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Dick Clark Banned Gays & Interracial Couples From American Bandstand?! See Former Stars' Claims HERE!

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dick clark american bandstand banned gays minorities

Dick Clark is one of the most beloved icons of American television. But was his American Bandstand a hotbed of sexual and racial discrimination?

That's the claim made some inside sources, including stars of the show!

According to a new report, Mr. Clark made a point of ferreting out any gay regulars and throwing them off the show!

Bandstand regular Eddie Kelly tells a similar story of quiet oppression. He says:

"When I went to Bandstand in 1959, I found most of the males were gay, but that could never have gotten out to the public."

But homosexuality wasn't the only societal taboo Dick supposedly would have none of. According to another insider, interracial coupling was strictly forbidden! The source says:

"There were strict rules to appear on the show. You couldn’t be a camera hog. You couldn’t dance too close, and you couldn’t dance with someone who wasn’t your color."

Dancer Frank Brancaccio backs up the anonymous insider. He says:

"Clark wanted NO integration."

Wow. We're not sure how reliable this is, but if it's true it puts a very ugly face on a grand TV legacy.

Of course, the sad thing we have to remember is that back then, discrimination against gays and interracial couples didn't have to stay in the closet.

Maybe American Bandstand would have lost some viewers if they had openly gay dancers on. Maybe they would have gotten complaints and even been canceled.

But this is what people mean when they talk about being on the wrong side of history.

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11 comments to “Dick Clark Banned Gays & Interracial Couples From American Bandstand?! See Former Stars' Claims HERE!”

  1. 1

    Is this news that really needs to come out now? The man is dead. He grew up in a very different time. The good thing about time is that with it we evolve and become more educated and tolerant. Stirring shit up about a guy who is dead and can't defend himself is ridiculous.

  2. angel says – reply to this


    completely agree with above comment.

  3. NateO says – reply to this


    I agree with the previous post…. This is not newsworthy.

  4. Sansea says – reply to this


    Man acts in accordance to the socially accepted standards of his era, which has no (read: ZERO) relevance to today — at all.

  5. Tracy Turnbladt says – reply to this


    Um…wasn't this the EXACT plot (and purpose) of "Hairspray" the movie, Broadway show, and movie musical? #SlowNewsDay

  6. barb says – reply to this


    I agree, it was a totally different mindset back then.

  7. Fambixolon says – reply to this


    That was the era when interracial marriage was illegal. I can understand why they would not want an illegal couple on tv.
    Re: Sansea – I wouldnt say that. Its still sometimes hard for an interracial white/asian couple to find housing in japan. South east asian girls still get honor killed by their families for dating a white guy or s christian in europe. I still see black females complaining about rich black men with white women in publications. There are still anti interracial couple people on this planet. Cambodia made a law that foreign men need a certain bottom salary and be lower than a certain age to marry their women.There are still anti interracial people in this world.

  8. SS says – reply to this


    But…every show was like this. There were strict rules back then. I would also like to point out that was another show of the time that featured a mixed race pair dancing, and the show was promptly yanked from the air. The Brady Bunch wasn't allowed to show a toilet in their bathroom. Movies weren't even allowed to mention homosexuality. Interracial marriage was against the law. So it wasn't a Dick Clark specific issue. Please learn the facts before you slander a man's name.
    I say this as someone who does care about gay rights, but who doesn't care for ignorance. You have just displayed a crapload of ignorance Perez.

  9. 9

    It was 1959!!! Of course, you were not going to see interracial couples dancing.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    You also had to stand up when any adult entered the room excepting your parents.
    You would never leave the table without asking permission first.
    Hats were never worn indoors and came off when talking to a lady.
    At school teachers were 'Sir' or 'Madam.' Compulsory.
    Seats on a bus were offered to seniors, and if not, other people made teens get up and give their seats.
    You never, ever said 'I want.' It would be 'I would like' or 'may I have.'
    Before the beatniks and rock musical revolution in the 60's, post war society was all about conformity. Dick didn't write the rules. He followed them.

  11. beach says – reply to this


    So what? What is your point? I'm sure we're all quite aware this went on back then and don't care about it because it's not happening now. You're pathetic. Anything for your cause that you shove in our faces every damn day.