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Kanye West Facing Trouble After Allegedly Hitting A Teen For Nasty N-Word Remark Directed At Kim Kardashian!

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kim kardashian kanye west assault drs office

Just when we thought his temper might be cooling!

Kanye West might've seriously crossed the line when he reportedly HIT a teenager who served up some nasty slams Kim Kardashian's way.

We hear Kim and Kanye were making their way to a doctor's office in Beverly Hills when they were swarmed by photogs in the area.

That's supposedly when an 18-year-old man came in to help them out and reportedly held the door for Kim. Unfortunately, that's apparently also when the teen made a crude remark about the paparazzi to Kim:

"F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs."

We hear Kim corrected the young man and told him not to use that language, and that apparently set off a verbal storm as the teen said:

"F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut."

The man then supposedly went into the chiropractor's office while Kim waited outside for Kanye. And you know when Yeezy's involved….

Well, we hear the two later rushed into Richard Hill's waiting room where Kanye PUNCHED the teenager! Meanwhile, Kim reportedly said, "We have it all on tape."

And even though the two men were separated, the Beverly Hills police were supposedly called and charges are apparently going to be pressed.

This is not looking good for Yeezy. Especially since this guy wasn't a paparazzi getting in his face.

[Image via AP Images.]

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40 comments to “Kanye West Facing Trouble After Allegedly Hitting A Teen For Nasty N-Word Remark Directed At Kim Kardashian!”

  1. 1

    Team Kanye.

  2. shelly says – reply to this


    Most would have done the same. If it were me and some little fucker said that I'd have clocked him one too. That's incitement.

  3. Me says – reply to this


    Well technically she is a 'N****r lover'.

  4. 4

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  5. 5

    "We have it all on tape"? What, because you taped it that makes it okay to hit someone? Or because they called you a name that makes it okay to hit someone? Get freaking real bitch! I hope they prosecute Kanye!

  6. 6

    PR stuff…: "We have it all on tape"…..really? what for? ahhhaahhaha

  7. 7

    the only poppet she couldn't manage was Reggie, the love of her life…..this one is another of her clowns..lol

  8. The Matrix says – reply to this


    Isn't he aready on probation for another time when he lost his mind? At least he didn't hit the ho.

  9. 9

    Re: April9999 – You are really clueless.

  10. 10

    Kim looks miserable!! She and Kanye are a bad combo!

  11. 11

    I would understand hitting him in the heat of the moment. But, Kanye later learned of this comment and went to go find the man in his doctor's office to attack him. That's the bad part. He should go down for this. It's NEVER okay to hit someone for a cheeky insult that happened minutes earlier. Yes, the comment was wrong, but it's not like he threatened Kim.

  12. 12

    Kim has WHAT on tape? The 18-year-old's racist word or the word commenting on her sexual past? Does Kim REALLY think the world loves her? A few tweens comment on her website and she thinks she's adored by all? Unless the man threatened to harm her, Kanye's in deep shit. As usual. He'll get an "anger management" time-out (classes) which he won't take seriously because he thinks he's God. You can't punch everyone who name calls.

  13. jkshum says – reply to this


    Kanye trashes everyone and everything! If you don't agree with his egoistical rants he'll use profane language to describe you! He's an idiot and pig with a huge ego. Please stop writing about them, I want them to go away and I hope the kid presses charges. We are a country of freedom of speech that Kanye takes full advantage of with his stupid rants. Same with Kim with her constant lies.

  14. 14

    I'm Team Kanye on this one. I'd have hit him too if someone was so disrespectful to me as a person let alone someone I care for. I get violence is never the answer but you can't expect someone to be all nice to you when you're hurling vile hate speech!

  15. 15

    Remember when you did the same thing to Fergie and got your ass kicked? That was great.

  16. missliss says – reply to this


    Team kanye also. Why shouldnt he beat the little shit?

  17. 17

    Re: shhhhh – I might agree with you if this had been the first time Kanye had shown his temper. If he had an ounce of maturity in him, Kanye would have called the cops and Kim could have pressed charges and said she felt threatened by the guy. But the guy walked away from Kim though. Kanye was the hot-head who went looking for him. On a positive note, a wedding in jail could bring big ratings.

  18. Snake In the river says – reply to this


    Who uses the N word more than rappers? 10 months ago I googled kanye west lyrics to see if he uses the N word and sure enough… I didnt have to look far. The first lyric I randomly pulled had the N word sprinkled all over it. Black men are always the biggest phonies. They claim the N word is bad and then use it more than anyone. They call white males "slavers" but black males are still practicing black slavery in several african countries (google bantu pygmy slavery). They call white males "oppressors" but the biggest abusers of human rights on earth are black countries in africa. LIberia (a nation created for freed slaves) still doesnt have true freedom of speech and it leader got a 50 year sentence for being a brute.

  19. snake In the river says – reply to this


    Kanye is just another creepy guy with an alleged violent temper. How long before he starts hitting kim because she said something he didnt like? What if she cheats on him? Oh boy. I just saw a vision in my mind. It looked like a tiger jumping out of its enclosure and grinding some kid up but the tiger had kanye's face and the kid, kim's. He most likely has the aggression genes that gets passed along in geographic gene pools and family trees and he cant seem to win the battle against its influence. The problem here isnt the N word. Its aggression genes. The aggression gene destroyed all of detroit and chased investors away and will one day put Kanye in prison. People who condone violence as a solution to "slurs" most likely come from gene pools with high rates of violence.

  20. 20

    Is "We have it all on tape" Kim's motto, now?

  21. 21

    That's not right!

  22. Makena808 says – reply to this


    Mr and Mrs Tacky, here we go again…………….You are sad, selfish and unpeaceful!

    There is a higher road, but you are both too tacky and full of self ego and an ill sense of reality to even walk up to the path..

  23. 23

    Truth hurts

  24. Superman says – reply to this


    Re: April9999 – That's not the point buddy. The point is the way in which that derogatory term was used was in a very hostile manner. I do think Kanye overreacted by beating him up, but at the same time understand that there is history behind that word, and it's sensitive to an extent. I do wish my people would stop using it around with each other though. I don't condone black people using it within themselves, much less races outside of ours to do so, but it's just become popular culture to use it, unfortunately.

  25. Superman says – reply to this


    Re: snake In the river – I agree with the rappers overusing the n-word and black people doing so the same to. But you have to understand it was a term of endearment or "banter" between black slaves when living underneath "white oppressors". The n-word was not popularised by blacks but by caucasians once we began to be imported into the U.S. So I think since then the word just became part of popular culture, because all the white people who used own slaves, and the racists just found it so hard to let go, that eventually black people picked it up as well and began calling each other the n-word.

  26. jjess says – reply to this


    if there were paps everywhere, where are all the pics or videos?

  27. Mr. Sleeper says – reply to this


    @because all the white people who used own slaves, " Hmmm… I don't think ALL white people owned slaves "that eventually black people picked it up as well and began calling each other the n-word." I think you're under the misconception that when black people call each other the n-word that it's always a term of endearment when in many cases it's not.

  28. Mr. Sleeper says – reply to this


    Re: Snake In the river – It's true that Kanye isn't shy of using the N-word. But keep in mind it's not always about the word but the context in which it is used. Kanye doesn't always use the word in a hateful context in his songs. But when he does he is no better then bigots who use it. Also, there is a difference between the slang term nig** and nig**r which is a racial slur. And not only did the teen use the latter he also used it in a hateful language in order to hurt someone. If this incident went down like they say the teen is guilty of instigating the situation. I'm not saying that gave Kanye the right to hit him but if this is true the teen sounds like the aggressor.

  29. 29

    put kanye behind bars for a couple days where he can get the butt banging he doesn't want anyone to know he likes.

  30. 30

    Another source is reporting that Kim is now claiming that the man threatened to kill her. It's funny that she didn't mention that before. Maybe after talking with her lawyers, she figured out that name-calling doesn't give your hot-head boyfriend the right to punch someone. If Kanye doesn't get punished for his aggressive behavior, he'll think he can punch everyone.

  31. 31

    Calling someone the N word, F word, S word,etc isn't a crime. hitting someone for saying it is.

  32. Robocop says – reply to this


    Let's see, you have two adults (well over 30) going cuckoo over some hateful words by dumb 18 year old. To the point that the human time bomb (Kanye) goes ballistic and hits this kid, and Kim is stoking the fire by telling Kanye to begin with and screaming, "We have it on tape!" (for their reality show since ratings are low and they need exciting, new footage). Now, this lying knucklehead Kim claims this guy threatened her life — even though none of the paps heard it, nor is it "on tape." Another day in the cartoonish life of Kimye!!

  33. drinkdakoolaid says – reply to this


    I think you can sue someone for defamation, but only if what was said was not true. Kim can't handle the truth

  34. Christine says – reply to this


    I seriously hate Kanye and Kim. I highly doubt that kid randomly said those comments without something else happening before that. Two sides to every story and Kanye being a "man" should know you never put your hands on a kid or a woman. EVER! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHIP THOSE TWO IDIOTS TO AN ISLAND THAT NOONE CAN GO TO AND WE NEVER HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN

  35. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Something is fishy about this whole story. Think about it, folks. The story went from someone calling Kim something vulgar, then the story went to a male calling Kim a racial slur, then the story went to accusations that the male threatened Kim. It seems like the story changes every hour. I am not a fan of Kim, but violence is wrong, so if she is telling the truth, I hope that whoever threatened her gets punished in a court of law for it, but this story still seems so weird, and Kanye should have called the cops, not find and beat someone down like a hot head psycho.

  36. liars says – reply to this


    You don’t go track the guy down that you fear. That’s why I don’t buy the story she’s trying to sell. It makes no sense. If she was fearful she calls police, she doesn’t call her boyfriend and then go attack the boy. That’s rage and revenge, not fear.

  37. 37

    Kenye's profited off the word, all of you "team kanye" people have seemed to forget that his songs can be littered with the n word. So what I'm gathering is it's fine to profit off racist words and to make it seem okay to the general public that it's fine to say them by rapping it constantly, but oh no the lines crossed when someone calls you it? Kimmi how about you take off that ring because it was bought with money he made from songs using that word you find so insulting.
    Saying that its not okay that he used the n word, I just find it hypercritical for her to get all up in arms about the word. He says n***a in bound 2 a song which video SHE WAS IN.

  38. 38


  39. Superficial White Girl says – reply to this


    I don't know any white people who have owned slaves and I don't know any black people who were slaves. They are all dead and gone and it's time that EVERYONE got the fuck over it) Your great, great, great, great grandfather doesn't matter to me or anyone else in 2014. My great, great, great aunt doesn't matter to you. Fact
    Kanye is a douche bag. Fact
    Kim is tired and old news. Fact
    18 year old shouldn't have gotten beat up and should press charges. My opinion

  40. pointless shi says – reply to this


    sounds to me like the 18 year old was black himself and kanye of course overdramatized what he said. the whole point is that he dissed this guy's soon-to-be-wife calling her what she is: a slut.
    what's on tape? the brawl? i mean this is just ridiculous? all in a beverly hills office? lol