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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Might Be Losing TWO Ladiez On Rodeo Drive Next Season!

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rhobh losing kim kyle richards

But the season isn't even over!!

And yet Bravo is apparently already thinking ahead to the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because when it comes to ratings, this one is turning out to be a bit dull like, shall we say, cubic zirconia.

It seems that the ladiez of El Lay aren't all bringing the heat, so Bravo is considering dumping one in particular.

Yup, former child actress and rehabbed reality TV star Kim Richards isn't cutting it with her storyline about her pup Kingsley. Guess there really is only room for one TV pooch, eh, Giggy??

An insider revealed:

"The network is not entirely happy with the ratings for the current season of Beverly Hills and sadly, despite being Paris Hilton‘s aunt, she has little going on in her life. Viewers don’t care about watching Kim’s dog getting training. It’s boring!"

Well, it's kind of true. We mean, he doesn't even wear any cute puppy outfits!

But as you can imagine, if Bravo is cutting Kim, her sister Kyle Richards supposedly won't stick around as the insider added:

"As you can imagine, Kyle is very unhappy about Bravo’s plans. She has made no secret of that fact that she’ll threaten to quit if her sister is fired."

We would be totes worried about this predicament, but Bravo has already found a hair replacement for Kyle in newbie Joyce Giraud.

Speaking of Joyce, it sounds like producers will be looking for someone just like her. We hear:

"They could be looking for at least two new housewives for the next season. In any event, producers will be looking for ladies with over the top lifestyles, who bring the drama. The Brandi [Glanville]-Joyce feud is really the only storyline so far this season that the audience is engaging with."

Wait…does that mean we're the only ones who want to know if Kingsley ever learns to, well, not destroy everything in sight??

Maybe they'll tell us at the reunion show!

Kingsley, Kingsley, Kingsley!

kim kingsley 2

[Image via WENN.]

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39 comments to “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Might Be Losing TWO Ladiez On Rodeo Drive Next Season!”

  1. 1

    I skip through everything Kim-related. I want to see more of Joyce's house. I like music at Yolanda's as well.

  2. Christina says – reply to this


    Noooooo I like both Kim and Kyle!!!!! It is less interesting yes but I still like this season. It shows that it's not ALWAYS about drama!

  3. 3

    Yolanda is my favorite. Of course, IMHO, Yolanda is the most sensible, smart, chic of all. Love her life and her kids/husband. Joyce is intriguing but Brandi makes me change the channel. She is too crude (and I can cuss like the best of them.)

  4. 4

    Good riddance! Kim is incoherent!!

  5. FancyNancy says – reply to this


    Kim gotta go. I want to see rich girls on Beverly Hills

  6. Kazza says – reply to this


    Re: Christina – me too!

  7. maryjo says – reply to this


    I think always having drama is a bit annoying, people if they do not get along do not hang out and go on vacation with one another.
    I like kim and kyle is not bad either. Brandi I think she should go but because she is two face with all the woman she can stay ok well if that is what makes a good show so be it I would not watch it the only women i like are Lisa, Kim and Kyle and Joyce the others should go.

  8. 8

    Kim and Kyle will not be missed they're boring. Kim has nothing interesting go on. Kyle seems to be going out of way for screen time. I don't trust Kyle and Kim is to spaced out. I love that Brandi doesn't take crap from anybody. I do however agree that she has been a bit harsh this season. If it weren't for the feud between Brandi and Jacqueline , Jacqueline wouldn't have a story line. Brandi creates her story lines and for the most part she is hysterical. I love, love, love Carlton. She's spunky, feisty and a bit nasty and isn't afraid to be who she is. Lisa goes without saying the Star of the show. I'd welcome more new faces hopefully they'll do better casting this time so we don't end up with those like the Richards sisters and Jacqueline. SNOOZERS!!!

  9. 9

    For one thing, Kim is not sober. It may not be alcohol that she is high on but one hellova drug cocktail. I love that I have a dvr so I can fast forward in any single scenes about her and her stupid dog. Kyle can go too. She is so in love with herself and her hair I can't take it. Speaking of hair, does Hoyce ever not touch her hair and swing her head so her hair shakes. It's sickening. Her husband is a moran and I don't like her at all. She really needs to eat a cheeseburger and make it a double. Brandi is Brandi and I had a best friend years ago that lost her husband to infertility and she turned to alcohol for her crutch. It happens to some women and she shouldn't be looked down on for it her real friends would help her like Yolanda and Lisa are. Keep Carlton just because the franchise has never had one like her before and she is interesting in many ways. So who cares, get rid of the "child actresses", not many like them anyway and they are very boring and very old looking lately. Kyle is getting a lil hunk a chunck chunck.

  10. KeepinItClassy says – reply to this


    LOVE Love love KIM & KYLE RICHARDS!! Some of the new Beverly Hills housewives are nothing but Smut. Keep it classy. This is Beverly Hills!

  11. 11

    I'm happy for Kim that she's now sober. It as a tough fight. Unfortunately the lack of booze in Kim's system renders her less than smart and somewhat confrontational in situations that don't need that type of grief. It's probably time that Kim left the show because she contributes little. Likewise with Kyle. She has a fabulous marriage, kids, and a steady life. I don't think she needs to get caught up in the bullshit that other housewives display and the viewers apparently relish. Bring on two more whackos to replace these ladies!

  12. Zan says – reply to this


    Both Kim and Kyle should go. Kim is acting like a Froot Loop, and Kyle is just stupid, a backstabber and boring.

  13. gwen says – reply to this


    Get rid of Brandi, too skanky.

  14. LROZ says – reply to this


    I made post 13. I stole the name from JJ. JJ lets me use other people's names, so I have been doing this here. Leann told me that Eddie thinks that Ginger Hines is a skank and wants Leann to stop tweeting to her.

  15. gwen says – reply to this


    I love LeAnn Rimes. I would love to see her on RHOBH!! Get rid of Brandi, she stinks up the place.

  16. LROZ says – reply to this


    Yeppers, I am so obsessed with Gwen that I made post 15 using her name. I love that LeAnn Rimes pays blogs to let me use the names of others. I would love to see Brandi on RHOBH but Leann told us that we had to write letters to Andy demanding that they get rid of Brandi!! Eddie thinks that VH1 should get rid of Leann because she stinks up the place. How many times will I use Gwen's name to make posts?

  17. LROZ says – reply to this


    Gwen isn't my only victim…………………here are more names that I used on this site, names that I stole from other sites or people's accounts to make hate posts about Brandi

    bh watcher

  18. Sara says – reply to this


    Oh dear Lord, please get rid of Carlton. What a waste of oxygen this piece of crap is. Get rid of Kim and Kyle and you'll lose significant viewership.

  19. Gingersnap says – reply to this


    Kyle, Lisa & Yoli Make the show! Kim…PASS..FF through her she can barely talk..blah, blah!
    Love Joy…cee. Brandy..Funny with a bad potty mouth and bad manners But love she doesn't take shit from anyone!! AS for the Harlot-on Witch & her Pentagrams….may she find the fitting Fire….place! She an insult to 300 million Christians in the USA &will cause this shows ratings to DUMP! Let her RIDE OUT OF TEH SHOW ON HER BROOMSTICK !!

  20. ogates says – reply to this


    Get rid of trash mouth Brandi–she ruins the show!

  21. j. cam says – reply to this


    These's house wife's they can true on you like they changes there under ware now Brandy she stop being a drunk and loose to jump on Kyles said now Yolanda pulls this out of the hat that is really silly lisa called her right before a painting party for her daughter lisa has 2 restaurants a parter something could have came up I think Yolanda made a big deal out of nothing and Kyle she so busy trying to make her husband's this Perfect man stop dreaming he's not kim what is she there for the only one interesting Is carlton! I'm sick of kim.

  22. Karen says – reply to this


    I understand Kim taking a lesser role but don't cut her if it means Kyle leaving too. What about the gang up on Lisa? Brandi stirs way too much drama but she's entertaining for sure.

  23. mary! says – reply to this


    I skip over Kim and Brandie. Brandie is just trailerTrash. She is the biggest user! Brandie is just trying to turn everyone against Lisa.

  24. mary! says – reply to this


    Re: PistolPammie – Brandi is the biggest loser, she was no one before she got on this show. And she is not Funny. She is trash!

  25. Connie says – reply to this


    I hope kim and Kyle don't leave the show it wouldn't be the same with out them. I like the fact that they have a normal house to live in not a castle get rid of Carlton she is useless to the show

  26. Connie says – reply to this


    As for Lisa having that girl working at her party. Was not respectful of her I'm sure she has plenty of other girls to do it if she has any respect for Brandi that's not being a good friend

  27. MissM says – reply to this


    Cut Carlton, she tries too hard to be a sex goddess!! She's not only ugly she is too far on the dark side for the series.. What were you thinking throwing her into the mix!!!!!!….

  28. Jo Moma says – reply to this


    There are one set of rules that apply to everyone on the show but Kyle.She constantly makes comments & snide remarks.She knows how to manipulate Brandy.Yolanda needs to butt out when it comes to Kyle ,
    Lisa. & Brandy they are all jealous of Lisas way of handling any given situation,
    It's called CLASS!! as for Kim & Brandy they would not be missed.

  29. Kate says – reply to this


    Kyle,Kim,Brandi,Yolanda should all be replaced.They a waste of air time,Brandi is ruthless & is a walking door knob….everyone in hollywood/L.A has nearly had a turn.She befriends people then learns things about them for leverage/blackmail them later.No wonder the rating are flopping.Lisa,Carlton,Joyce the best ones on there now.

  30. Kate says – reply to this


    RHOBH should have a drag queen or transgender with personality from beverly hills to spice up the show and give some of these woman a run for there money….even a gorgeous Lesbian…

  31. Lolo says – reply to this


    Ive watched the show from day one. This by far is the most boring season and i keep watching hoping for it to change for the better. I love Brandi (until this season and holding out for hope), Lisa and yolanda. Now Carlton has brought some spunk. Kyle and Kim have no story line. Kyle just brings up past drama and Kim just shows her life w her dog. She now shows her daughter going to college but we know nothing about her to feel engaged. I fast forward those segments im sorry. I love the show but something has to change

  32. Fiera says – reply to this


    I like: Lisa, Yolanda

    On the fence: Joyce, Carlton

    Hate: Kyle, Brandi, Kim

  33. mswinner says – reply to this


    Re: WowzaChild – Yes I agree with you! More of Joyce and more music at Yolanda's.

  34. EXRHBHLover says – reply to this


    Get rid of Carlton, PLEASE. She is hateful, scary, nasty and gross. She always looks dirty. The show is just not the same with her on it. She brings it down and it is no longer fun to watch. She is offensive as a woman and a mother. Kim and Kyle belong on this show! They are 'real people', not fame whores!

  35. Yolanda says – reply to this


    Finally we see how Lisa manipulates but we are okay with it? I think Brandi is jealous that Joyce can eat a cheeseburger and not worry. You can see alcohol taking its toll on Brandi. Carlton has no story line so she picked on Kyle Wrong choice because Kyle can defend herself. I find Carlton without a story line. She is not open to talk about her religion. She is prudish to talk sex but had naked ladies at her party. Also others were on a crude pole. Pleazzzze. If the Richard sisters go and Carlton stays this is another "Housewife" series I will not watch. Frankly the "Walking Dead" seem more real than some of these ladies.

  36. Julie says – reply to this


    Brandi is a user. She wants to be the only important person and needs to have everyone cry their eyes out with her and listen to her foul language and put up with her whining 24/7. Its been 2/3 years since her husband left her. I am not surprised he did. She can't relate to anyone who isn't sympathizing with her. Nobody else matters. Get over it! You are divorced and your husband left you. The world does not care!

  37. elvie says – reply to this


    Pls. get rid of Brandi and Carlton…the evil bitches!!!

  38. taffey says – reply to this


    Brandi and Joyce should go. Keep Kyle and Kim. I really like them both. I like Yolanda also. I don't like Lisa as much as I use to. She never answers a question, just circles and circles, but never comes in for a landing.
    This is my favorite Real Housewives, but if Kyle and Kim leave I am sure I will not watch anymore.

  39. taffey says – reply to this


    OMG! Get rid of Carlton. She surely does not fit in with these high class ladies. She is ugly, nasty and generally crude looking and acting. No wonder Kyle doesn't get along with her.