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Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova Together Again?! Spotted On A Romantic Boat Ride After Breakup Rumors!

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enrique iglesias anna kournikova together again boat ride

We knew Enrique Iglesias had diverse talents, but we never expected him to cover I'm On A Boat!

More importantly, we never expected to see Anna Kournikova as his first mate ever again!

The rumor back in October was that the couple split for good!

And after Enrique's humble talk about the size of his peen, we worried about the Freak singer ever finding love again!

But on Sunday, the supposedly estranged Enrique and Anna were spotted taking a romantic boat ride together off the coast of Miami! Just the two of them!

So did they get back together? Did Anna decide to stand by her mansion? Or was the breakup just blown out of proportion in the first place?

Either way, we guess they're putting those breakup rumors to bed- the ocean bed!

[Image via Splash News.]

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21 comments to “Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova Together Again?! Spotted On A Romantic Boat Ride After Breakup Rumors!”

  1. Akhil says – reply to this


    he were always together, I'm listening their breakup rumors since a decade

  2. gust VV says – reply to this


    Happy looking couple again! LMFAO He will never love her the way he loves his lost love and the one he sings about all the time. All his beautiful love songs are for the girl that dumped him years ago. fand keep dreaming!

  3. hills says – reply to this


    Re: gust VV – LOL i totally agree. they never look happy. Especially him!

  4. daddy ohhhhhh says – reply to this


    Keep spending that money ANNA! Youre the biggest wh-re in the world!

  5. Mel says – reply to this


    Umm look at that huge ROCK on her finger. These two are just very private.

  6. lola says – reply to this


    Any man can give a woman a ring without a commitment! Hes very smart! I guess he knows all Russian woman love money and gaudy looking jewlery! She's nothing but that! He does not want to marry her for a good reason or he would have already! If they are secretly married, then he wants it not to be known! Wouldnt you want to be proud of the woman you love and married? This has nothing to do with privacy! I believe he has someone on the side and this is a problem for him to commit!

  7. drake says – reply to this


    dam! Jesus Christ! how about a smile? I never saw a couple look so miserable in my life!

  8. Steven says – reply to this


    Songs sell better when people think your single… or there is a hidden meaning in the songs. This was a publicity stunt plan and simple… They never broke up..

  9. guest me says – reply to this


    Re: Steven – They definitely broke up! they have a sick abnormal relationship. i work in Miami and know people that know him and her! He a wack job and shes a known whore! Big time!!!

  10. roro says – reply to this


    anna is a nothing but an old ugly looking skunk now and always was!

  11. cragslist says – reply to this


    i think there is something mentally wrong with this man to be with this money hungry lowlife HO!

  12. guests says – reply to this



  13. guests says – reply to this



  14. 14

    I think its funny how the chicks call her an ugly whore, and hates her for no apparent reason than she is with him.
    She is not ugly at all.
    But when Selena, or that Kristen chick hooks up with their former loves, you all scream about how perfect they are for eachother.
    Anna is 40 million times hotter than Selena, kriten, or any of those skanky transvestites you all love for banging your pretend lovers.

  15. xxx says – reply to this


    Re: Fuckerman – First of all you shouldnt be commenting on anbodies looks if this is really a picture of you! I could throw up just looking at you! ANNA KOURNIKOVA is nothing but a lowlife money hungry ugly nasty whore bitch who slept with every guy on the tennis teams and more! Ask Mark Wahlberg about her. Enrique deserves better, he is a nice guy. The truth is that he loves another girl that left him for another guy years ago and he never got over her. Just listen to his songs, they are his diary of life! Second dont ever compare anna kournikova to selena gomez. Selena gomez is gorgeous. Enrique even said it in an interview when they were both doing the jingle ball concerts. I would love to see him with a gorl like selena. Shes sweet and nice and gorgeous. Anna is with Enrique just for his money! Dont you know anything about RUSSSIAN WHORES????

  16. zuzka says – reply to this


    hahaha I love reading these comments.. people, you have made my day LOOOL thanks everyone of cheering me up

  17. Storm says – reply to this


    I am not a fan. Anna cannot play tennis, Enrique cannot sing and I don't think they are likeable people. All this "we're very private/we're the perfect couple" rubbish and there are always rumours, pictures etc. And good God, do these people actually live on boats? :-) )One thing though, to each their own but whoever compared Selena to Anna needs a reality check. Selena is beyond gorgeous and she seems like a classy, hard-working young lady too. I might not know that for sure but looks-wise, God no! Selena is perfection.

  18. AnZ says – reply to this


    Please leave them alone. Respect their privacy.

    I've been a fan for 15 years now, and according to the press I lost count of how many times they broke up, got married, and was pregnant. Leave them be, they are great together, somehow it works. Be glad for them, they are wonderful rolemodels, and thats why I am a fan of both of them.

  19. guest fk u says – reply to this


    Re: AnZ – Why the hell does anybody have to respect these two f—cking lowlifes? All they both care about is money money money!!!!! Yes him too! He has a huge ego and cant stand it when someone says anything bad about him or his music, guess what? You suck and youre both weird, sick people who live a crazy life1 There are thousands of couples so much more respected then these two. Anna likes nothing but money and if Enrique didnt have any she would be long gone! They stay together because nobody else wants to be with either one of them! So respect them? Role model? wake up asshole!!!!

  20. 20

    They've been together for more than 10 years, people! That's even longer than most of people stayed married nowadays especially for power couple like they are. If Anna's a whore than why wouldn't Enrique dump her many years ago?. He could get any other girl he wants with his looks and money, js! And for not getting married, there are other power couple who's not married, e.g Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell or Oprah-Stedman. Don't be so quick to slander Anna. They seem to be in love with one another. You guys are just jealous!

  21. Squate says – reply to this


    She âges fast, at 40 he will look elswhere. Not fund of him at all