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Lena Dunham Politely Responds To "Not Very Polite" Nudity Controversy At The TCAs!

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Lena Dunham's nekked bod on Girls has brought up a lot of nasty questions comments.

One specific incident at the Television Critics Association press tour last week regarding her repeatedly bare body on Girls got the outspoken actress/creator seriously hot and bothered.

Remember when a reporter said Lena's nude scenes had "no purpose" and gurlfriend AND exec producer Judd Apatow flipped out??!

Well, Lena still isn't over it, and we don't blame her!

The starlet explained:

"If there was an intelligent debate, I think we should always honor that. We should always be asking questions about what is happening in the media and what is happening on our televisions. The thing that is hard about the TCAs was that it wasn't really framed like a question and it wasn't very polite. I'm fine with a sort of quantitative conversation about the nudity, not a qualitative conversation about the nudity."

Riiiiighhttt! We couldn't agree more.

If someone is successful enough to write, produce, and star in their own show, who is this reporter to say what she can and can't do with her own body??!

Anyway, we all need to put the airbrushing aside and celebrate the beauty of the female body in all shapes and sizes! Right, Miley Cyrus??! LOLz!

Keep on flashing those boobies, baby!

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4 comments to “Lena Dunham Politely Responds To "Not Very Polite" Nudity Controversy At The TCAs!”

  1. Cisco says – reply to this


    She will play the lead dork in the remake of "Revenge of the Nerds!"

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    This chick is a pig, I've seen her naked.

  4. perezisafuckhead says – reply to this


    wow i'm surprised fat on the inside perez understood what lena wrote. this is the type of writing people would love to see not the low brow bullshit perez posts.