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One Direction Breaks Pop Radio's Top 10 For First Time Since 2012 With Story Of My Life! Hooray!

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one direction story of my life top ten single billboard what makes you beautiful

They did it! 1D is BACK!

Not that they ever left, LOLz!!

For the first time since What Makes You Beautiful dominated the airwaves in 2012, One Direction has a single near the top of the Billboard charts!

That's because our beloved British boys' Story of My Life charted in the top 10 for Pop Radio airplay this week! Woo hoo!!!

So, what did Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan do to climb back up the chart?

Well, most Directioners gladly gobble up everything 1D puts out, but critics say this song has a more grown-up sound which helps make it appealing to a much bigger audience!

Either way, we're just happy to see them near the top again! Congratz, boys!

If you somehow haven't seen it…

CLICK HERE to watch the video for Story of My Life!

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8 comments to “One Direction Breaks Pop Radio's Top 10 For First Time Since 2012 With Story Of My Life! Hooray!”

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    Aw, those were the days…when Harry met Louis and angels serenaded them with harps and blew fairy dust on their teenage selves. But seriously, why does no one monitor or moderate some of these comments from individuals who have no interest in the content of this site? Is there ever a comment that is blocked? Because there should be. This site is not intended for airing grievances, ads, self promotion or anything other than dishing on all the celebrity PR students, like beards, fake hookups and the like. And might I add, congrats to 1D! Lots of caffeine this a.m…

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