neither William nor his mega-rich are doing anything to stop it.

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    I like them. Seriously doubt they would ever do a sex tape.