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Cracker Barrel Waitress Tipped $6,000 For Being So Darn Perky & For Attending A University That Prohibits Homosexuality!

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cracker barrel waitress 6000 tip trinity bible college prohibits homosexuality

Cracker Barrel waitress Abigail Sailors is having a GREAT week, but life hasn't always been so peachy keen!

From a brutal accident that left her parents unfit to care for her, to living with a foster father who was eventually imprisoned for abusing her, it's fair to say life dealt Abigail one crappy hand of cards.

But the 18-year-old Lincoln lady took that hand of cards, and she — well, she took it, and we guess that's saying something.

Now she's fresh off of her first semester at Trinity Bible College*, working her way through school at the aforementioned Nebraska Cracker Barrel, which is where her sunny disposition paid off in spades!!

Two unassuming customers recently went into her restaurant and requested to be sat with the grumpiest server in the whole damned place. Well, that's not how Cracker Barrel rolls — everyone who works there is apparently ice cream cones and unicorns all day long.

So they settled for being sat in the happiest server's section: Abigail's section.

Abigail shared her life story in between bringing them plates of grits, and then something quite unexpected happened! One of the men — who happened to have also attended Trinity Bible College — pulled out his checkbook and decided to make a heck of a deposit!

He wrote her a $5,000 check for tuition, a $1,000 check for incidentals, and then also tipped $100 on the bill!

Yes, the anonymous patron really tipped her $6,100!!!!

OMG!!! That's quite the gesture.

Abigail thanked the men for their generosity, but they weren't having it. She confessed:

“I couldn’t believe it. I tried to thank them, and they said, ‘thank God.’”

What an inspirational story! Speaking of God…

*Trinity Bible College is in Ellendale, North Dakota. Here is an excerpt from its student handbook:

"Because the Bible states that our bodies are to be given only to our husband or wife to whom we have given a lifelong commitment, students must abstain from what Trinity defines as sexual misconduct, including sexual violence and abuse, adultery, homosexual acts, pre-marital sex, pre-marital erotic acts and all forms of pornography."

Good luck next semester, Abigail, but hopefully you learn a few lessons outside of the classroom, too! Like acceptance of the LGBT community!

[Image via Facebook.]

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17 comments to “Cracker Barrel Waitress Tipped $6,000 For Being So Darn Perky & For Attending A University That Prohibits Homosexuality!”

  1. 1

    Hope this girl has an amazing life she's been through a lot an deserves a break, best of luck.

  2. leeloo says – reply to this


    Hold up… Did you just make a Firefly reference? Bc that was amazing!

  3. KC says – reply to this


    Where is it implied that SHE doesn't accept the LGBT community?

  4. 4

    you seriously had to add in the part about her school and homosexuality? that fact that you titled this article about her school prohibiting homosexuality is also very wrong. that is NOT what this story is about….its about the amazing people that did something very kind and generous for this deserving girl and that is all that it SHOULD be about. issues like this continue because people like you continue with them. it wouldn't be an issue in this story if you had decided to keep your personal feelings out of it. trust me, I am COMPLETELY pro homosexuality rights and believe that no one should be discriminated upon but this story should not have to do with that.

  5. here we go again... says – reply to this


    oh my god. A wonderful act of kindness for this girl and you have to go make it about gay rights. You are disgusting.

  6. 6

    " including sexual violence and abuse, adultery, homosexual acts, pre-marital sex, pre-marital erotic acts and all forms of pornography" It's just not homosexuality. They prohibit everything. I'm so happy that gays think they are special enough to overturn long time rules to accommodate them.

  7. Raechel says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – I was gonna say the same thing. He just wanted to make it about gay right when in fact it was about all sex. He's get crazy about this

  8. 8

    also….just because she attends that school does not imply or mean that she does not accept the LGBT community. what you did in this story is discriminating and grouping the people that go to that school which is exactly what you are fighting against….

  9. Kayla says – reply to this


    It looks like this has nothing to do with LGBT. Even in that excerpt, they aren't discriminating against homosexual behavior, they're saying they're against any sexual premarital behavior…If you're upset that gay sex is part of that list, then you should really be upset about the sexual abuse and the adultery being frowned upon too.

    But it IS nice to see people doing nice things for each other around the world :)

  10. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    I am extremely pleased and proud of all you posters. You read the story and had the same reaction I had and posted very nice comments and admonition for Perez for using the story and twisting it to advance his own agenda. Yes, the rules said no premarital sex. Nowhere was their intolerance for anyone.

    I'm starting to really hate going to this site.

  11. Cel405 says – reply to this


    Are you of that religion? Are you even religious? Different people, different beliefs. Simple as that. Not everyone will feel the same about homosexuality.

  12. sgirl says – reply to this


    Good for them! Good for the school. If you want to take it up the ass, that's your business. This has nothing to do with you, nothing to do with being gay - it is a good story for her. No one is going to force your gay ass to try to get into this school so settle down boy.

  13. Mimi says – reply to this


    This is SO judgement of you. As a gay man you say that you don't want to be judged however you completely judged this girl and the people who GENEROUSLY

  14. Disappointed says – reply to this


    Wow, disappointing. This is SO judgmental of you. As a gay man you say that you don't want to be judged however you completely judged this girl and the people who generously tipped her based on what? That they went to a certain school?! And you think SHE'S the one that needs to learn something or two about acceptance? I'm sorry, I'm a proud Christian who LOVES and supports the gays and would like to remind YOU that acceptance goes both ways. It's sad. You preach about love and kindness and acceptance but you don't offer it to people who you ASSUME don't agree with you or your lifestyle (which even if they did, you don't agree with their lifestyle, they don't agree with your lifestyle… MOVE ON FOLKS, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!) This story had nothing to do with prejudice about the gays and everything to do with your judgements and agenda. Disappointing. You need to go out, open yourself up and meet some religious people who don't fit your presupposition of how "we" are and learn a thing or two yourself. You're alienating a fantastic group of loving and accepting people with your flippant comments and judgements. Now, myself included. Bye Perez.

  15. 15

    This is really sad that you made it about homosexuality. You took away from the blessing she received in this story. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about homosexuality and you can't force someone to agree with you. Perez, you need to be VERY careful judging the book God has given us.

  16. 16

    Seriously, Perez?? I'm all for gay rights but why did that have to be brought up in this story? Why? It's a Bible College…of course it doesn't allow homosexaulity. That list is actually impressive as they also include premarital sex and adultery, at least they're actually going all the way on it and not just attacknig one thing (because I honesly believe anyone against homosexuality because of the Bible should also be fighting for laws that make divorce illegal). As for her being against it…just because she goes to the school and practices the religion doesn't mean she agrees with everything they believe in. The church I grew up in is against gay marriage but I know plenty of family that go there sill that don't agree with that stance.

  17. frank moore says – reply to this


    This is a great story of compassion and generosity toward a complete stranger. Somehow the writer then ruins the entire story by trying to turn it into the lack of acceptance by an 18 year old girl. This could not be any further than truth. The rules of ones college does not dictate ones views and the suggestion of such is appalling. When you find a story worth relating to the subject then speak about acceptance of the LGBT community which is great. Do not sully the name of a college and a young girl to promote your own beliefs.
    Frank Moore