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But there's no ring on it? Oh, is that not why Vanessa Paradis was showing off her finger?? Ahhh, we see! Johnny Depp's ex had a very different reasonRead more…

65 comments to “Johnny Depp's Ex Vanessa Paradis Reveals Her Middle Finger After Amber Heard Engagement Rumors!”

  1. Meh says – reply to this


    so classy!

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  3. jamjam says – reply to this


    I actually like her new hair cut. Its cute. I don't understand why many people are hating on it. Good to see she is alright tho but she should have behaved classy.

  4. 4

    Her gesture had nothing to do with what you're saying. You know that, Perez, and still you write bullshit.

  5. 5

    she has break up hair

  6. 6

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  7. 7

    Vanessa has a BIGGER BULGE than Johnny…..

  8. annainparis says – reply to this


    No doubt, it's going to be a big fat rock the size of Texas!

  9. 5aled says – reply to this


    How so classy of her! It wouldn't be okay if it was Amber but since it's the saint Vanessa she get the pass!

  10. 10

    Always thought she looked like she came from a trailer park! Guess this confirms that!!

  11. notogether says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – yes you are the same classy of amber bitch

  12. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: notogether – At least Amber never behaved like she is a mentallt unstable bitch.

  13. 5aled says – reply to this



  14. June says – reply to this


    You're being so snarky saying "classy." How many photos of Johnny flipping that finger? There are photos of their daughter around 12/13 doing it too. You think Amber has never done it? I bet you yourselves have as well. If a-hole paps were shouting crap at you, you'd do the same.

    Johnny and Vanessa looked happy August 2011. By Jan. 2012 Amber was wearing his clothes. What happened in such a short amount of time? The Rum Diary press tour. What's "classy?" a fame hungry ho going after a taken man with children.

  15. NoHatin says – reply to this


    They looked happy? so that means they never had problems before of after those pics?! They were together for 13+ years and you mean to tell me that they had no problems and were always happy because of some pics? We don't know them to know what goes on behind closed doors! They broke up that's what happened! And you're calling somebody you don't know a ho? Nice.She's a "Fame hungry ho" Even though she's never talked about him in public? Sure.Just because people look happy doesn't mean that everything's okay! Get a brain!

  16. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: June – Johnny and Vanessa were having problem since 2007 and it's because she was working away so much and for months and that was the main reason behind their breakup. They looked miserable and unhappy together short after those August pictures. Amber had nothing to do with it. They broke up in 2011 and he started dating her after that.

  17. 17

    The reason celebs flip the finger is because you can't print a picture well use to be that way also if someone post the picture on facebook it is considered vulgar. As far as the engagements well time will tell.

  18. notogether says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – Amber is a border line.Its the problem

  19. June says – reply to this


    Re: NoHatin – They certainly looked more happy and in love in those photos than Amber and Johnny have ever appeared to be. She hasn't talked about him? But she allows his name to be published in every article and interview. Her publicists could stop that if they really wanted. And who does she think she was kidding hiding her hand like that. It was obvious she was hiding her hand. Why wear it out if you didn't want it to be seen? And yes, following the timeline. From when Johnny and Vanessa split and Amber and Tasya. And when Amber was first seen wearing Johnny's clothes. Amber is the EXACT definition of a ho. I don't have to know her to know that.

  20. June says – reply to this


    Also she had no respect for Johnny, Vanessa or his children when she was going out wearing his clothes and jewelry while Johnny and Vanessa were trying to play down the split rumours. Her father had no respect for Johnny and his children when he gave an interview to the Daily Mail when the rumours started swirling. He was asked but refused to comment and that usually only means one thing "it's true" And everyone knows it.

  21. B says – reply to this


    Amber had everything to do with the split. That's why they're being quiet about everything. Amber loved the attention, still does. She was always very open about things. So was Johnny. Now? Nothing. Why? Something to hide. Something to protect. Someone will spill the beans eventually.

  22. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: June – i'm agree with you, because this is the truth.!!!

  23. Jamina says – reply to this


    I really loved this gesture. Vanessa is a brave and strong woman. Johnny has cheated on Vanessa and one of the reasons for their break up is Amber, but i believe that the middle finger was not for Amber and Johnny, but only for the paparazzi that have annoyed her all the time. She does not like them. I have always said here, that Johnny is not a saint, he has betrayed, hurt and humiliated Vanessa, but I do not judge him for this, if he wants to start a new life with an other woman, he is free to do so.
       After just two years after separation from the mother of his children, (with whom he shared 13 years of his life), he asks his "lover" to marry him. Some people "pretend" to no know, and continue to deny, but in reality it's all very clear.
    This woman has loved this man for 13 years with her whole being. Now even if she had been doing this "gesture" for Johnny and Amber I do not think it is so difficult to understand her .
    I ask you : Vanessa what should you do? Applaud ??

  24. Jamina says – reply to this


    I meant :" What Vanessa should do?? Applaud?? Sorry for my english.

  25. Fanny says – reply to this


    All this people that defend amber bitch are miserable like her. This is a relatinship is the result of infidelity and is disgusting in every way. of course he is humiliating Vanessa to marry with his mistress…Johnny is bad man,really

  26. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Fanny – What he is doing honey is living his life..the same way you have freedom to date whomever you like, he also has that freedom. If you don't like it then look away and save yourself the heartache/trauma. It is what it is.

  27. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Weren't you supposed to not talk anymore about Vanessa's private life? You guaranteed once in an old post that you wouldn't have mentioned anymore private facts of her private life because you used to tell you respect her and that you didn't want to talk publically here with strangers of her private facts but I see you're still doing it because mentioning that she was cheated, humiliated etc. etc. you're talking about some really private facts of her once again… you're a hypocrite because you promise but then act in a different way and you say you have respect for her but you don't since you talk about some private facts of her with strangers (if you were really respecting her you would talk about her without mentioning some private facts of her life as people that are really close to her actually do.) Vanessa will be really proud of your 'respect'… if you were for real someone close to people close to her, you would think of your business and you wouldn't waste time telling her private facts to strangers. Shame on you Jamina, you're really deceiving.

  28. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – What the hell are you saying? If I wanted to tell the facts here would have described episodes in detail. Maybe, you know very well what I'm talking about. The whole world is talking about Vanessa / Johnny / Amber and you worry about what I can write here? I will not describe all the s..t that Vanessa had to "endure" just because I have a lot of respect for her family. I have nothing against Johnny and Amber, but for how long you think we can hide the dust under the carpet??? Of course if people spit on Vanessa, then everything is fine, but if someone dares to tell the truth about Johnny and Amber, is a hypocritical and deceitful ??? Are you "The truth sayer"? Who is hypocritical and deceptive here? I'm just sincere and if you were an honest person, you admit it, but unfortunately you're not a good person!! Good life "The hypocrisy sayer" !!!!

  29. Ozymandias says – reply to this


    Re: NoHatin

    You are SO right! But I highly doubt Johnny will marry Amber. She flashing a ring and loving the attention that it brings but it doesn't mean anything. Johnny won't marry a bi-sexual slut when he wouldn't marry Vanessa, the mother of his children. He's been engaged several times but only married once! Keep that in mind.

  30. ak says – reply to this


    Vanessa is a goddess to amber the tramp and can flip her finger anytime she wants- she'll still be more classy, cool and interesting then that shallow amber. There's only one person more shallow then Heard and that's johnny whose right now part of her heard. Stupid, middle aged fool. I feel like he never truly showed us who he is until now.
    Vanessa is true to herself - always has been and always will be. Keep us posted on the heard heard divorce soon to come - if they ever do get married.

  31. alexia says – reply to this


    Vanessa had this hair when she started dating Johnny Depp back in 1998. ;) I think she looks cute no matter what, and the fact that she doesn't spend all her money on plastic surgery and material things isn't really that negative is it? Don't know why Johnny never married this beautiful woman, because I´m sure she wanted to. But Johnny is just a human being, and he can make mistakes like everyone else.

  32. Brian says – reply to this


    You're fantastique! Perfect!

  33. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Don't try to turn your shit on me, dear. You're the one who is hypocrite and that keeps telling private things about Vanessa. In many posts of yours there's something you tell about Vanessa that is private and that you come here to tell. read again your old posts here and your recent posts. You're a liar. Maybe you don't tell VERY PRIVATE FACTS about her, but you told some private facts of her anyway and you can't deny this. Who really knows the truth, don't talk about it with strangers on internet as much as you do. You never know who writes here and it's not good to share private things of any kind about a celebrity. Maybe I could know more than you for example and I don't talk about what I know, not even a little clue as you do and this is to respect someone, dear. Don't find excuses, you're a hypocrite and that's it.

  34. lilia says – reply to this


    So great to see a woman that doesn't bother do dress like everyone else, or turn to plastic surgery. I don't think Vanessa even would want to live in Hollywood, if it wasn't for her children who lives there.

  35. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She must be pretty upset…now that she is no longer with an A-Lister, she no longer has access to the best drugs and sex orgies in HollyWood. She is now a nobody, and can't go to all the sex orgies or drug parties…she msut be really mad, especially because she has tasted it, and seen how the HollyWood crowd live…must be killing her….. no wonder she is flipp'n the bird….she can't have grade-A coke, and other good stuff anymore….

  36. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – All that I have written on this site, IT'S TRUE and you know it, cannot even deny it. Do you really think that I'm the only person who know? Are you really so naive? I am in peace with my conscience, Are you okay with yours? I do not think so. You're free to think whatever you want, just as I am free to protect how i want to protect. Do you really think you can hide "the mountain" behind a finger ?? Why are you still here writing nonsense? Why didn't you write when people spit shit about Vanessa? Where the hell were you? Of course it was not convenient for you and your friends because you are the cowards …! The world is sucks because there are people like you, dishonest and hypocritical. I wish to all you get what you really deserve in your miserable life without values​​…!!! Time to time……

  37. 37

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  38. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You keep charging your shit on me, childish woman. I don't care what people tell. Rumours are everywhere and truth or not it's not up to me or to you to spread private things about Vanessa or Johnny and it's not up to you to tell what's true and what's not. You're not Vanessa, you don't represent her family so who the hell you think you are to tell what's true and what's not about her if even herself told in an interview that she wouldn't have talked about the reason why Johnny and her split? If she doesn't feel she wanna tell people what's happened to her and Johnny why do you think you can??? Are you her? No, so please don't say you respect her or his family. You should feel ashamed because she never talked publically about what's happened to her and Johnny because she said she wanted to protect her children and now you come and you tell you know the truth and you start to confirm what's true and what's not as you have the right to do it where not even Vanessa did this. SHE NEVER WANTED TO TALK, so who the fùck you think you are to come on internet revealing what's true and what's not if she herself chose of not doing it?? Do you really think you have the right to speak for her??? you're out of mind. You're not his fan and you don't respect her at all. You keep being a dirty hypocrite.

  39. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Ohh and I forgot, you don't even have respect for her children because you're one of those people slagging clearly what happened to her and Johnny on internet talking about "the truth" with strangers and do you really wanna us to buy you have respect for her and her children? She avoided to tell if rumours were true or not and she also told that nobody did a proper journalist job on the cause of her split from Johnny but you often come here to tell what this reason is as you have the right to do it, you're crazy because if even Vanessa herself didn't want to do it, you're crazy if you think that a nobody like you can. You're not her relative, you're not her, so who the hell you think you are to tell the truth if even Vanessa didn't want to do it? Just explain this you disgusting hypocrite! Oh yeah, well, Vanessa and her children will really proud of you and they will thank for your contribute about increasing nasty rumours and bad publicity on the private life all her family. Yeah, my compliments! You're her best, respectful and loyal fan my ass.

  40. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – You are really ridiculous..!! Johnny and Amber (with their behavior ), have said a lot more than me, Vanessa or anyone of family could say ! They have never really hidden, the whole world was talking about them, even before the official separation. What the hell are you saying ? Nobody in the world has forced Johnny to do what he did. He came out of the closet with Amber, after a few months since the separation. Just a year later they bring the kids with them around the world and now the whole world talks about their marriage after less than one year and a half since the separation. (Oh.. of course we know the dates are very different ) You say to me that I have no respect for their family and their children ?? Do you have a brain? They have exposed themselves to the world all that they could show without any "tact" to Vanessa, to the family, to the friends. Now the people continue to "mock" and criticize Vanessa. This is very absurd and unfair. YOU ARE REALLY TOO MISERABLE IF YOU DENY ALL THIS ! ( I rimind you that you starded to attack me, so you are a child never grow up, not me) GOODBYE "BABY SAYER"..

  41. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – I don't deny what you said that Johnny and Amber did, but there’s no real official proof that he cheated on her. This is what people assumed yeah and whether is true or not, they never confirmed it so the benefit or doubt is their right, no matter what. You are the one that has no brain because you can't get what I meant. I'm not contesting what people opinions are about all this and I'm not telling what is easy to understand and what it's not because it doesn't really matter. What really matters is that people who know the truth should protect anyway the privacy of the person they care instead of ‘telling of knowing things for sure’. It doesn't matter what speculations are because Vanessa chose of not telling the truth in any case to protect her children and people who really respect her choice should shut up to show her a real support even if they know and not because we're stupid or because nobody knows or can assume the truth but if Vanessa herself didn't feel to tell or confirm if rumours are true or not, who do you think you are to do it? Just answer! You came here telling in a very direct way of being someone close to her team and you told some private facts of her since the beginning and please don’t tell me that Vanessa would agree about this unless you wanna make a fool of us and of yourself.

  42. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – A respectful person wouldn't confirm anything and would avoid to tell "I know this for sure" to strangers and common people as you do – this is just a way to seek for attention - because you're not her PR but you feels free to act like that anyway and this is really blameful because only Vanessa has the right to confirm in an official way what’s true and what’s not. You're only a nobody who thinks to be allowed to act like a PR who can sometimes reveal what you know for sure that is true or not when not even Vanessa wanted to do it. Some people get sued sometimes for acting like fake insiders who know things for sure, don’t forget it because you’re not just expressing an opinion like others here do, you stated to know things for sure and to have contacts with Vanessa’s circle so stop finding excuses, you're only looking for attention and you're not respectful, that's it. What about if I told you that I know people that really know Vanessa in person that never revealed what's true and what's not as you often do? The point is that there's a big difference between them and you. They're respectful and loyal, you are not. You only look for attention otherwise you would think about your fuck”g business and you would get a life because Vanessa is nothing to you. She's not your relative and you're not her PR even though you feel the right to act like this. You're disgusting.

  43. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – I am not Vanessa, I'm not her PR, I'm not her friend and I never said to know her personally, but I have met people and i have know many facts in the last 2 years. You know, you're saying too many bullshit. You say, "We have no real official proof"? Are you kidding me?? the people who care about Vanessa should stay silent, so that as you can give "some bad idea" on ​​Vanessa? Do you know how many friends you have Johnny, as editors, producers, reporters and photographers? (Sure) Have you ever read the articles disparaging about him or Amber on this site? How many articles are published on this site about Vanessa? Have you read them? They are all bad. Coincidence?? NOO! You pretend you do not know. Vanessa did not talk about her private life and what happened between them, because she has no choice, and you know also this very well .. You speak of respect, but you've never had respect for her. You feel disgust for me, but you never have disguste for the people who insulted Vanessa. Now I could write facts here, just to shut your filthy mouth, but I will only send you and your dear friends to hell where you deserve to stay forever..!! " The Hell Sayer and friends".

  44. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You need help seriously. I never insulted Vanessa nor I ever confirmed as I had the right, private facts of her life as you do, so you can't say I have no respect for her. You keep addressing your shitty behaviour on me because you don’t know how to justify yourself you big hypocrite. I just think about my business and it's not my duty to defend her or Johnny or Amber. In past I never told anything bad about them all, I defended them a little bit but then I stopped to write because it's not my duty to fight with bad opinions that people can have about one of them (because people are entitled of their opinions but they don’t have any right to come here and acting like insiders and PR as you do) and you're exaggerating. Almost anybody writes bad things about Vanessa, just some people who can be the same person maybe did it but you know better than me that most of comments here and somewhere else are for the most positive about Vanessa. Amber and Johnny are bashed 10000 times more than her and you know it better than me, so stop to find excuses. And stop to speak like you know why Vanessa didn't talk about what happened between her and Johnny. You say she had no choice but this is only your thought. Everybody can choose what to do in life and she chose of keeping private the reason why she split with him because unlike you, she's private and she doesn't feel the need to share intimate facts of her private life with strangers.

  45. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – If people speculate about what happened is not Vanessa’s fault and you can say whatever you want but the truth is that it's not up to you to tell here or anywhere else what's true and what's not. You can't decide for her if telling in an open way the truth as you're doing because this is just her right and you're violating her right telling it. What about if you told someone an intimate fact of yours and then this person started to tell it to the world on internet? Would you be happy about it? I don't think so. One thing is speculate or expressing opinions and another is telling of knowing things for sure as you do because this is how only insiders and PR act and since yourself admitted of not being one of them, you should shut up if you were really respectful because Vanessa and Johnny asked through PR of respecting their privacy and this means that people like you who “know things from sure sources” shouldn’t share them with strangers but your brain is too limited to understand this and what real respect is. If Vanessa wanted to sell what’s true and what’s not, she would send her close friends to journalists to do it in anonymous way but she never did because she’s classy, private and respectful, all your contrary and you’re mentally retarded if you think you have the right to sell for her what is true or not. Someone should sue you because you’re acting like a PR and you're even denying of doing it. Hypocrite!!

  46. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – OMG. WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO PRETEND TO NOT UNDERSTAND .. ? I have not written anything about their private life that was not already posted here or on other websites , or magazines if I wanted to do this I would have already done it! ! You do not need to have friends to know things , maybe 2 years ago, but now it's all in the light of the sun, you are really ridiculous If you think that respect is this :" shut up and put their heads in the sand", you NEED a HELP (NOT ME) . You talk about anonymous sources , that may say …. They have already done and for sure not in the interest of Vanessa, but only for Johnny and Amber. You know too well that too ! You confirm with your behavior, I'm right, because you can no longer deny what I wrote. You came here for months pretending to be impartial to hit better one person. That's why you've never defended Vanessa. I have been on the side of Vanessa, while having respect for Johnny and Amber. I have not acted in shadow like you, pretending to be what I'm not. You're damn petty and much more hypocritical of me. I do not care absolutely nothing about your thinking, because you are not worthy of judging anyone, much less me. I do not expect some confirmation from you on everything here. Remember well this: "working behind the scenes to strike is not a job that give dignity to a man." SHAME ! ! " The Shame Sayer"

  47. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – You don't understand that what was posted on all the sites about them was categorized anyway as a rumour, it wasn't categorized as an absolute truth because there have never been any official confirmation about the facts that rumours were true. Vanessa chose of not confirming them saying that nobody did a proper work about the truth and even if people thought that Johnny cheated there's no real proof about it. You can say whatever you wants but there's no proof that he cheated on her during The rum diary shooting and there's not even any proof that he started to see Amber when he was still in a relationship with Vanessa because there were also rumours that he and Vanessa were over as a couple before he started The rum diary promotional tour. It doesn't really matters what rumours were true or not. What matters is that they were only rumours and speculations and nobody had any proof about when he started to sleep with Amber because since there were rumours that he did it when it was already over with Vanessa, how can you prove that he cheated on Vanessa before of it? What's your proof about it? Speculations aren't proof and I'm not even saying that they were wrong, I'm just saying that as long as people only report rumours and speculations it's a different thing from the truth.

  48. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – One thing is if some tabloids and sites tell that it's rumoured that Johnny cheated but they can't provide any real proof and another is that someone then comes here and says that she knows for sure that rumours are true because she talked with sure sources and bla bla bla. You did this and acted as an insider, like all these alleged insiders that should be sued for talking too much. You're not very different from these alleged insiders that betray Vanessa's faith in them of not telling what they know. I don't like insiders either because they're often false and the truth is that only a PR has the right to confirm rumours when a celebrity is okay with that but if they're not, nodoby has the right to do it, not even you. But acting like an insider who go and sell her story, you show of not being respectful with Vanessa showing of seeking only for attention. Yours is not respect and you can deny how many times you want it but this is the truth and you're a liar. I defended also Vanessa in past. Go to read again my old comments and stop addressing your shit on other, you hypocrite and anyway, not defending someone is not a crime unless you insult him or her and I never insulted Vanessa, so my conscience is ok because having a neutral opinion and behaviour about someone is not nasty as your choice of telling what's the truth about all this when not even Vanessa wanted to tell it, is.

  49. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Johnny had respect for her ? Amber had respect for her ? How come you with your great sense of morality and justice , not to judge them ? To you do not care absolutely nothing about Vanessa , You are only interested in protecting the image of Johnny and his lady . I do not judge this .. I understand very well, but you can not really afford to judge me, just because I wrote things that the whole world has seen except you ! If you live on the moon is not my problem .. Back on earth ! " The Moon sayer"

  50. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You have problems to admit that you betrayed Vanessa acting like those insiders that sold what they know to journalists, you have no excuses. Vanessa will be really proud of you. You can't make a fool of us or of her, you're not her fan even though you say of being it. You keep being hypocrite. I personally never said anything wrong or nasty about Vanessa, Johnny or Amber so you can't reprimand me about anything. I just think that everybody has the right to do what they want because it's their life and we can't judge their choices. You got to live there with them to judge if their choices are wrong or right and why they do them. What about if someone judged your choices as nasty without even knowing you? You're a very disgusting person, so hypocrital and I'm sure I'm not the only one here who thinks this. And I'm sure that you deserved to be sued for acting like a PR of Vanessa even though you don't have any right. Just shame on you. You need to see a doctor ’cause you're too much full of yourself and of your mistakes that you're in denial and can't see the truth. I knew the truth far before than you but I never come here to confirm it or not because it wasn't up to me. You deserved to be sued as all the insiders that go to sell their stories to magazines just to get attention.

  51. Nina says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I'm totally with you. People who judges V as 'not classy' just avoid the important points and dwell on the trivial.

  52. Sue says – reply to this


    Can't marry the Mother of your children, how do you think the children feel about that? Comments you so called friends write on the internet, how do you think the children feel about that? Are any of you self serving, back stabbing, hypocritical people thinking of their children? Hypocritical, an adj. of hypocrisy which means the pretense of having feelings or characteristics one does not posses:especially the deceitful assumption of virtue. Yes, as a common person, speaking to the so called people who think they are people in some king and queens court, are you thinking of their children? I have lost all respect for Johnny Depp, Yes, I agree with the finger. He is now just like any other older, common man, who leaves his children for a younger, look alike version. Who is thinking about the children? I am not being pay for my comment, are you?

  53. didoodah-france says – reply to this


    Re: Sue – Paparazzis laughed at her because Johnny didn't marry her. She has been provoked. Depp had said he would have married Vanessa if she had wanted to. But she wouldn't, of course, she must have known his little 'weaknesses' for a long time… And here in France, people are aware of US laws about children… Just like Veronique Sanson in the 70's, french singer married with Stephen Stills, if she had married and divorced, she would have lost all her rights on her children. It took YEARS to Sanson to get her son back in France, just for visits.

  54. Grunch says – reply to this


    I have to agree 100% with The Truth Sayer. The fact that some insiders already started rumours selling their stories about how things went between Vanessa and Johnny doesn't mean that other people have the right to come here and confirming to know that it's true and not because this is about to protect Johnny, but to protect his family (Vanessa and their children that are innocent in all this and comments here can hurt them really bad). People that really respect the privacy of Vanessa and of her children shouldn't come here confirming rumours because that's nasty. Vanessa was already humiliated too much by Johnny's actions that she doesn't deserve that her private life gets that slagged here or anywhere else. It doesn't matter if these rumours were already existing since long because if some people here are confirming them, they contribute to slag her private life. I think it's not easy for her to see what happened to her slagged on the cover of magazines and on internet. I mean, people aren't usually proud of getting cheated and it's very humiliating when such a thing becomes a public thing. That's why Vanessa didn't explain what happened and also why she asked him to not humiliate her even more by coming out with Amber before a year after the split. She also asked people by PR to respect her privacy but as usual some people don't care about that and sell their stories anyway to magazines and yes, this is nasty.

  55. Grunch says – reply to this


    She herself told that we should imagine how anyone can feel seeing that some people make a business of your pain because she probably dislikes people close to her that sold what they know to magazines just to get attention and money. And people that come here and don’t express an opinion but they confirm that rumours are true saying that they know it from sure sources aren’t that different from those people that sold their stories to magazines because they contribute anyway to humiliate Vanessa instead of protecting her with their silence. Vanessa herself asked more than once to respect her privacy and she said that she doesn’t like that some people judge and feel like they know and they can express opinions. She said that what happened to her and Johnny was only their concern and when people slag her private facts here or anywhere else, they’re not showing respect and loyalty to her. No way that they’re doing and it doesn’t matter that some insiders already talked because we don’t have to act like them. I mean, Vanessa would appreciate more if people that respect her just avoid to give any confirmation about what’s true and I bet she would like that they didn’t express any opinion since it’s her life and how would all of you feel if everybody started to analyse your private life?

  56. Grunch says – reply to this


    She surely appreciates more people that support her but who can also care about their business and that don’t keep spreading shit on other shit acting like new insiders that sell their stories or like PR who has got her authorization to confirm what is true and what is not. Vanessa explained well that she’s not okay that people judge the situation of her family and she asked to respect her privacy and Jamina telling what she told, sorry but she can’t say she’s respecting her privacy. People who respect privacy for real never feel like they have the right to tell anything they want about you, even if it's very personal and they keep what they know for themselves instead of supporting insiders that sold their stories, by confirming them.

  57. Kim says – reply to this


    I like Vanessa. She is a true beauty, a real talent AND is moving on with her life. She doesn't subscribe to the plastic ideal of beauty that most in her industry do. As for her finger gesture, only the paps and she know the truth. Leave the lady alone.

  58. Jamina says – reply to this



  59. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Grunch – Thank you Grunch. So happy that someone reasonable understood what I meant and don't mind silly words of Jamina. She's trying to justify herself in any possible way, addressing her unloyalty to others. She just seeks for attention like all alleged insiders here. Vanessa is classy and private, not her. She think she can confirm what she wants, she's so blameful. She was the first one on the web acting like an insider who confirmed rumours and this is really nasty. I just hope that other fans of Vanessa aren't like her because it would be really sad if people who claimed to care about her acted like Jamina who is only a hypocrite child who has problems to confess the truth. I hope that Vanessa has better fans who respect her privacy BEING SILENT about her PRIVATE FACTS even if they know them because it's not up to them to confirm rumours and to act like those insiders who sell their stories to magazines since Vanessa herself asked respect to her private life to everybody, fans forst maybe.

  60. June says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Johnny and Amber. Well actually mostly, Amber, has been confirming everything since way before April 2013. News of Vanessa and Johnny split was in Jan. 2012. It was denied but Amber was still photographed wearing his clothes coming out of her house. I don't buy that she's famous enough for a pap to camp outside of her house and then to publish those photos. They were called there for a reason.

  61. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – I' M NOT VANESSA'S FAN, YOU CONTINUE TO NOT UNDERSTAND…!!! I can be only happy that the people like you isn't anymore in Vanessa's life. She finally will be happy and she will have what she really deserves. ;) You are the most LIER AND IPOCRITE MAN. I reapeat, SHAME YOU!

  62. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – The Truth is that you're nobody. You aren't close to Vanessa because you know nothing. You're only trolling and I know this for sure now. I'm really sorry for you. People are right about you. You're pathetic.

  63. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – And oh before you contest the truth, no, you're not even close to people close to Vanessa, you're just lying and inventing tales. People that are close to her or to people close to her don't waste their time here talking with strangers and I know this for sure. MINE IS NOT AN OPINION NOW, I KNOW YOU'RE LYING FOR A FACT. So keep trolling and inventing stories if you want, it's your choice, I just hope that nobody believes you since now. I just wanted to warn them that you're only a lying troll and please don't answer at all because I'm not going to read your silly, delusional and lying answers anymore and because mine wasn't a question or an opinion. I wrote this post only to warn people of not trusting you at all because it wouldn't be nice and because I know for a fact that you know nothing and you're only inventing stories.

  64. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – thanks for this big laugh ahahahahahahahahah…….

  65. Barrell says – reply to this


    I saw Vanessa's recent pictures at the Fading Gigolo premiere and she looks awful. She needs surgery, she's really ugly. Her tiny round horrible face is a wrinkles hive! And those teeth… they look like fangs when she smiles. She should better shut her mouth and don't smile at all because she looks like a creature coming from a horror movie when she smiles! She's disgusting as a woman. Her head with her face looks like a spermatozoon because of that ridiculous shape. Just go and watch her pictures at Fading Gigolo pemiere and whoever isn't blind will agree with me! She's really ugly and I don't know how french people can like her telling she's one of their most beautiful women…. don't know, maybe she was gorgeous years ago, but now she looks so ridiculous and ugly. She looks also 60 years old. Her face skin remembers me mummy skin >.<