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Walt Disney Descendent Agrees With Meryl Streep's Disses!

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Whoa, why's the ground shaking while It's A Small World is playing ominously in the background? Oh, that's just Walt Disney turning in his cryogenic pod grave!

We reported earlier how Meryl Streep slammed the late, great dreamer for being a racist, anti-Semitic "gender bigot."

That's a very unmagical accusation right there!

While the Walt Disney Family Museum has run to his defense using a Fastpass, there's at least one member of the Disney family tree that's not a fan of Uncle Walt.

Walt's grandniece Abigail Disney took to her Facebook page to weigh in on the Kramer v. Kramer Meryl Streep v. Walt Disney fight that's as epic as Fantasmic:

"I hadn't heard a word about this Meryl Streep/Walt Disney flap till this morning. Funny how no one mentioned it to me…. Like I was living in some kind of information bubble and nobody wanted to hurt my feelings or something. But if anyone is going to have mixed feelings about a cultural icon, wouldn't it be a member of the family??? More than anyone else???…And if you are going to have mixed feelings about a family member (and we all do) take it from me, you really need to be as honest as possible about those feelings, or else you are going to lead yourself into many a blind alley in life!! … Anti-Semite? Check. Misogynist? OF COURSE!! Racist? C'mon he made a film (Jungle Book) about how you should stay 'with your own kind' at the height of the fight over segregation! As if the 'King of the Jungle' number wasn't proof enough!! How much more information do you need? But damn, he was hella good at making films and his work has made billions of people happy. There's no denying it. So there ya go. Mixed feelings up the wazoo…I feel I have to clarify. I LOVED what Meryl Streep said. I know he was a man of his times and I can forgive him, but Saving Mr Banks was a brazen attempt by the company to make a saint out of the man. A devil he was not. Nor an angel. That's the point and if you read ALL her remarks you'll know that's exactly what she was getting at. She said exactly what I said about how in spite of it all, his vision was amazing and he brought joy to so many around the world. So I say Brava Meryl. I don't believe in bashing for bashing's sake but whenever we see a misplaced attempt at hagiography we need to speak our minds!"

Wow, was she not included in his will or something? Those are some pretty harsh words coming from his own flesh and blood.

Unlike some of Walt's early cartoons, we're not sure if his controversial past is so black and white.

One thing's for sure…the next family reunion is going to be totally AWKS!

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8 comments to “Walt Disney Descendent Agrees With Meryl Streep's Disses!”

  1. Yezuz for president says – reply to this


    Also say that all Germans who lived in Germany during the second world war have been Nazis, saw that they had to be cautious or feign Nazism during the occupation policy of the Nazi party, out of fear of reprisals or worse?! Misery… At least it clarifies a very important fact: he was of his time! Double misery…

  2. Smack In face of troo says – reply to this


    White females: white males built the absolute greatest countries in the world. We invented endless knowledge and medicines and entertainment. We learned how to fly and land on the moon. There is no end to the incredible things white males invented. We hugely invented knowledge itself and what we didnt invent, asian men did. I'm so tired of white males being portrayed as sexists and racists but oddly not.. GREAT INVENTORS and INNOVATORS (good things).
    White females were lucky to be laying on her back under us. LUCKY. We could have left her in the Caucasus mountains and imported some other lucky girl from the east to use their pillow and we might have been better off but we didnt because we were racists. Walt is a GENIUS. The end.

  3. 3

    Re: Smack In face of troo – What does your comment have to do with the story, which is about Walt Disney?

  4. 4

    you have to call a spade a spade

  5. tsmprincess says – reply to this


    It might be important to consider the fact that Abigail Disney was six years old at the time of Walt's death. To say that she is knowledgeable in Walt's personality is probably a gross over statement. Perhaps Miss Disney should consider that she didn't know Walt or Roy on a level that would give her credibility in backing Meryl Streep's statement. It might also be noted that Abigail's father is the man who had Walt's daughter's husband (Ron Miller) ousted from CEO of the Walt Disney Company. Miller is attributed with creating touchstone and the disney channel, which indicated that Miller was an asset to the company. If anyone questions Walt's personality perhaps it would be best to consult his daughter's comments on him, as she was very open about speaking about Walt and his legacy.

  6. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: tsmprincess – Very insightful comments, Princess!

  7. 7

    Attacking a dead man for his views is very, very low. It's also irrelevant. Let him rest in piece.

  8. Smack In Face of Troo says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – I dont believe in slamming law abiding white male geniuses for ANY reason.Historically, sometimes, we used our genius for wrong (like slavery and genocide) but every people on earth practiced some form of slavery at some point in their history and every people have committed genocides in the past. But I for one, am very proud of white male geniuses (and give a nod to all other geniuses out there). Whether that genius in the form of inventing theories like "E=MC2", inventing medical cures, landing things on mars or DRAWING A MOUSE. I worship geniuses. Geniuses are the closest thing on earth to a God that exists. Walt is a genius. The end. [speaks in tongues]