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Ke$ha’s Eating Disorder Was Caused By Dr. Luke Calling Her A ‘Refrigerator’?!

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kesha eating disorder started by dr luke calling her refrigerator

This HAD to hurt her!

Ke$ha checked herself into rehab for an eating disorder last week, which caused people to wonder what the heck happened!

Some new deets have surfaced and they’re pretty telling!

Apparently the 26-year-old singer has been fighting with Dr. Luke, from her record label, for awhile now!

After Ke$ha’s 2011 Get Sleazy tour ended, Luke started harping on the singer to lose weight. Then, during a 2012 video shoot, he even told her she "looks like a f*cking refrigerator.”

That’s EXTREMELY hurtful!

And the fighting between the two goes even deeper!

Ke$ha just finished directing her first music video for the song Dirty Love, and it was done without Luke knowing!

Since he never approved, Ke$ha had to change things around and cut out Iggy Pop’s part in the video as a result. A source said:

“She likely had no legal right to use the album version, so she used the Iggy Pop free original demo instead.”

We’re glad that Ke$ha has moved on and is taking care of herself. Anyone would be upset after having someone call them a refrigerator!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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57 comments to “Ke$ha’s Eating Disorder Was Caused By Dr. Luke Calling Her A ‘Refrigerator’?!”

  1. anonymous says – reply to this


    Pretty sure you also assisted in her entry to rehab. By leaking pictures of her, commenting on her single dropping on itunes (as well as her performances), and by constantly bullying her you participated in the breakdown of her confidence and self-love. Shame on you for being two-faced. For someone who makes a living off of trash talking, you sure set a positive example to young adults.

  2. sarah says – reply to this


    why don't you stop finding someone to blame (especially considering you hurt her extremely by posting her sexual nude photos) and focus on sending her positive messages or just leaving her alone? i don't think she wants any of this blasted on your website and doesn't want any sympathy from someone whose actions made her consider suicide.

  3. May says – reply to this


    Hate to break it to you Perez, but your problems can't always be blamed on other people. One insensitive, asshole comment isn't what causes an eating disorder. It goes way beyond that, and it's honestly insulting you'd think she'd take one comment or one person's opinion so gravely. Eating disorders have to do with having a low self esteem and so much more (I don't know first-hand), so maybe you should leave her alone while she heals, rather than make money off her pain.

  4. idiot says – reply to this


    wow perez, do you ever consider for one second the way you and your hateful comments contribute to celebrities having issues such as these?

  5. me says – reply to this


    this is disgusting. not a kesha fan, but jesus christ, leave women alone. we are not here to please men, so every man like Dr. Luke, can go fuck himself. Get a life, asshole.

  6. 6

    It's time to leave this poor girl alone Perez, everyone knows you don't give a shit about her emotional and physical well-being. you're just as guilty as that asshole of shaming that girl for monetary gain. I agree with with the poster who said that women aren't here to please men. Maybe Dr Luke should take a look in the mirror, he's an ugly git, he should work on his own appearance before judging anyone else on their appearance, the shallow scumbag

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    She can't fire the guy? She must be under some kind of contract. Seems she'd rather self destruct than work with the guy, and that's not good for anyone's bottom line.

  8. Jezabelintotheground says – reply to this


    There some time,
    I prayed to God so that He decrease the influence of lady gaga on the others and that she ceases to spread her poison on earth.
    Then occurred the quarrel with her powerful influence blogger friend, her poor sales and the loss of many of her worshipers.
    After some time, I again asked God to greatly decreases the power to influence of many of these very influential people in the world who encourage sin.

    I am very happy to see that the prayer works.

  9. Jezabelintotheground says – reply to this


    Then occurred the quarrel with her powerful "influenCIAL" blogger friend,.. sorry

  10. Jezabelintotheground says – reply to this


    Re: Jezabelintotheground – Fudge!
    –INFLUENTIAL– .. horray

  11. 11

    Sure, what he said was insensitive…but in no world did it cause her to go to rehab. That would be like hanging out in a winery, and saying the guy who parked your car badly sent you to rehab.

  12. 12

    Anyone would also be upset being called a bitch, a train wreck, a gutter rat, a homeless man, trash, and swamp thing. All things that you have called her.
    Also, there was that time you said she was doing the world a favor when she wore a tiger mask and you said she should look like that more often.
    "Every time we see you, we feel our eyes contracting herpes." - Perez on Kesha

    Don't act like you care about this woman's wellbeing, when you clearly don't.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's beautiful, and has a great, strong looking and proportioned shape. He, on the other hand, tries to fit a size eight foot into a size 4 shoe.

  14. Whiney and Weak Wally says – reply to this


    Once again…. everybody is to blame but white females themselves for their individual actions.
    White females have called asian females "weak and submissive" forever but did asian american females become whiney and neurotic and self destructive as a result? Nope. They (and their offspring) just went on beating white females in every positive statistic i can find that the government keeps (from income to lower drug usage rates to academic successes on the higher levels despite language barrier issues). They are even more likely to work management level jobs than white females and are raising higher performing children, academically, for white males than white females. That is how you are SUPPOSED to respond to your critic. By whoopass. Not self implosion.

  15. whiney and Weak Wally says – reply to this


    Did Refrigerator Perry become anorexic? He was called a refrigerator for as along as us nerds who dont know sports are able to know.
    Pretty soon DOCTORS wont be able to tell females to lose weight. "why did you become anorexic?"….."Because my doctor said I need to lose weight". "that stupid insensitive doctor". white females are so weak, pretty soon they will develop esteem issues because their BOYFRIENDS are fat. I know thats where its headed if we dont pull the brakes.
    Now, I have seen pictures of her body, and she probably could use some working out but you cant workout if you are anorexic. Too weak from malnutrition. But, everybody could use some working out.

  16. 16

    While his comments might have pushed her over the edge, you can't blame another person for someone's eating disorder. It's an actual disease. That'd be like blaming someone for someone else alcoholism or drug addiction.

  17. MB says – reply to this


    I think peoples first mistake, is trusting someone who calls themselves "Dr. Luke" to write their music. I don't care who or how many people love this pop, or how much money they make, it's truly bad music. It's terrible song writing, and the people who buy it baffle me. Society has really bad taste these days. REALLY bad.

    Seriously? Get serious, man….

  18. 18

    On a daily basis celebrities are called terrible things all over the internet, so I find it unlikely that one person alone is responsible for whats going on in her life. Who made her drink whiskey like water, or drink her own pee? Yeah its easy to point a finger at Dr Luke, but there's more going on in her life than what he said to her.

  19. 19

    Re: MB – People like YOU who ramble on about how much society sucks today makes me want to BARF! You old farts are always pissing and moaning about something.

  20. 20

    Re: me – Amen, sista. Funny how many of these guys that demonize women aren't in the best of shape themselves. nor do they ever show us their dicks so we can show them what a few insensitive words can REALLY do. Perez, lay off this girl. She needs support not more of what helped put her where she is. eating disorders are just as destructive as any other addiction. I guess expecting you to show some genuine compassion is too much to expect. schmuck.

  21. beach says – reply to this


    You are disgusting. You slammed her every chance you got and MADE money doing it. When will you learn to just post celeb news and keep your opinions to yourself and quit judging? You are one of the biggest offenders of all, yet you believe you are ok doing it. You make me sick

  22. Whiney and Weak Wally says – reply to this


    Re: ms. trudy
    Males who "demonize" women: "wow, she's 32 and he's 20. cougar. Wow, she's 40 and he's 24. Milf. Wow she's 50 and he's 20. hot mommy! Wow, she's 45 and he's 13. Lucky kid. Where was she when I was 13?"
    FEmales who demonize males: "he's 32 and she's 20. DIRTY OLD MAN. He's 40 and she's 24. DIRTY OLD MAN. HE's 50 and she's 23. PEDOPHILE".
    But how do those demonized "dirty old men" respond? By rolling over and dying? Sometimes but really, by creating MORE big gap marriages than women do and by achieving an INFINITELY LOWER divorce rate in those big gaps than cougars. Whoopass. Not implosion.
    Males whoopass. Females implode. Why? Females are whiney and weak. I'm not a misogynist. I wouldnt say that if they werent whiney and weak and self implosive.

  23. Whiney And Weak Wally says – reply to this


    Who is picked on in school and rejected by females more than us high IQ nerds? Nobody (although I had a girlfriend my entire childhood. A brilliant nerdette). But do us nerds self implode and self destruct Kesha style? Not usually. Prisons are full of former jocks (if nerds are in prison, its for something genius like a ponzi scheme or insider trading). We go on to kick butt in college and/or become financially elite from our businesses. Jocks pack boxes for me today (indirectly, another nerd owned company does my shipping). And we end up getting the best quality females. Our females even get special words like "trophy". What words do former jocks' females get? And we kick butt in science and invention. Thats how we responded to our high school outcast status and torment. By WHOOPASS not WHINY self implosion. Thats why nerdish white males and asian females hookup so much. To DOUBLE the whoopass. Whoopass on steroids.

  24. Madison says – reply to this


    Shame on you for not taking any responsibility.

  25. anonymous says – reply to this


    yeahhhhhh i'm pretty sure you DID contribute to that eating problem by posting less than flattering photos of her in a bikini, MULTIPLE times.

  26. 26

    Re: Whiney and Weak Wally – apparently you don't know what demonize means. it has nothing to do with age difference. nor was my comment pointed at couples with a substantial age gap. it was about men who judge women who do not meet their standards of beauty when they themselves don't meet many women's idea of beautiful men. it's the age old double standard thing I'm referring to. perhaps you should invest in a dictionary, then you can also look up the word misogynist.

  27. Megan says – reply to this


    Re: Whiney And Weak Wally
    You can keep pretending that sexism doesn't exist homie, but you are still born with a privilege that many of us don't get. Sorry ’bout cha.

  28. 28

    In other words….she's getting a nose job, lipo'd, and a boob & ass implants…..

  29. Whiny And Weak Wally says – reply to this


    Re: ms. trudy – Of course I know what demonize means. Its one of the simplest words in the english language (maybe the only big word I even know). It has the word DEMON in it. Thats the only clue I need. You apparently think there is only ONE kind of denomination (the one that you conveniently feel subjected to). I see women bash women's looks as much or MORE than men do. Just as a famous example. Miley. What do women say about her? "she's skinny. she doesnt have curves. she looks like a boy. what curves?" because she doesnt live up to the standard of beauty that women have decided is the standard of beauty. But she is oddly strong. She still struts her stuff. She is a bottle of WHOOPASS sauce. Hopefully she will never self implode.

  30. Whiney And Weak Wally says – reply to this


    Re: Megan – I know what sexism is. I know what every kind of ism is. There is sexism where sexist men say "women are SUPERIOR to men". There are men who are sexist against women. There are misandrists who claim superiority to men. There are racist white feminist women who hate ethnic women. There are ageist women who call the generation of older men who gave them equal rights "dirty old men" and chastise other women for dating them. There is jizzism (Jizzists who hate men who lead "unusual but legal" sex lives). There is classism like the story robin hood being treated as a hero for robbing successful people. There are 100000 isms. There is also WHOOPASS'ism. My only point was: WOOOOOPASSSS. Not self implode. There is also LATE-ism. And I am clearly late. Must go.

  31. generae says – reply to this


    I remember when Demi L. went to rehab and said it was for an eating disorder. Then years later she owns up to the fact that she was a drug addict. Can this be the case with Ke$ha?

  32. 32

    one comment does not give you an eating disorder! going into rehab blaming others isnt a good way to start out.

  33. Jess says – reply to this


    I am not really a fan of Ke$ha or her music, but I am not surprised to read she's been having health and self esteem issues. Her behaviour has to come from somewhere. She's not the greatest singer ever, and she doesn't have the looks of a typical pop starlet, but I do like her guts. People have got to stop bullying her and other (young) women. And Perez, you know you are one of those people. Have some respect and leave these girls alone. I hope she gets well soon.

  34. kesha4ever says – reply to this


    Perez talked shit about her in a few posts and now your acting like your'e sweet and caring buck off


  35. Piesek Kuba says – reply to this


    But… let's face it - SHE DOES! (looking like - effin' - fridge). Give it few years - it'll be two door fridge :-)
    There is a price on fame, pulling megabucks in etc. - if you cannot control your gluttony to remind in shape - it's for the whole world to see.
    Also, Kesha is not really a sensitive, shy flower who cannot take a critique - just listen to some of her lyrics. And - who's made this comment public? Wasn't Kesha herself?
    And all you offended wowsers - if you don't like Perez Hilton and his comments -what are you here for? In short, quoting from good old Italian movies:
    "Get da fuck outta here!"

  36. 36

    not an attractive girl. Never will be

  37. anon says – reply to this


    stop putting the blame on everybody else. you're the reason she's in rehab so shut your fucking mouth.

  38. betty says – reply to this


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  39. betty says – reply to this


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  40. FelodiaParp says – reply to this


    Re: Whiney And Weak Wally

    You are so hopelessly ignorant, it's laughable. You ARE a misogynist and you sound fucknig crazy with your delusional and tangenital ranting.

    Seriously shut the fuck up.

    I've seen people write things like "kill yourself' in reply to other peoples comments, and I've always thought it was harsh and inappropriate. However, in your case - it would be a gift to humanity and therefore excusable.

    Get off this planet you nasty useless piece of shit. You're just bitter because no one wants to fuck you, with your lack of social skills, ugly asian eyes (seriously, the only asian girls that are pretty are ones that have had surgery on their eyes!) and serious mental disturbance.

  41. maria says – reply to this


    you are also part of the problem. your hurtful words to not only her but others is well documented. one just has to scroll through your site to see at the very least 3 posts daily filled with your bullying. just because you finally lost the weight gives you no right to treat people the way you do.

  42. fafa says – reply to this


    she is the one to blame for her brain-damage, i'm sure they told her to stop more than once,but no ! and now we are supposed to be sorry for them ! find a good reason, please ! everybody is supposed to take care of themelf ask for help or when it's really need it !!! stop playing the baby or the disabed !!!!!!!

  43. liz says – reply to this


    she got herself into this business with little talent so her people were telling her to (unfortunately) shape up as Hollywood demands, but it's not just her people, on the fashion police she's criticized for her "weird" body shape. that's what happens when you become a celebrity, people criticize you, if you're not ready then get out of the stupid business.

  44. skylyr says – reply to this


    You are such a pig. She has flat out said, you were one of the reasons to her depression. You are the one who tears down people, ohhhhh and man I can't wait till we rip every piece of your career apart…and you are fully aware that is already in the process.

  45. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Piesek Kuba – Except she doesn't look like one. See an optometrist.

  46. Whiney weak Willy says – reply to this


    Re: FelodiaParp – "You are so hopelessly ignorant, it's laughable. You ARE a misogynist and you sound fucknig crazy with your delusional and tangenital ranting". -.— I'm fairly confident that I'm not a misogynist. Everybody is SOME kind of "ist" though. I tend to fall more into the "IQ" ist category. I do not believe a male with an 83 IQ is somehow more brilliant than a female with a 163 IQ nor vice versa (nor do IQ scientists) but he may have useful talents. I'm all about the top 5% of IQ people. You didnt say what it was that I said that was "hopelessly ignorant"… so I cant address it specifically. "You're just bitter because no one wants to fuck you, with your lack of social skills"—- nobody besides the girl in my house and the ex that wants her off this planet. If I couldnt get laid.. I'd just pay a girl up $1600 a month to pretend to love me. I'm not against sugaraddying if thats what it takes.
    "seriously, the only asian girls that are pretty are ones that have had surgery on their eyes!"… <—— If this is the kind of thought that goes on in the minds of the "sane".. I'm going to stay "fucking crazy sounding". Wooo. Sane people are NUTSOS. But overall I get your point. You seem to have issues with "white male asian female". Ive noticed that about you.

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Whiney weak Willy – Your posts are obnoxious, condescending, misogynistic, and are basically insufferable besides the generalizing racial overtones.

  48. Whiney Weak Willy says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – "Your posts are obnoxious, condescending, misogynistic, and are basically insufferable besides the generalizing racial overtones"….. When my brain gets to churning, the last thing its thinking is "this is going to go over big. Everybody is going to agree". Most people who think outside the box, think alone. Everybody else is hooked into a central mainframe like the Borg. I know well in advanced how something I say will be responded to and considered. Some might even say its the negative reaction that encourages me. The only thing I disagree with is the "misogynistic" part. I have spent most of my dating life chasing the STRONGEST women. I have dated wealthy females (1 heiress), asian females and jewish females exclusively because I am so impressed by their statistics in the usa. and I only date females who have IQs over 115 because that is a strength (I have dumped girls because their IQ's were 93). Thats how much I value strength. The IQ thing is harder to gauge because I cant be like "will you take this IQ test". I secretly calculate their IQ's based on their standardized test scores (if known)

  49. Weak Whiney Willy says – reply to this


    Even my sister noted "you set your standards in women way too high. What percentage of women have IQ's over 130? [this was my original cutoff point. I downgraded it to 115 because I wasnt mentally able to completely disregard IQ] ". I spent most of my 20's searching for an educated female with an IQ ABOVE mine and that search paid off in the end (If I had known there were matchmaking services FOR high IQ people, It wouldnt have taken me so long to meet a strong high IQ woman. My girl's IQ is clocking in at 146-150something. Ironically, she doesnt even work a job. Cant win). If she were a RICH woman, i'd already have married her. I don't need a woman's money but I am a big fan of the "upperclass male upperclass female" union. rich women are the STRONGEST women and thus the most desirable, but, the hardest to get in my age bracket. But since most males can't get a rich woman, this failure on my part doesnt bother me. Being born from one is good enough. Its amazing that one can be called a "misogynist" for setting their standards in women so high as to be kind of whacky. IQ is everything. High IQ females probably noticed my name changed to willy. Lower IQ females didnt.

  50. Weak Whiney Willy says – reply to this


    I know i rambled and babbled on (its either that or work. I prefer babble), but, to sum up everything I was thinking in four words: "WHOOPASS. not SELF IMPLOSION". It was supposed to be an encouraging statement. Whoopass like those millions of women who DONT allow the comments of others, catty women, perceived beauty standards, models and mannequins to turn them into anorexics. But I am NOT impressed by women who portray themselves as puppets on a puppeteer's string. "Its not my fault i chose not to eat. Its the grand puppeteers fault. he made me do it". I dont blame the alleged puppeteer (the modeling industry etc). I blame the puppet.

  51. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Whiney Weak Willy – I appreciate your impartial replies, and understand your (Rand-ian?) point of view. Having standards works. Somewhere in that I hope you also find a looker and a thinker (and maybe an athlete, too, lol) who is also a decent, kind and loving woman, because that trait is a major key to longevity and tolerating each other. It also helps any progeny. Your latest posts were not any of what I said in my post that you addressed.

  52. Weak Whiney Idiot says – reply to this


    Re: Weak Whiney Willy – Gotta love the self-proclaimed geniuses. They boast so much about having a high IQ, but nothing they say or do even closely resembles anything genius. Instead they waste their time on such trivial matters. My 14 year old nephew has a much more sophisticated and unique insight than you do, and he's hardly a genius.

  53. weak and whiny willy says – reply to this


    Re: Weak Whiney Idiot – I dont think I used the word "genius". I used "high IQ". As for "nothing they say or do closely resembles anything genius". Then you dont understand what IQ is. You think high IQ means one SOUNDS genius. A hillbilly can sound like a hillbilly but have a 130 IQ. An articulate guy can SOUND like a genius but have a 110 IQ. You think people with big vocabularies or who sound articulate automatically have high IQ's and the opposite dont? Then you have never studied IQ. You've invented your own interpretation of what high IQ means. Just because you have a high IQ doesnt mean you are going to SAY something genius. Intelligence is mutli faceted. I excelled at MATH and SPATIAL REASONING (etc). My verbal skills are my weakest area because I was raised by a woman who raised in a ghetto and my dad is from scandinavia. English was his 3rd language. They were successful people in business but not articulate people. As for "doing something genius". I started my business at the age of 16/17. Most people around me thought that was pretty genius. As for your 14 year old nephew. Good for him. Get his IQ tested. It might surprise you.

  54. Weak and Whiny willy says – reply to this


    Re: weak and whiny willy – " My verbal skills are my weakest area because I was raised by a woman who raised in a ghetto and my dad is from scandinavia." …. I meant "by a woman who WAS raised in a ghetto"

  55. Weak and Whiny willy says – reply to this


    My girlfriend's IQ is monumental. She puts me and most men to shame (i would never compete with her in an IQ exam. Guaranteed loss). But what does she do or say genius? Nothing. Where her IQ shines is when we decorate our house together. She knows how to arrange household objects in a way that is pretty darn intricate and artful (she could probably win an award at it). Thats really the only time I see evidence of her IQ. Home decor. But IQ is a sexy trait to me.It's more important than looks to me. I was so happy to learn there are dating services for people who want to find high IQ partners. Anyways, I could go on an on about IQ in general. Its my favorite science but I dont like camping out in threads for long inordinate periods of time.

  56. 56

    People can be so negative; that is why we have to be strong and love and respect ourselves no matter what anyone thinks of us. Being in the public eye is a very tough job for these people because their success is built on if people like them. I wish the girl well and hope she recovers from whatever addiction she is suffering from.

  57. SHARON says – reply to this


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