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Jonah Hill & His Mystery Girlfriend Get Fresh With Each Other Next To Some Produce In Grocery Store!

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Uh oh, clean up on aisle four play!

Jonah Hill was seen getting ready to eat organically Monday, and while we wish that were a sexual euphemism, he was accompanied by his new mystery girlfriend at the grocery store!

We reported earlier how Jonah and this enigmatic lady were seen heading off to the gym together, and now they were spotted enjoying the fruits of their labors: actual fruits their bodies!

Look at the two of them getting up in each others' grills like they're just about to kiss! Their hearts must be beating a mile aisle a minute! Ours certainly are!

This Wolf of Wall Street is definitely on the prowl!

Congrats Jonah and whoever-you-are! We hope you two get cuddly tonight for New Years Eve!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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16 comments to “Jonah Hill & His Mystery Girlfriend Get Fresh With Each Other Next To Some Produce In Grocery Store!”

  1. sorrynotsorry says – reply to this


    I'll just write what we're all thinking….this girl is a fame whore who is clearly using a somewhat famous and mostly unattractive guy to get money or notoriety from him…and probably because he knows Leo Dicaprio and she thinks she'll date him next

  2. Ðα says – reply to this



  3. whatever says – reply to this


    Maybe the guy has a big heart and has many qualities .. ;)

  4. 4

    Ah, gotta love the brothers. Forever destined to purchase love and happiness.

  5. nioe says – reply to this


    Re: sorrynotsorry – Wow, you just have to hate on the woman huh? So easy to bash women, you sexist fool? What about his ugly selfdating way beyond what he can logically get? How about him actually thinking this girl is attracted to his fat butt? HE is the fool!! Men delude themselves all the time…and you know what? What if she actually likes him? Women are more evolved than men will ever be. Women are not as into looks as shallow men are…yuo, women want looks, but let's face it..few are that hot to begin with…you have a loooong way to go, men to catch up with what women offer….We need for you to be our equals.

  6. 6

    Re: sorrynotsorry – LOL Bingo, "sorrynotsorry"! 100% right!
    Re: nioe – ROFL "HE is the fool!! Men delude themselves all the time ." Too right! With the rest of what you said I have issues but they are mediocre so I won't bother arguing the point.

  7. Deftie says – reply to this


    What I don't understand about this site is why everything has to be so sexual. Most people when see photo like this don't even think about bananas or… I really think you are sick and should be treated, because such obsession with sex is not healthy.

    To this article… I believe girls can be in love with uglier men, but when you look at his history, you see, he never dated any girl in his league or anywhere close to it. And this is the reason he is a pig, because he doesn't even spend a look on a little uglier girls.

  8. 8

    my co-worker's half-sister makes $83 every hour on the laptop. She has been without a job for 5 months but last month her income was $18244 just working on the laptop for a few hours. look these up… w­w­w.B­u­z­z1­9.c­o­m

  9. 9

    Re: Deftie – (to the second paragraph of your post) Yes! Too right! This porky needs to lose weight, get a better stylist (not like he can't afford one *rolls eyes*) and perhaps stop appearing in the movies. That would be really nice :D

  10. 10

    Re: nioe – It's funny you said that person is sexist, but then turned around and say by far way more sexist crap than the OP. I sense a feminazi. Wee woo wee woo. "We need for you to be our equals." LMFAO LOL..Weird, since men are kinda superior to women. The ONLY reason women have power, is because men allow it.

  11. 11

    "How about him actually thinking this girl is attracted to his fat butt?" - Women have always been really good at manipulating men. Although it's very easy, it's easy because women simply exploit our biological hard-wiring to boink anything with a gash. So having that magic box between your legs makes it easier.

    "Women are more evolved than men will ever be." Weird, then why do women use emotion and not logic? If women were more evolved, then they would have actually achieved some things in terms of technological advancements, but haven't done crap. Clearly if women were more evolved they wouldn't be so irrational.

    "Women are not as into looks as shallow men are" BS. Women are much more shallow than men, and they also have a much larger list of unrealistic expectations. The only reason why women save face is simply because they are a lot more forgiving. Women want height, muscles, big dick, big wallet, good career, plus all of the positive personality traits. While a woman can be a huge incompetent failure and still get by just fine simply leeching off men her entire life. When it comes to which gender has to put more effort in, it's by far men. That entitles us to be choosey. If im going to have a leech in my life, an annoying one at that, she better be a hot, tight size 4 girl.

  12. 12

    Re: nioe – Besides in the end, a girl exploiting her sexuality while manipulating and pretending to love a guy simply for finical security or life/career advancements is by far a thousand times worse than a man dating a girl simply based on looks. Since the woman simply becomes a cum dumpster, while the male actually contributes to society.

  13. jess says – reply to this


    She is using you Jonah!! dont let her use you, you are better than that :( fame whore!!!!

  14. Soph says – reply to this


    Massive fame whore!! watch out Jonah

  15. Ryan says – reply to this


    Shes in it for the fame and the money,

  16. Sophia says – reply to this


    Jonah Hill is gorgeous.. shes so lucky to have him <3