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Taylor Swift Is Angering Her Rhode Island Neighbors Again! But Is She Breaking The Law??

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Taylor Swift may be America's sweetheart and a totes charitable lady, but her Rhode Island summer home has her neighbors singing a different tune.

And it's I Knew You Were Trouble!

Taylor's neighbors previously were upset with her No Trespassing signs on a public beach path, but that was nothing compared to what she's reportedly putting up now- a wall!

According to locals, Taylor is building a seawall on the beach below her property, using cranes to move boulders into place! One neighbor said:

"She’s tearing up the beach and everyone is pissed off about it."

David Collins of local newspaper The Day reports that Taylor isn't just making waves; she's also breaking the law! He writes:

"Swift has not obtained one single permit from the town for the cliff work, which could well be among the largest construction projects in Westerly right now…

That means, of course, that there are no plans for the work on file in the building office. And there will be no building permit sent along to the tax assessor, to trigger a property tax increase.

And no permit fee, assessed at the rate of $7 per thousand spent, was charged."

Dayum! No permits or taxes?? Is Swifty trying to pull a fast one on the government?

Or are her neighbors simply misinformed?


It looks like Taylor's palatial reconstruction is indeed on the up-and-up!

According to Laura Dwyer of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, Taylor has all her permits to move and replace rocks. She says:

"We’ve done our due diligence. It’s a permitted activity."

And it's not just for Taylor's personal feng shui either! Apparently Taylor is actually doing her part to undo damage caused by Hurricane Sandy!

She's making the beach safer? Most charitable indeed!

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14 comments to “Taylor Swift Is Angering Her Rhode Island Neighbors Again! But Is She Breaking The Law??”

  1. dan12 says – reply to this


    Taylor needed only permits from the CRMC and she got them so she can do it

  2. pontie says – reply to this


    Her neighbors are just misinformed

  3. 3

    Taylor's PR people are working overtime. So obvious!

  4. Get over it says – reply to this


    Come on Perez, you live in NYC now. People with large amount of money ALWAYS complain when their is change. Why should she not have her privacy? This is in an area that paps wouldn't normally stalk a celeb out and she is trying to make this her own oasis and a place she can have her downtime. Carly Simon did the same thing when she moved to Martha's Vineyard. They need to get over it and I bet they won't complain when their houses go up in value.

  5. joel says – reply to this


    silly uninformed neighbours

  6. 6

    4 comments in favor of this no talent brat? I call BS!!

  7. guima says – reply to this


    Let the Sunshine - This has nothing to do with talent.

  8. Benn Dover says – reply to this


    What's all the hub hub about? People, have some respect; this insecure, vapid ho is only 1 or 2 more failed relationships away from taking a bottle of painkillers; let her go already (and take bieber with you)

  9. 9

    Re: guima – Oh, that's right. Silly me! People interested in permits, seawalls, property taxes, and the law, come onto gossip sites in droves to defend this no talent!

  10. NAT says – reply to this


    Re: Let the Sunshine – F.U. She's got talent. And I'll defend her 100%

  11. QuietDanTN says – reply to this


    The accurate story:

  12. QuietDanTN says – reply to this


    The accurate story is in the Providence Journal written by Tom Mooney:


  13. barney says – reply to this


    Re: NAT – Talent at what, it's sure not singing.

  14. 14

    Re: barney – HAHAHA!!