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51 comments to “Justin Bieber's Angry Legion Of Beliebers Are Hunting Down Which Supernatural Stud?”

  1. Lol says – reply to this



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  3. 3

    Oh he just said what we were all thinking.

  4. Jenn says – reply to this


    " Mommy! I need someone to drive me to Hollywood so that I can kill some guy who insulted my baby…the greatest singer and graffiti artist to ever be born…Justin Drew Bieber! I know I have to go to school tomorrow, sixth grade is important, but this is more important!" LOL

  5. Zaina says – reply to this


    Jared Padesexy is right. Beliebers just don't want to here the truth.

  6. Guest says – reply to this


    Jared didn't say this at the Golden Globes, he said it at The CCAs, Perez.

  7. zaynmalk996 says – reply to this


    Jared's just saying what everyone's thinking. According to Bieber's stans apparently that's what all normal 19 year olds do, all i gotta say is please stop insulting 19 year olds and take your heads out of bieber's ass

  8. Astoria says – reply to this


    I hate Justin Biaber so fucking much!! and all of his fans!!

  9. loddle says – reply to this


    This guy and his costar Jensen are kind of awesome. They seem very down to earth, and not to mention super sexy without being douchebags. I love when celebrities ridicule Bieber.

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  11. CatsandHats says – reply to this


    Yay Jared! He's a great guy unlike Bieber.

  12. 12

    Beliebers are losers.

  13. lloyd says – reply to this


    spn family ftw.

  14. Lyna Nguyen says – reply to this


    I'm a proud SuperWhoLockian. To be honest, Jared was just publicly stating what the rest of us are thinking. Beliebers are in denial. At least WE have the guts to admit when our idols make a mistake. I would say that Beliebers need to grow up and accept that people make mistakes, but I wouldn't want to tell a kid to grow up.

    Oh, and there's a HUGE mistake in this article: "Supernatural fans are a fiercely loyal bunch, but the TV show's seXXXy lead Jared Padalecki is quickly learning that they ain't got nothing on Beliebers!"

    Superatural fans are WAY fiercer than Beliebers. Clearly, SOMEONE needs to get on Tumblr. Beliebers aren't even at our level. We're just blowing this off because we don't want to waste our time with this feud. The only reason I'm commenting is because I want to make it clear: WE DON'T CARE THAT BELIEBERS ARE BOYCOTTING SPN. YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T EVEN WATCH IT TO BEGIN WITH. I'm not going to waste anymore time with this ridiculous feud. It's called freedom of press and speech, Beliebers, get used to it.

  15. BurnedToAsh says – reply to this


    I'm sorry, but I highly doubt that Beiber's fanbase could do any harm to the Supernatural fandom. We are a much larger and much more dangerous fandom and Beliebers should not try to pick a fight with us. It won't end well for them.
    And to all the Beiber fans boycotting Supernatural, are you even old enough to watch the show yet? I'm sure you haven't reached the age of 13 yet.

  16. Ann says – reply to this


    Re: Astoria – I honestly have nothing against Bieber but you're right, his fans are fucking crazy! They seem to think it's a fucking joke to throw death threats around!

  17. Isabelle says – reply to this


    "Supernatural fans are a fiercely loyal bunch, but the TV show's seXXXy lead Jared Padalecki is quickly learning that they ain't got nothing on Beliebers!" HAHA what?! Wow Perez you obviously do NOT know about the Supernatural fandom. We are immensely powerful and the Bieliebers have NOTHING on us! Justin Bieber fans don't watch supernatural anyway so we don't care if they boycott it. But next time get your facts straight, just go on Tumblr and search "supernatural" or "Mishapocalypse" then you would see how insane our fandom is

  18. Debs Houston says – reply to this


    you are so way off base here Perez, Jared & supernatural fans are stronger, more passionate & can even stay up late on a school night. so the justin fans should just wind their necks in as they have more to worry about than a very funny tweet with probably more truth in it than the story the cops were told at beibers house.

  19. 19

    as if any of us in the real world give a f*ck what a bunch of brain-damaged 10-yr-old tw*ts think… doubt any Bieb fans are even smart enough to comprehend the show.

  20. 20

    Supernatural fans are way more strong than the beliebers. Jared was just saying what he thought and there are a lot out there who have done the same. Justin's fans need to back off and take note of what he has been proven to do and not hide behind the fact that they think he didn't do it. Maybe if Justin was more careful in the public eye this wouldn't happen . The some of the beliebers have used nothing but harsh words of hate to him for this for having a say and yet they are having a say about what his fathering is like. SPN ftw.

  21. Still laughing says – reply to this


    "Supernatural fans are a fiercely loyal bunch, but the TV show's seXXXy lead Jared Padalecki is quickly learning that they ain't got nothing on Beliebers!"

    *Laughs* Honey you clearly have no idea how the Supernatural family works, do you?

  22. an intelligent person says – reply to this


    right so, people are saying that spn's ratings are going down bc of beliebers? okay um how about this, anyone who can handle and understand supernatural is definitely not a belieber and also we have the sherlock, doctor who, and merlin fandoms-in addition to our own insanely large numbers- backing us up on this, as well as everyone with enough brain cells to realize that justin is a dumb whiny little bitch.
    also the majority of the beliebers in Canada aren't old enough to drive to where jared is and they also need to graduate middle school and not spend it in jail so i doubt their mommys would allow them to go, no matter how many tantrums they throw.

  23. Shari says – reply to this


    I'm actually laughing really hard because the views of this episode will actually go up as there are so many people who are now going to put Supernatural on in the background just to protest against these little beliebers thinking they can ruin a great show.

    when a stupid fandom goes to hate on a fandom, the casual rivalry between fandoms just stops and they're going full-on against the actually-hating fandom, that's what i call being a part of the fandomfamily.

  24. Katie says – reply to this


    I am apart of the Supernatural fandom and the Beliebers don't seem to realize the complete loyalty and love for Jared and the rest of the cast. I really hope that the Beliebers stop this nonsense. Jared said ONE THING and all you pre-teens are freaking out.

  25. EmerarudoKitsune says – reply to this


    "Supernatural fans… ain't got nothing on Beliebers!"

    What are you on? Beliebers will BURN by our HANDS! WE WILL DESTROY EVERY LAST ONE!

    Not just us SPN fans. We have the Whovians, Fannibals, Potterheads, and Sherlockians backing us up on this one.

    The Beliebers have an army, yes, but We have a LEGION!!!!!


  26. Idiot. says – reply to this


    I'm laughing at all of the Supernatural fans here trying to act like they're any better than JB fans. None of you will do anything except call each other names behind a damn keyboard. Get over yourselves. You look ridiculous to normal people.

  27. Idiot. says – reply to this


    behind a computer screen** But I guess what I originally said makes sense.. sort of.

  28. ScottishDebs says – reply to this


    do u know wot REALLy annoys me is these so called entertainment sites go on & on abt JB fans & how they're gonna do this n do that to Jared, but no one mentions the supernatural or Jared supporters & how they feel about their fave actor being sent death threats etc. every one ive been on ive left comments but i feel like we dont count in this.

  29. ScottishDebs says – reply to this


    Re: Idiot. – normal people? do 'normal' people throw eggs at their neighbours houses & spit on their fans? well if thats normal i'd rather give it a pass thanx

  30. Kay says – reply to this


    There's a big difference between being loyal and being a crazy, fucked up, delusional prepubescent. Guess which one the rabid Beliebers fall under? What they have isn't loyalty, it's a deranged obsession. They are immature, disrespectful, and improperly raised. It's no surprise they idolize an ungrateful wastrel like Justin Bieber. Hopefully he'll be deported soon (sorry, Canada). And while all this hype is going on, Supernatural, its actors, and its fans will be just fine. All the Beliebers are doing is throwing around empty threats and hollow words that don't even form coherent sentences. And their boycott? Maybe they don't understand what a boycott is, since they care more about fucking some celebrity than paying attention in school, but you can't effectively boycott something you've never even been a patron of. Beliebers watching a show like Supernatural that has complex plots, talented acting, and words that are more literarily advanced than "amazeballs"? Not likely.

  31. Spocklockthetimelord says – reply to this


    Re: Isabelle – Let's not forget that we Whovians and other fandoms are backing ya, too.

  32. Sarah says – reply to this


    Excuse me? Supernatural fans got nothing on Beliebers? Are you serious with that statement? Jared's fans are very much loyal. And also we have several fandoms behind us supporting Jared's tweet, not just Supernatural. We also have Dr.Who fans and Sherlock fans and a bunch of other fandoms standing with us. Belibers got nothing more than a fly's shit on a window. Haha, they can try but will never take us down!

  33. 33

    "Supernatural fans are a fiercely loyal bunch, but the TV show's seXXXy lead Jared Padalecki is quickly learning that they ain't got nothing on Beliebers!"
    Beliebers have nothing on the collective fandoms. :P stop hunting down one of OUR idols Beliebers!

  34. Zane says – reply to this


    He made a joke, a joke that all of us were thinking anyways. All I see are supernatural fans, and it may be like walking around egg shells with the beliebers but they just woke up in a world of bear traps. Have fun beliebers.

  35. Really? says – reply to this


    After reading this article, I can say with full confidence the writer did no research at all. "Supernatural fans are a fiercely loyal bunch, but the TV show's seXXXy lead Jared Padalecki is quickly learning that they ain't got nothing on Beliebers!" Clearly, the writer was oblivious to the majority of what went down.
    I feel as if this was a biased article from the start.

  36. Sherlocked says – reply to this


    I'm not part of the Supernatural fandom yet, but when I get around to obsessively watching the show, I will be. That fact that it is a fandom says a lot about the loyalty of the fans, Perez you need to do your research

  37. Jimmy says – reply to this


    go suck justin's dick perez… you're practically fucking him anyways.

  38. SuperWhoLockian says – reply to this


    Re: Idiot.
    I tried being normal once. It was the worst two minutes of my life.

  39. SuperWhoLockian says – reply to this


    And the episode that they were boycotting actually got 2.7M views. The highest amount of views for one of their episode on THREE YEARS.

  40. fangirlranting says – reply to this


    "Supernatural fans are a fiercely loyal bunch, but the TV show's seXXXy lead Jared Padalecki is quickly learning that they ain't got nothing on Beliebers!"???
    ExCUSE me?
    In retaliation against the beliebers' plans to boycott supernatural, the supernatural fandom all stood up to watch the episode last night.
    Last night's episode had the highest ratings in over 3 years, despite the beliebers' boycott.
    We are WAY more dedicated than the beliebers, except we actually have common sense, brains, and, most of all, our fandom is not composed of naively ignorant pre-teens.
    So, actually, it appears the the beliebers aint got nothing on US.
    Go write an article on THAT.

  41. Supernatural Fan says – reply to this


    Beliebers ain't got nothing on us
    Tumblr is full of supernatural fans ready to spring to Jared's defense.
    Don't worry, Jarpad, we'll protect from the 12 year olds!!

  42. TeamFreeWill says – reply to this


    Um, excuse me, did everyone miss the part where Team Free Will trumped the Beliebers? Boycott backfire suckaaas

  43. Crystal says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Supernatural just had it's highest viewed episode in three years. I think that renews some faith in humanity.

  44. ddddd says – reply to this


    Bet yall feel stupid now. Supernatural had the most views. Wanna know why? IT IS DEFENDED. You mess with the supernatural fandom you mess with merlin, sherlock, vampire diaries, doctor who, all of BBC, Tumbler, etc.

  45. Jo says – reply to this


    Well, considering the most recent episode of Supernatural had the highest viewing figures the show has seen in over three years I don't think JB fans have the influence you seem to think.

  46. Kaylea Lloyd says – reply to this


    Like everyone has said, Jared just said what everyone was thinking and Justin Bieber's fans hate that he may be right. And never mind who has a bigger fan base, us Supernatural fans are tougher and we have first hand training of hunting supernatural creatures. So let Justin's fans say what they say, we'll just stay quiet for now and then show them what we can really do if they hurt Jared…….or Jensen or Misha for that matter

  47. Cam says – reply to this

  48. Nanny says – reply to this


    Perez, you forget that the Supernatural fandom is not only a crowded and powerful fandom, but also this guys have other greatest fandoms at their side: the Doctor Who, Sherlock and Merlin fandoms, for example.

  49. 49

    'Hell hath no fury like a Belieber scorned!!'
    'Hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned'…

    Song: Vampire Club, by Aurelio Voltaire Hernandez”'
    LOL, Voltaire! XD Good thing Voltaire's my favourite singer instead of Bieber, and it's possible that he doesn't like Bieber…

    Yay for dark cabaret! XD

  50. Lady says – reply to this


    Bieber fans are just as vile as he is.

  51. zo says – reply to this


    Remind me how the beliebers won when spn got renewed early and got the highest ratings in years after the beliebers boycotted? Not to mention the fact that all of tumblr hates them now… more than before I mean