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We've talked about celebrities' backstage wish lists before... And in the wake of Ke$ha's announcement that she was putting herself into rehab for an eaRead more…

8 comments to “Ke$ha's Backstage Demands Included Very Little Food - But Plenty Of Booze!”

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    I say leave this girl alone…this type of bullying is what contributed to her having a disorder…the pressure on women from social media and people in general is disgusting…sexist and horrible. Let us support her in getting better, NOT point out what is clearly in the past now..geez…so insensitive. Too much bullying and not enough support. ANY of you that want to be mean- just wait until someone you love has this problem..not funny and not worth dragging the person through what they did over and over…ENOUGH!

  2. *** says – reply to this


    You gotta love the snarkiness/faux concern in Perez's tone. He never liked Ke$ha ever since she first came onto the scene, because she was competition for GaGa when he was up her ass. So he went out of his way to make her life miserable (remember the pornographic photos he posted?). When Ke$ha more or less called him a disgusting human being, he's had it in for her since.

  3. upinsmoke says – reply to this


    UGh I agree with ALL of you. Perez *cough* I mean MARIO just wants us to think that shes just an alcoholic. And with this post of his he wants us to think she was eating very little so that she could "booze up" :\ its disgusting I hate Perez eating people up, treating them like shit and when they are going through hell he puts on this facade for his blogs. It makes me sick especially because I have been in treatment for an ED.

  4. isthisshocking? says – reply to this


    how does that make news…? that's what a lot of people have everyday… I don't think you realize we're in 2014 and more and more people drink A LOT of alcohol for multiple reasons… Besides, it's not that extravagant cuz she didn't drink all those bottles by herself… if they were a group 10, that's the normal alcohol intake of an underage… Perez get your shit together nobody wants to see you bash people in rehab it's just tacky and disgusting seriously… that's just a pre-show list of demands you don't know if she got 35 hamburgers the rest of that day… you're the worst reporter ever and frankly I only come on here to diss you in the comment section, not because I'm interested in your shitty stories cuz all of them get out like 1-2 days before you post… you suck, always have, always will.

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  6. Twilight says – reply to this


    What?!!! No wheatgrass?

  7. jenna says – reply to this


    you're so fucking fake. All you do is torment her & now you're trying to act like her biggest supporter

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    How is that "plenty" of boose ?