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Lena Dunham Slammed By Reporter For Flaunting Her Naked Body On Girls, Judd Apatow Comes To Her Defense

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What the…

Things took an insulting turn after the Girls posse announced last night at the Winter TCA Press Tour that they'd been renewed for a fourth season.

A reporter in the audience totez rained on the happy hipster parade when he asked Lena Dunham why her character "is often nude at random times for no reason."

Seriously??! Seriously.

But Lena kept her class and kindly responded:

"It’s a realistic expression of what it’s like to be alive…If you're not into me, that's your problem."

Yeah, and how many other shows showcase naked bodies constantly??!

Even though the question was directed at Lena, mentor and executive producer Judd Apatow couldn't help but come to her defense.

Judd pounced:

"Do you have a girlfriend? Does she like you?"


Hopefully that'll teach that reporter not to mess with the Girls posse..

…unless he wants to walk away with more scorching third degree burns!

Anyway, we're all for Lena's naked bod!

Who doesn't love a woman confident enough to show her goods to the world??!

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14 comments to “Lena Dunham Slammed By Reporter For Flaunting Her Naked Body On Girls, Judd Apatow Comes To Her Defense”

  1. J says – reply to this


    Are you kidding me? Not a classy response at all! He even brought in the reporters love life, and at the end the reporters girlfriend was fine with the question. It's all over the internet about their meltdowns. People are defending the TV critic. Here's a link so you can read the question and the meltdowns after that. Also, you can see the people are for the TV critic and not for Dunham and Apatow. The question actually was " I don’t get the purpose of all the nudity on the show. By you particularly. I feel like I’m walking into a trap where you say no one complains about the nudity on ‘Game of Thrones,’ but I get why they’re doing it. They’re doing it to be salacious. To titillate people. And your character is often naked at random times for no reason.”

  2. Brian says – reply to this


    Read the entire article you dumb ass. The TV critic/reporter is asking a legitimate question and not "attacking" Lena at all. Judd and Lena have a very bizarre and defensive attitude for no reason it seems

  3. Tommydagun says – reply to this


    "Judd and Lena have a very bizarre and defensive attitude for no reason it seems," Oh I think Lena Dunham has pretty good reason to be defensive about how she looks nekkid.

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  5. DonnaMarie says – reply to this


    Lena and Judd are nothing more than jackasses. The reporter wasn't insulting Lena or her body. It was a general question which I do agree with. Not just on Girls, but all these cable shows nowadays. Throwing nakedness everywhere for no reason except to gain and keep viewership. It's gross and there is no reason for it. Let's call a spade a spade. Most cable shows are written, acted and directed great, not all of them though. Girls sucks the big cock. Lena is a self-entitled brat who thinks more highly of herself than anyone else. The show sucks. I tried to watch it and gave it up. My sister tried to watch it and gave it up. There is no need for all the nudity. I don't care whether your 90 lbs or 900 pounds, the body is beautiful, but we don't need to have it thrown into our faces on every show and series.

  6. Vendy Thomas says – reply to this


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  7. Julie says – reply to this


    I love Girls, but I find a lot of the scenes cringe worthy. I've grown up on a diet of Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian and Lena looks nothing like them. My natural reaction is going to be "she doesn't look like them." Yes I cringe. And I bet a lot of other people do too. As Lena should never be ashamed to express her emotions, I should never feel the need to repress mine because they aren't Politically Correct. The more I'm honest about cringing, the more I become desensitized and then I can accept real bodies into my life. We all need to be more careful about shaming each other! The media created my reality and I hope more shows come along and help me re-shape it.

  8. Juan says – reply to this


    It was a legitimate question and contained no attack on Dunham. Look at the actual exchange between them.

    What it seems was going on was that Dunham and Apatow assumed the question contained some jab at Dunham's standard-for-humans, but non-standard-for-TV body and took offense when no reasonable person would have.

  9. 9

    The reporter's question is valid why is she pointlessly nude why are women always pointlessly nude, because they are treated as objects no human beings like men.

  10. didi says – reply to this


    the reporter's team all the way… i lov the show EXCEPT for lena being naked… ew

  11. 11

    Sorry but I have not heard of this show.

  12. jackxp99 says – reply to this


    Re: J – Leave her alone, who said actresses have to look like perfect models? Do all male actors look like models?

  13. ki says – reply to this


    "Who doesn't love a woman confident enough to show her goods to the world??!"

    Me. Because girls that think they need to be naked all the time are generally not confident.

  14. 14

    How is what the reporter said out of line? This is just blind fanboys/girls coming to the defense of their fave brain dead celebrity. Asking her why she has to be nude for no reason is what a lot of feminists and women complain about in shows/movies (game of thrones)..That's not an insult.

    So a feminist will complain shows like Game of thrones shows too much unnecessary nudity while labeling it sexist.

    When a male directs it towards a female it's an insult and he's wrong? How hypocritical and brain dead are people these days. I guess it's because she has a "real woman's body" ..After seeing what a "real woman's" body looks like..I prefer the fake ones.