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Duck Dynasty Ratings Drop In Season 5 Premiere! Did Homophobia Hurt This Hit Series After All?

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duck dynasty ratings doodle

All dynasties inevitably end up falling.

The Ming Dynasty of China…

The San Francisco 49ers dynasty of the 1980s…

And now it appears that Duck Dynasty is in the early stages of crumbling!

The A&E reality series scored their lowest ratings for a premiere episode in three seasons! Duck Dynasty brought in only 8.5 million viewers, down from nearly 12 million for their Season 4 debut!

So why weren’t as many of their fervent fans there to tune in last night?

Could it be that homophobia, bigotry, and racism don’t sell so well with TV audiences?!

The show’s star, Phil Robertson, famously made comments last month about gays and African-Americans that offended many. The series' network at first suspended him but then did a complete 180, bringing him back on the show without penalty.

Many saw the move as A&E caving under pressure from those who rallied around Phil and scorned the network for taking away his free speech.

Eye roll…

But even with Phil back on the air, it seems like his hateful remarks may be to blame for shooting down his show’s ratings!

We expect he and his family will stick to their guns though and continue to believe that being gay is wrong and unnatural. If that’s the legacy that this dynasty wants to leave behind, then so be it!

[Image via A&E.]

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23 comments to “Duck Dynasty Ratings Drop In Season 5 Premiere! Did Homophobia Hurt This Hit Series After All?”

  1. 1

    It most likely has nothing to do with his remarks. It gained by far more supporters than attackers. Homophobia has never really impacted anything. Chick-Fil-A to name one example.

  2. stargirl17 says – reply to this


    Perez stop trying to push your own agenda and let people have their own opinions - GET OVER IT :)

  3. 3

    However, ratings were up .1 million from the finale in December. So it appears that the controversy really had no effect on viewing patterns of the show.

  4. 4

    That's not a big ratings drop, and those are still very high numbers for cable. With that said, I do believe the slight drop DID have something to do with his hateful remarks towards gays and lesbians. You can mask those hateful remarks behind a Bible all you want, it doesn't make it ok. I think it was ridiculous what A&E did though with temporarily suspending him. It's a free country and he can say what he wants - all A&E has to do is put up a disclaimer before every episode stating the views of the show do not represent the views of A&E. Simple.

  5. 5

    It was still the HIGHEST rated show of the night on cable, sorry perez. (I don't even watch it)As other have pointed out the Duck Dynasty family had more SUPPORTERS than haters over the whole gay issue. Lots of shows lose viewrship going into year 5.

  6. 6

    It was 400,000 MORE than those who watched the Christmas special and that aired after the "controversy".

  7. Stephanie Onze says – reply to this


    Did you seriously just write eye roll after talking about a constitutional amendment! Must I remind you that the constitution not only grants free speech but is also what protects you as a gay citizen from being persecuted. If you do not like what the constitution stands for and the rights it gives you as a citizen of this great country then perhaps you should find another one that only allows for freedom as it applies to people who you deem appropriate. Furthermore before you make some assumption that I am some just some homophobic conservative making these comments you should know that I am liberal who loves all people and who also happens to believe in the constitution and all it stands for not just the parts that I feel apply to me!

  8. JJMountie says – reply to this


    I hate homophobia, but they're just backwards rednecks, it's their lifestyle and all they know so I doubt anyone was offended. And hiding hate behind religion is simply hypocritical BS anyway. Good to know we can say whatever we want though, no matter how hate filled, and just claim 'freedom of speech'.

  9. anon says – reply to this


    People don't like to watch old nasty rednecks in their spare time? Shocker!

  10. 10

    "A&E’s recently controversial reality show “Duck Dynasty” returned for its fifth season on Wednesday, drawing a slightly higher audience than its season finale in October.
    Wednesday night’s premiere drew 8.5 million total viewers, inching up from the 8.4 million that the October finale drew."
    OH WAIT..Your take was a little different. Get over it! They are here to stay regardless of how much you hate them.

  11. angie says – reply to this


    No that had nothing to do with it. If you read multiple forums ,fans said they did not want to watch it if it was on A & E. Because they did not agree with them wanting to get rid of Phil.

  12. Those Darn Squirrels says – reply to this


    Willy and his wife have a black child and an asian child that they are raising. Their family is more diverse than most households. "racists" my ass. I've heard so many elderly black men complain about how much more violent today's blacks are from his days that there has to be SOME truth to what phil said about blacks being happier back in the day. His feelings about gays comes from the bible. Not from his own ignorance. He learned his views from ancient arabic men of the middle east. Not the south. I dont think god exists, but, the bible exists and people are going to believe in it.

  13. Those Darn Squirrels says – reply to this


    Re: JJMountie – They arent "just backwards rednecks". The reality is.. the southern states file more patents for inventions than most of the world. The state of alabama alone filed more patents than the entire country of brazil. Phil has a masters degree. He holds a patent (at least one). That makes him an inventor like my dad was. Inventors are the MOST important people in society (assuming you dont consider God the most important entity). Societies that have no inventors are all backwards.

  14. 14

    FYI- just because someone doesn't believe gays should marry or believes that gays are sinners who will not go to heaven does not mean that they are homopobic or hate gays. Also, never assume that just because someone doesn't call you f@g to your face or is polite to you doesn't mean they aren't thinking it. Maybe they're just smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves.

  15. jjbee says – reply to this


    it karma is intact

  16. JJMountie says – reply to this


    Re: Those Darn Squirrels – Saying he's an 'inventor' just adds evidence that's he's a backwards redneck, those guys are cooks. That's why we watch the show because it's unlike our own lives and entertaining. It's a great show! But do I value their opinions enough to take them seriously! NO! The most important people in society are those that show kindness and compassion to others, as I'm sure God would have it. These are not those people.

  17. JJMountie says – reply to this


    Re: Those Darn Squirrels – Sorry one more thing. You say he got his views from the bible, but why doesn't he just chose to ignore that part like many others in Leviticus. Okay I see no tattoos, but I've seen pictures of them all with short hair, not supposed to cut it… among many. The bible is no excuse for these views. I get that people will have them, it's an unfortunate truth. But you DON'T have the right to share them. Hate speech should in no way be considered Freedom of Speech, its an abuse.

  18. 18

    get real, how many queers watch Duck Dynasty. I love the show and didn't realize it was on. Had to watch the re-run. don't know if that counts in the ratings or not but I doubt Phil's comments about queers changed anything.

  19. 19

    Re: JJMountie – ever heard of the New Testament?

  20. 20

    Re: JJMountie – Phil has a masters degree in education, all his sons have college degrees and willie has an mba. Phil is worth about 80 million and the family about $400 million. not to backwards. Duck Commander just came out with a new line of firearms, selling like hotcakes.

  21. 21

    there rednecks what do you fucking expect from them? people who got offended by his comments are all idiots

  22. JJMountie says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Your view on life is so perverse. Go back to butchering the Bible and spreading hate. What he said was wrong, no two ways about it, can't hide it behind religion or Freedom of Speech. He's entitled to an opinion, but should have the sense, good manners and respect to keep it to himself. Has he apologised?

  23. JJMountie says – reply to this


    Re: toleratingothers – …"FYI- just because someone doesn't believe gays should marry or believes that gays are sinners who will not go to heaven does not mean that they are homopobic or hate gays"……..
    It absolutely does!! If you made that exact same statement, but about race, would it not make you a racist!! That is the most ridiculous thing I've read on here!! Why are 'Christians' the most hateful people out there!! And almost all are hypocrites. If you don't like gays it has absolutely NOTHING to do with your religion, stop cherry picking at the Bible and actually try and live a good Christian life, because I highly doubt the likes of you is what God intended!! Sure heaven has more gays than haters.