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Justin Bieber Holds Tight To His Beliebers! Newest Video Is All About The Fans! Watch It HERE!!

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Well, now that it's clear Justin Bieber is definitely NOT retiring, it looks like in the spirit of the New Year, the Biebs has gifted his loyal followers with a brand new music video!

And it's a special one at that!

The video for Hold Tight portrays Bieberoni's interactions with his fans, centering around when he brings them up on stage during his concerts.

While the video surely overflows with sweet moments, like when he adorably hugs that teeny tiny fan, it seems like it's trying a LIIIITTTLE too hard to make everyone believe how sweet Biebs is!

And not, ya know, someone whose bodyguards are constantly in trouble on his behalf, pees in buckets, fights photographers, offends entire countries, and all those other scandalous reports about his behavior.

What do U think?! Are they trying too hard?

Ch-ch-check out the music video (above) & let us know what U think about it!!

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8 comments to “Justin Bieber Holds Tight To His Beliebers! Newest Video Is All About The Fans! Watch It HERE!!”

  1. RiRi says – reply to this


    you just wont give him a break, will you? you massive, ugly, sick, stupid bully
    I can't believe you would actually try to make this a bad thing. he is not the onetrying hard, YOU are the one trying SOOOO FUCKIN HARD to make the world think that he is bad, just coz you are jelouse! shame. on. you. starting the new year lying like that. didn't your mom raise you better?

  2. OhLord says – reply to this


    This is a case study on how to over saturate your market lol. This is getting silly. LESS IS MORE, LESS IS MORE, not more is more.
    He looks nuts in this video clip. Go into a cave and fix yourself.
    Each time he is releasing something it's just reinforcing the publics perception of "it's all about me" syndrome.

  3. OhLord says – reply to this


    Justin Timberlake waited 7 years to release an album, Psy does COUNTLESS revisions of songs and only ensures perfection, Michael Jackson would wait many years. He has gotta stop releasing unpolished work, and only release his absolute best. If he has more than 5 smash hits in 12 months out of all the songs he has written, chances are it's no good and not his best work.
    Justin seems to be pumping out music, or videos like there is no tommorrow. This in itself is going to cause him to lose his fame from audience exhaustion. The sales figures are already picking this up, releasing more is just going to accelerate the trend. You need to get your audience to MISS you, and crave to see your work again - anticipation.

  4. Ohlord says – reply to this


    Re: RiRi[/re]
    It's jealous not jelouse lol. And it's envious not jealous. Focus on your studies!

  5. OhLord says – reply to this


    Justin needs to focus on his image using some of his past, to reconnect with what made him famous in the first place - he has lost himself trying to be something he isn't.
    These include the following:
    1) The image portrayed in Somebody To Love Remix ft. Usher is an example of what the public might want imo. He will need to adjust it for a more mature overtone. Really incorporate a lot of Usher's dance moves. They work, it's proven, why on earth is he gambling with this hip-hop disaster.
    2) A more modern version of Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson Justin Bieber slave to the rythym, gave us a glympse of what he can do.
    Maybe he can do some rockier songs, such as this. Incorporate some of the dance. Put some deeper sounds in with aggressiveness. Make
    himself sound more assertive and believable.
    3) Get David Guetta to help Bieber hone his creative talents. He will put order to the chaos. Create a great story with his ideas,
    and bring insanity back into something sane for the audience to enjoy.

    Combine some experimental tracks into the core, but the more experimental the more risk management needs to be put in place:
    1) Mozart - Requiem [Trance Remix Inedit]
    2) Orchestrance: Trance & Classical Music
    3) Vanessa Mae Storm (Vivaldi Techno)

    If he just focuses his image on this core it will give him a small chance of crossing over, but a lot better than where it currently stands.

  6. Hater says – reply to this


    Re: OhLord
    Don't tell him how to get out of this mess. Let him implode, it's more entertaining to watch. Keep going Biebs, get more hip hop friends, get on more drugs, you are doing a great job. Can't wait to see the ending. I LOVE the path and music style he has right now. He looks like Vanilla Ice, and is not listening to anyone, which is exactly what Vanilla used to do haha…it's classic !!

  7. ok_then says – reply to this


    This is sweet and innocent behavior.. But typical of how Justin and his fans interact. This is not the official video of "Hold Tight" from "Journals", this is concert footage.. The next official video will be "Confident" ft. Chance The Rapper due at anytime this month.

  8. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Hater – What is wrong with his new music style that is R&B & Hip Hop based??? Are you that delusional to think that those genres do not have large amount of fans and communities? Justin Bieber is young and is going to appeal to younger adults and teens that listen to R&B and Hip Hop.. The fact he actually gained more mature fans by crossing over to those genres is proof he is on the right path. For the first time there are actually adults who bought his music without embarrassment because they liked his new mature sound.