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Perez Reviews: Die Fledermaus

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We really enjoyed The Met's new production and reworking of Strauss's Die Fledermaus, BUT….

We'll get to the BUT later!

First, let's talk about all the things the Metropolitan Opera did well and keeps doing right!

The grandeur and superb musicianship is a given. What's new, though, is The Met's explicit and effective attempts at at broadening their audience - actively finding ways for their productions to appeal to younger people and folks of various backgrounds and incomes.

With their production of Die Fledermaus, we applaud

A) The choice of material! An operetta! Something LIGHTHEARTED and fun!
B) That the show was reworked and presented in English, instead of the original German.
C) The incorporating of dance and some fabulous dance numbers in the show.
D) The decision to cast two of Broadway's finest musical theater actors, Betsy Wolfe and Danny Burstein, in the show.
E) The biting and TIMELY comedic new dialogue, courtesy of the wonderful Douglas Carter Beane.


Having said all that - and that's a lot to applaud - the show clocked in at three hours and fifty minutes!

We expect the opera to be long, but if you're trying to be more modern… you can't have a FOUR HOUR show!!!

There was so much that could have been trimmed!

Baby steps, we guess. Hopefully next season there won't be shows longer than three hours!

P.S. Jane Archibald stole the show! Our favorite performance and THAT VOICE!!!!!!

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13 comments to “Perez Reviews: Die Fledermaus

  1. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    Check your demographics Perez, most of your readers are college woman in the 18-26 category. A group I doubt could afford a night at the opera.
    Also, the writing skills on this site are ATROCIOUS and lack any cohesiveness. In other words no one gives a shit about you attending plays , theater. You seem to be mostly impressed with yourself.

  2. 2

    OMG - my favourite operetta! I would SO love to see this production! :) )

  3. sants says – reply to this


    you uncultured fool. opera is long. die fledermaus is long. if it were to be trimmed then that is like cutting out part of a symphony. don't be an absolute ingrate.

  4. Big Al says – reply to this

  5. Big AL says – reply to this


    Re: nationalenquirer – Actually tickets to the met aren't so expensive. Most tickets are well under $100. Upper balcony is usually $20-$30 (though bring cheap binoculars or opera glasses because the view isn't great). On Monday-thursday evenings they have a rush ticket line. If you're not working daytime hours you can buy up to 2 orchestra tix per person for $20 each. Depending on the opera the line usually forms at about 2-3pm and tickets go onsale about 6p,. There's also an online rush ticket lottery for friday-saturday performances to buy $25 orchestra tickets. Compared to a pop concert, the opera is pretty cheap!

  6. Vienna says – reply to this


    Perez, thank you first and foremost for putting up your interest into classical music and into the art of opera. It's highly appreciated that you are sharing opera with your readers who might otherwise never ever even consider to take a look into that culture. That is the perfect thing about live performance in an opera house - everybody does breath the same air the same time and it is 100% live - from orchestra to the singers and any performer. When the stage production sucks one still can close the eyes and just listen to pure and an extraordinary and joyful performance. Getting emotions set free by classical music experience!

  7. uhm says – reply to this


    Its interesting to see how one can be commenting/reviewing an Opera when they didn't happen to stay for the entire performance. I know because I saw him in the beginning in the distance, and after the second act he left. Goes to show how much of an "Opera Fan" he is.

  8. Opera Lover says – reply to this


    Too bad you didnt stay for ACT 3

  9. 9

    Not sure what makes you such an opera expert. Those in the known thought the English libretto tried too hard to be cute, and your complaint about length just smacks of ignorance — darling, classical scores are only shorter if the orchestra hurries through the music, you can't scratch every allegro and scribble illico presto just because you think it's too long a score. Also, I think this is as good a time as any to explain that Wagner's The Ring is not about a mysterious one ring phone call received in the middle of the night in an enchanted castle. WARNING: bring a pillow, it's kinda long.

  10. 10

    Saw this at the Santa Fe, NM opera my first visit to Santa Fe, it was great.

  11. Moira says – reply to this


    FLEDERMAUS has always been one of my favorite operettas to go see over New Year's. It's a tradition in our family.

  12. awskyhag says – reply to this


    Since when are you now an opera critic. What a laugh. Stick to hyping the Justin Biebers of the pop world and leave the critiquing to people who know what the heck they are talking about—PLEASE

  13. Veronique says – reply to this


    And how are you supposed to "shorten" a masterpiece? This is like asking to remove an arm of the statue of David, or a scene of Macbeth for sake of time. It's a good thing you didn't see Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg By Wagner, then.