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17 comments to “Miley Cyrus Tells Twitter She Doesn’t Mind Being Called A Lesbian — Just Don’t Call Her An "Ugly" Lesbian!”

  1. Me says – reply to this


    The fact remains that she is ugly. How Maxim named her #1 on their hot list I have NO idea. Also a fact, her music is not that bad. Why she has to act like such a whore to promote it, again, I have NO idea.

    Madonna has to act like a whore because her music is simply horrible.

  2. arrogante petite merde says – reply to this


    Could we have the right to tell her what we really think of her, of her unpleasant attitude and also, above all! Her physical appearance of low range escort!

  3. haha says – reply to this


    Re: arrogante petite merde – perfect screenname to describe miley looool. she must really think she isnt ugly if thats the case. the girl has never had a pretty face, symmetrical but not pretty or womanly, still has the face of a chipmunk.

  4. 4

    Miley is pretty. She is just influenced by people who think she needs to be naked to be relivent.

  5. fafa says – reply to this


    don't you understand that it's just a mind game for her ! i want call her a whore ,she doesn't even got that rachet attitude (for teal!) she is just a young brat who's leaving in her dream !

  6. 6

    I once thought she was adorable. Right now I'd love to see her tongue crammed down her throat. I once thought alot of Julia Roberts had a chance gimpse of the real julia roberts and never watched another one of her movies. people can change their views of celebrity. I once thought halle berry was beautiful now i see how ugly she is. bethany frankel was once funny now I can' stand the sight of her .

    congrats to Liam, he is the winner. Mily should come out it clear she likes the girs.

  7. aime says – reply to this


    Anything for some attention. she should buy followers from someplace like

  8. 8

    How about annoying?

  9. 9

    If she does not like being called ugly and hates that word then she should stop sticking her tongue out and looking ugly and stop making crazy faces and stop dressing like a slut and looking ugly!!!! Maybe then just MAYBE people won't call her ugly. The short hair, the tongue garbage, the duck out - all ugly.

  10. ditto says – reply to this


    She belongs in a trailer park and/or on Jerry Springer's program.

  11. 11

    Well, for what it's worth - she's more ugly than she is lesbian LOL.

  12. KCG says – reply to this


    ugly pathetic lesbian

  13. 13

    Her face is repulsive - fact. Smashed in nose, sex-doll lips, and cheeks that are way too fat for someone her size. She could maybe reduce her ugliness by wearing clothes occasionally, putting her nasty diseased tongue in her mouth every so often and not acting like a little prostitute… but that doesn't seem to be what she's going for.

  14. mariah says – reply to this


    Miley is not perfect and neither are we. let her live her life and you live yours.

  15. mariah says – reply to this


    miley does not look like a lesbian, so get over yourself

  16. what a dolt says – reply to this


    Okay Miley, we won't call you ugly, we'll stick to FUGLY…is that better?

  17. Pras says – reply to this


    Look who's talking about the world spreading hate on the internet.. Isn't that you job loser?