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Is this some 50 Shades Of Grey shiz going on!?! LOLzz!! We kid, we kid! We hear Christian & submissive and automatically think of the bondage-fest that … Read more…

66 comments to “Full House's Candace Cameron Bure Reveals She Lives A Devout Christian Life By Being "Submissive" To Her Husband!”

  1. feminist says – reply to this


    If you need to be submissive for a man to make the marriage work, you're not a match for eachother in the first place. Jeez, comments like these seriously annoy me.

  2. PeachieKeen says – reply to this


    It's 2014…

  3. Menopause Monster says – reply to this


    Get Over it ,i Got 3 Divorces Under My Belt
    All Man Are Boy Toys .

  4. 4

    I hope she wasn't talking to a man when she gave that interview. By her biblical standards, she'd have to be stoned to death for speaking to a man who isn't a relative.

  5. 5

    It's just a sub/dom relationship & acting like it's about Jesus. Kinky people that don't want to admit they are into kink.

  6. face it .. says – reply to this


    some ppl Always talk n say ton stupid things in public
    when they should be learning to train their ear
    Sounds like she Finally Learned to Listen ,
    some ppl are too supid to understand that concept
    good for her ,no serious guy wants mottor mouth control freak
    When she should be listening

  7. 7

    I knew people would jump all over this and misunderstand, especially when she mentioned the Bible. Obedience is a gift.

  8. 8

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  9. 9

    *Shudder* No, just…no. No and then some more no. A marriage isn't the military and it's not a country…it's a family and should be handled as a partnership. I mean, you honestly want to go with how the Bible views marriage? Because it also has in the Bible that woman are basically to be sold.

  10. 10

    Re: movedtocomment – When did people become dogs? Submissive? Obedient? Really???

  11. el guapo se les va ! says – reply to this


    ppl need to learn to STFU ,
    if they want devoted husband and strong household
    or go buy boy toy at 55
    after all those divorces , just like madonna is Doing is that simple .

  12. 12

    Well, she's been married for 17 years, and she seems HAPPY. I bet most, if not all, commenting here haven't been married for half that long, including you, Perez, who had to go and find a surrogate to raise a kid alone with mommy cause you don't have a stable partner. Hell, most Hollywood marriages last only between 3 to 5 years. Intelligent "submission" is the trick, since most men are just stupid and egomaniacs. Making your hubby THINK he is the top dog while meekly getting your way, is the secret to a long, happy relationship. Being a whiny, nagging, bossy wife is a sure marriage killer. If the wife is smart and knows how to handle her man (hint: he is a child in an adult's body), the marriage will last forever. Women are the ones who make a marriage work/fail. They have the REAL power. And I'm not even religious! Nothing to do with the bible or the coran or any of that fantasy shit.

  13. El guapo se les va ! says – reply to this


    Re: =^..^= – you come across like you had few abortions

  14. li li says – reply to this


    Re: =^..^=

    very good advice!

  15. LetsBeHonest says – reply to this



  16. ThaTruth5 says – reply to this


    I'm in total agreeance w/ her. I'm absolutely submissive to mines, & we probably have the best, most respectable, loving relationship. We're such a great example for each other & our kids. So, when we say we're "submissive" to our men, it doesn't have 2 mean, we're maids & housekeepers & whatever else they (only) what us 2 be…it means WE TAKE CARE OF OUR HUSBANDS IN THE CORRECT MANNER! That's all.

  17. 17

    When you end up getting divorced, can I drag you out in the yard and throw rocks at you until you are dead? Well the Bible says I can, so let's get this show on the road. I have a rock for every horrible line you ever recited on your horrible show :P

  18. 18

    Re: El guapo se les va ! – Not a single one. I believe that all living creatures are important and have a role to fulfill in life. I especially believe in the dignity of all humans and that everyone, from the poorest to the wealthiest, deserve to be treated with respect. You don't have to be a religious person to be a decent human being. But I also still think that men are big babies and need to be treated as such by women. I hate Beyoncé, but she is right when she sings that women are the real rulers of the world. ;)

  19. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    Just think of it this way,
    If they were a gay couple and one was submissive
    they could be on a flowered float at the next Rose Bowl Parade

  20. 20

    Re: movedtocomment – Obedience is a gift? Partnership is a better one. Obedience is a cop-out in a relationship. Re: ThaTruth5 – I was submissive for 13 years in a relationship - I thought I was happy, but all I was doing was suppressing my own needs and keeping the peace. But there comes a day when you might want more in a relationship than being an underling. I am now in an equal relationship. What a difference!

  21. 21

    So she has decided to set an example for her children that women are inferior. Sad.

  22. 22

    Good for her. Do I agreee? No. If she is happy more power to her.

  23. Melly Mel says – reply to this


    I think what she means is something I was told long ago which makes sense. The man is the head of the family, but the woman is the neck which directs which way the head turns!

  24. Wifefor18 says – reply to this


    Re: =^..^= – You're exactly right. People are reading too much into the submissive part. I'm a very strong willed woman and I had to learn to let my husband think he's making the decisions before we started having the marriage we desired.

  25. 25

    Re: Wifefor18 – So you use manipulation and passive aggressive behaviour to trick your husband into thinking something is his idea because he cannot handle the thought of you, a woman, having a valued opinion or making a decision? Yeah, that sounds healthy.

  26. Alien says – reply to this


    Must be nice to be her husband.

  27. 27

    The saddest part of this is that no one takes into account that this a woman who put a lot of effort into finding a husband she is compatible with who respects her thoughts. He makes his decisions knowing how she feels and that is what makes a marriage work. Its not about the woman being submissive, its about a woman taking the time to find the right husband and putting work into their relationship. Not about getting married and demanding to be heard. Its a team and it takes teamwork and at the end of the day two people can not be in charge. In some relationships it works better if the man is "submissive". At the end of the day you marry someone out of trust. If you cant trust them to make decisions with you in mind you have no business being married to each other.

  28. Blondiee1234 says – reply to this


    Re: =^..^=

    Very true!

  29. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: =^..^= – I think you have the right idea.

  30. Dalek says – reply to this


    everytime perez hears something that is based in religion he is SHOCKED. maybe he should read once in a while, study up on stuff, because he clearly has no idea about the history of any religion. This is not a new idea, its from the BIBLE for crying out loud. So uneducated. You dont have to believe it to be someone knowledgeable about it. and for someone who hates on christians so much, you'd think he'd know a little bit about it.

  31. Doseofreality says – reply to this


    Re: Kiwi73

    That has to be the stupidest shit I have ever read…I should throw a rock at your head for being so fucking retarded. It said she's been married for 17 years, have a feeling she isn't going to be getting divorced anytime soon. Also, I have a question, does it make people like you feel big when you bash other peoples religion? It's hilarious, all these people saying they believe everyone should have equal rights, but then they find out your christian and it's all like "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! You can believe in that! It OFFENDS me!!!!" People like you really should just shoot yourself. There is enough close minded idiots in the world. >.<

  32. Doseofreality says – reply to this


    Re: Dalek

    He hates anything but a dick in his ass….

  33. CW says – reply to this


    Re: Prince Charming

    I like your response! Intelligent people respect another's opinions and beliefs, though they may not personally agree. Good for you! :)

  34. fid says – reply to this


    Interesting how it can never be the man who is dominant in the relationship. If her argument is that 2 people cannot rule a home, why didn't she take the ruling role and her husband follow? Oh because this bible she follows makes her sub-human and not equal to a man. My fiancé and I have a wonderful relationship as equal partners, it's called having a conversation and discussion in an intelligent thoughtful manner and creating solutions, not following blindly so your partner doesn't get upset. Sounds like a crappy marriage to me.

  35. fid says – reply to this


    Re: fid – Sorry I meant why it can't be the WOMAN who is dominant and why it's always the man.

  36. sandy says – reply to this


    His name is Paval Bure

  37. 37

    Re: =^..^= – I find it sad that you have such a low opinion of men. If you take the time, you can find a man who is not an egoist, and who can treat you as an equal. But if you want to spend your life playing silly games to get your way - fine. And this type of manipulation does not mean that women rule the world. Men still rule the world, but women like Angela Merkel are helping pave the way to equality. If Angela Merkel had taken your advice she would be a submissive wife instead of a world leader.

  38. Kay says – reply to this


    "Submission" is being totally misunderstood here. Submission in a relationship does not equate to slavery or inferiority. In order for a marriage, friendship, or family relationship to work there has to be some submission from both sides. If a husband and wife both view themselves as solely separate individuals and if they focus merely on their own interests and pursuits, then what is the point of being married? It would be easier to be single. You have to know how to give…how to place another's interests above your own. If the person on the other end does this for you, then you find that both people will be fulfilled.

    She chooses to put her husband and children first. This isn't to say that she doesn't meet her own needs or that her family does not meet them. It's just that on a grand scale, she places them above herself. That is submission…humility…meekness. It is a choice, it is not enslavement.

    For those who are making nasty comments about men being toys…seriously? Since when does respect for or the empowerment of women equate degrading men to mere objects or our inferiors? How do you combat sexism and mistreatment of women by imposing that on men? You're guilty of the same thing you're trying to combat.

  39. Frank says – reply to this


    Menopause monsters and stale hags took over this post ,
    wow so out dated
    gladd i dont have to deal with them

  40. Anna says – reply to this


    I've been married for six years - happily married and I agree with her 100%. What would you know anyway Perez? You're a heathen!

  41. No Body Rides 4 free says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – i think she should been mother instead
    cuzz if her leads
    like she skis on mountain germany is lost cost .

  42. L says – reply to this


    Submission can mean a variant of things, but everybody misconstrues everything to how they want to. I plan on fully being submissive to my God and in turn to my soon to be husband because it is the only real way that it should be. We as women have rights but that doesn't mean we don't have an obligation to our husband/family. Our husband, family and God deserve the MOST out of us and within the circle, it completes the three necessities.

  43. 43

    Everyone's marriage is different. She has obviously found something that works for her.

  44. 44

    Well if she is truly happy (and I hope for her sake she truly is) then I have no room to judge her or her relationship.

    However, I could never personally take a role of being submissive in my relationship. I truly believe it is better to be on mutual footing. There may be discussions, arguments, and compromises, but on the sides. If you want something in your relationship you have to stand up for what you want, and be honest about it. Playing games, constantly giving in, or always settling is not healthy. Arguing can even be healthier than those things, if it gets your feelings in the open and the issue gets worked out. Both people have needs and they both need them met.

  45. 45

    I find anyone who follows a book written by men who said god was talking to them a scarry thing to live your life by.

  46. 46

    I wonder how submissive she would be if her husband decided to raise the kids as atheists?

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    In context, Val Bure is an ex NHL jock player from Russia, so would have his own marriage culture and style. After 17 years, they've obviously compromised a few things. As she states that she's strong, she probably makes very sure he knows her opinion on things before things are decided. A good hubby gives it serious consideration, or things won't feel good at home for a while. Good communication usually leads to mutually agreeable solutions. Deciding together > than obedience.

  48. Tiki says – reply to this


    I seen some of the interview and she said basically she lets her husband make all the decisions. She said she does have an opinion but he always gets that last say in everything. If it works for her then that's her business but that's not the way it works in mine.

  49. trying to eat now says – reply to this


    what? a christian who knows the bible???? get out! Thats a first. Most christians sweep that rule under a rug (or dont even know its a rule because only less than 10% of christians have read the entire bible). I'm shocked. But we are in the day of the gay marriage. And its time to address dominance and submission issues that happen in lesbian households. Dominance isnt a male trait. Its a human trait. Everybody wants to be king honcho. Lesbian families have the same "dominance" issues that hetero ones have. Anyways, its nice to see a celeb have a successful marriage. Kinda rare.

  50. Gabacho says – reply to this


    Re: sandy
    Pavel Bure is the correct spelling and you're right, that's the one she's married to, not Valeri Bure.

  51. Gabacho says – reply to this


    Re: @v@
    Valeri Bure is the younger brother of the man Candace is actually married to (Pavel Bure).

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Gabacho – Ooops. Still Old World Russian jock. What kind of hockey fan am I. Hangs head.

  53. Daniel Asamota says – reply to this


    She is a very smart girl! People need to get off of her back for being submissive to her husband pleases God and that's more important than anything else! That's why all you hard women gonna' tell your man what he can do; it's lonely at night right?lol

  54. wadell says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – sounds like you married monster good luck ,pal

  55. RickyH says – reply to this


    Literally anybody can call themselves a Christian…Charles Manson claimed he was Jesus himself. People like this are just sickos who take things from the Bible to justify their own character flaws. She is using alot of nice words to whitewash her relationship here, but basically she is a weak person who prefers a master / owner to a real partner & friend. She lacked the integrity & self-esteem to attract & be someone better, so she married a man who is so insecure & weak himself that he cant treat her as an equal. She is using cherry-picked words from scripture to justify a relationship that she knows isnt right.

  56. RickyH says – reply to this


    Re: Tiki – "If it works for her that's her business." Unfortunately, she has written a book saying how great this lifestyle of "submission" is. So she has made her sick relationship the business of everyone who reads her interviews, reads this blog, hears about her book, etc. Psychos always love to try and preach their insanity, & make some money of it if they can.

  57. Sheen says – reply to this


    Re: RickyH – you sound and reek communisim your ideas are outdated

  58. ACA ACT COLOSAL FAIL says – reply to this


    Re: RickyH – you you come across like one them muslums destroying this country With lies

  59. 59

    there is only one definition of submissive. it isn't different because it is in the bible. and meek is not a quiet strength is is just quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive. poor girl. but if it makes the marriage work and she can stand it for 17 years (oy vey), then so be it. it is her life.

  60. 60

    If they want to live that way, it is THEIR business, not mine.

  61. Kim says – reply to this


    If she's happy doing it i see nothing wrong and alot of things have been done millions of years ago it doesn't mean that it's not relevant in present times. Why are people who are against Christianity always trying to change what Christians believe. Don't question a persons choice when you don't want people to question and change your beliefs…

  62. imaneassi says – reply to this


    In what Bible It's said that a woman has to be submissive?I'm Christian and no.What it says is that the man is the woman's head like Jesus is the church's head.But Jesus is perfect so he can do no wriog,.What man/woman is perfect and can do no wrong?None.SoYes you listen to your partner/husband/wife if he's right,not all the time wether he's right or wrong.

  63. Lets Understand This says – reply to this


    Candace should have also said that the Bible, in addition to saying that wives should submit to their husbands, also says that husbands should submit to their wives. Further, the use of the word submit doesn't mean submit in the way that we use it today. The biblical meaning is that you should put your wants and needs of your partner first. The way that it works, in a good marriage, is that both the husband and the wife submit to one another. In other words, the husband and wife both wake up in the morning and say "how can I be the best for my spouse and put their needs and wants ahead of my own". That is a wonderful principle for marriage.

  64. Mandingo says – reply to this


    * WITH ALL DUE RESPECT & COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING THAT EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION * As a Christian and not married myself I completely understand where she's coming from. Also let's not forget these people are regular people like the rest of us & can lead their lives the way they want to. God gives you a choice to follow him or not that up to the person. So she decides to follow him and his rules. There's nothing wrong with being submissive to a man… Give her a break. P.s. " It's 2014" …. Not a valid argument #1 were only 15 days into it & #2 that's the same excuse people use whenever the year changes to justify whatever it is that they're doing & #3 what does a year have to do with the way a person lives their life … Regardless of the year life goes on.

  65. Bojan says – reply to this


    She should either grow a spine in an instant and snap out of that kind of behavior, or move into the Middle East wher such behavior is expected from a female… Women are equal to men, and not their subordinates, and mrs. Cameron Bure is a disgrace to all the women everywhere with her behavior that fits better in the year 1890. rather than 2014. It is a good thing that there are more self conscious women with free ways of thinking…

  66. M says – reply to this


    Re: Gabacho – You are wrong. I've heard her say interviews "Meeting VAL…blah blah" She is married to Valeri not Pavel.