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Nancy Grace Slams Pot Use & Legalization! Sorry Miley Cyrus!

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Nancy Grace probably would not approve of Miley Cyrus lighting up the stage (literally) for the European Music Awards.

Appearing on CNN with Brooke Baldwin today, Nancy went on a blazing offensive against the legalization of marijuana by certain states such as Colorado, and thinks that you're probably "lethargic, sitting on the sofa eating chips" if you disagree with her:

“Look, I don’t want, when I’m at work, I don’t want my babysitter high on pot. Alright? Does anybody? Do you want your children, do you want your parents, your sister, your brother to be taken care of or driven around by somebody on pot because it’s okay in Colorado?…You know what, Colorado, gets what they asked for."

Now Tish Cyrus apparently doesn't care if Mileybird tokes up and flies high, but it seems that Nancy would urge the We Can't Stop singer to definitely stop!

All in all, it appears that Nancy is definitely not friends with Mary Jane, and thinks that the legalization movement's success is dubious doobie-ous at best!

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19 comments to “Nancy Grace Slams Pot Use & Legalization! Sorry Miley Cyrus!”

  1. 1

    Nancy Grace is an IDIOT! What does she think alcohol does to people- and it's fully legal to consenting adults… and she is a jerk for calling people fat couch potatoes- has she looked in the mirror lately?!

  2. Good Times Bad Slimes says – reply to this


    If this woman ever had an orgasm while high on pot, she would TOTALLY understand the drug and push for its legislation. Pot is nothing but steroids for gasms (among other things). I dont smoke pot personally, but, I tried it more than 10 years ago. [close your eyes, prudes. what follows is not kosher talk]. In my normal state of mind, I merely OOOOZE out of my phallic device during climax. Like lava down a volcano. Just oooze. But when I was stoned … My "lava" would SHOOT out like as if to put out a campfire. In far greater volumes. I orgasmed so powerfully, my dong started to burn because I was shooting blanks towards the end of my eruption. I wish scientists would create a pill for that effect. Pot use would plummet because sex enhancement is a huge part of the reason people smoke it.

  3. 3

    It's horrible to think of a mother/father high around her child. Even if she/he didn't smoke it in front of them.. All drugged up. AND no having a drink is not the same.

  4. 4

    Re: IzzyLizzy – correction: "around her child" should be around their child.

  5. 5

    I remember when that teenager that didn't get any jail time for hitting and killing 4 people with his car was a topic on her show. And there was a guy on her show saying that he was high off of pills, drunk, and said that he also smoked pot earlier. And Nancy Grace disregarded everything when she heard that. She freaked out that he was smoking pot basically said that it was all because he was high on marijuana.

  6. 6

    Ya IzzyLizzy they're not the same, alcohol is worse. Have you ever smoked marijuana? Everyone reacts different, just like alcohol. True cannabis users know they're limits. And not all of us sit on the couch and binges on Cheetos. If that we're the case I wouldn't have a bachelors of science with a GPA of 3.5. Which was earned while stoned 95% of the time.

  7. Jay says – reply to this


    Just because pot is legal doesn't mean people cal smoke it anytime they want. Alcohol is legal but I wouldn't let someone babysitting my kids get drunk. Nancy Grace is such an idiot. Just try to watch her show one time all the way through and you will agree with me.

  8. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: Good Times Bad Slimes – What the hell is wrong with you?

  9. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: IzzyLizzy – You're right it's not the same. Alcohol is much worse.

  10. 10

    I just think Nancy Grace is an awful person.

  11. 11

    people should not be high/drunk when driving, watching kids,etc… however there are people who misuse many types of drugs,and yes alcohol is a drug. It is the user's responsibility to use them at the appropriate time in the appropriate doses. they are for recreational, not functional purposes. too bad there isn't a drug to make people act responsibly. nancy should spend more time in a hair salon fixing that abortion on her head than shoving her opinion down the public's throat. I can't even listen to her on the radio with her grating voice and speech cadence never mind watching her and her helmet hair on television.

  12. Good ?Times Bad Slimes says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – I'm not the one who didn't follow directions.

  13. Good Times Bad Slimes says – reply to this


    Everybody has their own reason for liking pot. For me, I hated everything about it BUT what it did to my male orgasms. That made all the paranoia worth it. That made all the munchies worth it. That made all the panicky jitters worth it. That made all the stink worth it. And I swear it made me SCREW better. I could aim better because pot made my peen more sensitive (like a bat's sonar). I remember even having the thought "oh my god, I think i can FEEL her G spot with my DONG. Let me angle it this way. Stay on target". Was it her G spot? I dont know. But the fact i thought it was… made me screw better and aim in a more determined fashion which i THINK she liked.
    I don't know if I would smoke it if its legalized everywhere. I cant smoke it with my current girl. She is too conservative in that regard. But I dont think I could dump her for a pothead.
    But, If this lady experienced sex while stoned, I think she would soften to it like I did.
    I use to think all drug dealers should get the death penalty (like in some countries). Thats how conservative I was, until, the day i think i felt her G spot with my dong (I think).

  14. Good Times Bad Slimes says – reply to this


    Re: Good Times Bad Slimes – "her" being a previous girlfriend. Not nancy.

  15. 15

    That is the DUMBEST argument. You can still drug test someone to employ them, and mandate they do not smoke marijuana. Nancy Grace gets on my last damn nerve.

  16. ed mcbee says – reply to this


    Fuck nancy grace, and who gives a shit what the bitch thinks! People will do what they what and nancy has nothing to do with it. Maybe if nancy smoke some pot she wouldn't be suck a bitch!

  17. ed mcbee says – reply to this


    Nancy Grace is a hater!! So who gives a crap about anything she says??

  18. Mac says – reply to this


    Ms. Spacey whatever. Alcohol is NOT NEAR as addictive as pot. You need to read some medical books. The stuff has about 1k chemicals in it, is grown in most places improperly and has pesticides in it, has a large amount of THC which stays in your system for days and weeks (NOT like alcohol). The effect on the brain is MUCH worse than Alcohol. There was a crime not to long ago where a woman left a kid on her car and he fell off when she drove off because she forgot and was high on POT. Once ounce of pot is like about ten times worse than a GALLON of the A juice.

  19. 19

    Lol. "Won't someone PLEASE think of the children!"