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2 Broke Girls Has Racked Up 91 Complaints With The FCC & You'll Never Guess Why! Get Deets HERE!!

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2 Broke Girls getting ridiculous complaints

Looks Like Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings are angering viewers again, except this time, it's kind of totally uncalled for.

Their super popular show on CBS, 2 Broke Girls, starring Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs, is coming under fire because apparently its language is indecent & the show is "soft porn."

So far, there have been 91 complaints filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the last two years and almost all of them are completely ridiculous.

In some of the complaints, the show's stars are accused of using "obscene words" like vagina & penis too much, using come in a derogatory fashion, and the "continuous sexual innuendos" during the duration of the episodes.

Ch-ch-check out some of the ACTUAL complaints made…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

2 Broke Girls complaint

2 Broke Girls complaint

2 Broke Girls complaint

2 Broke Girls complaint

2 Broke Girls complaint

Isn't it 2013? Since when are penis and vagina bad words?

We're pretty sure that everyone in the world was born with one or the other, so why is anatomy talk worthy of complaints with the FCC?!

And seriously, that one about needing nine inches is called a JOKE! Ugh!

If you want to venture into the land of nonsense, you can check out the full list of complaints here.

[Image via CBS.]

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21 comments to “2 Broke Girls Has Racked Up 91 Complaints With The FCC & You'll Never Guess Why! Get Deets HERE!!”

  1. hahaha says – reply to this


    In my opinion, those jokes are hilarious. If you want clean jokes, watch the Disney Channel.

  2. 2

    mm they have a point. it looks like a family sitcom.. on a kids watching tv time on public tv.. kinda need to draw some lines. if you want to watch glorified porn get hbo

  3. 3

    disnrey channel costs money. This is an awful show anyway.. the acting is paaainful

  4. beach says – reply to this


    It is an awful show. I can't believe it's still on. You can be funny without being offensive every sentence.

  5. bloblo says – reply to this


    well ,im sorry because i kinda love this show and ive watched every episode, but i have to agree
    once at dinner we watched the show while eating and it was offensive, and im still watching it, but it getting weird because the characters have nothing to do with the lines they re saying

  6. lucy says – reply to this


    I LOVE THIS SHOW! those prudes don't have to watch it if they don't like it :D

  7. 7

    This is what TV programming has sunk to. Just to see the picture of those two idiot actresses makes me roll my eyes so hard. Now shows that are shit are always trying to push the limits. This is disgusting. They should cancel this shit ass show.

  8. Tara says – reply to this


    hmmmm guess I will have to start watching now. Sounds fun!

  9. princess says – reply to this


    All I can say is, if its offensive to you…don't watch it. Change the channel. Simple solution. The fact that people bitch about things like this is ridiculous.

  10. 10

    Re: princess – You're such a piece of trash… the point is that all programming is getting like this. Are you such a loser that you can't watch a show unless it has obscenity? people who have short att. spans and have intellectual problems enjoy shows like this.

  11. grant says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – woooowwww easy there! No need to call others piece of trash… It is ridiculous that people complain about this… I mean a freaking show of drug dealers and meth scientists is wayy worse than sexual referrences… If it made it on the tv and if people like it that much is because that's how it is in REAL LIFE. Dont hate on the programming hate on the society that made it this way.

  12. lucyboots says – reply to this


    wow, if they are truly insulted by the show, dont freaking watch it. Its optional, not mandatory. Good grief, common sense people

  13. lucyboots says – reply to this


    pollopicu you are calling Princess out as a piece of trash, when its you that sounds like the idiot with the words you chose. She was talking common sense. Seems the only piece of trash loser is the one spewing the venom

  14. 14

    This show caters to the lowest common denominator and is just terrible television. It caters to the ever-increasing monosylabic half-tards, which is the only explainaiton for it's popularity.

  15. fangallofeasorwe says – reply to this


    Who makes these complains? STUPID AMERICAN CHRISTIANS!

  16. tina says – reply to this


    love this show i look forward to my Monday nights just for this show. ppl talking about kids watching this show i think that doesn't sound right all these kids are on line or playing video games that are way worse then this show. don't like it don't watch it and keep ur kids off the channel don't ppl have parental controls.

  17. piper says – reply to this


    Hysterical funniest show on tv. You don't like it, Here is the beauty of a free country turn the fucking channel!! Instead of sitting like a schmucks watching the entire thing to bitch about it , take the stick out of your ass and find another channel and leave it alone for the rest of us to enjoy. Go watch Little house on the prairie in re-runs some place. Get with the times or turn the channel plenty of other stuff to watch. Some of us like racy, non conservative tv. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean others won't find something else to watch.

  18. Ringo says – reply to this


    it is 2013…but it's also America

  19. moka says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – you stupid peice of trash, you dont like the show dont watch it, and are you that dum to just keep talking and offending other people? like get a freakin life, go re watch barney and friends if you hate how tv shows have turned to but thats the way they are, kill yourself because the WORLD IS IN DANGER. GOd some people are just Bitches, pure Bitches

  20. 20

    It's no doubt from that crazy parent's television council. I mean honestly how much of a damn bored loser do you have to be to watch a show you don't like and literally keep a record/track of what was said during every episode. I would say I'd "give them nine inches" but sadly it's not big :S

  21. Steph says – reply to this


    If you don't like it - Don't watch it, I really don't understand why people have to go crazy over such stupid things; ie. A JOKE! There is parent control for a reason. dumb.