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New York Police Arrest 84-Year-Old Man For Jaywalking! But Not Before Bloodying His Face!

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wong pedestrian watermark

Tell your grandparents to stay out of New York!

Because apparently the police there have it out for the elderly!

An 84-year-old man was hospitalized on Sunday after a run in with the law that left his face a bloody mess! Just look at that picture (above)!

OMG! Poor guy!

So what did Kang Wong do that caused cops to rough him up this hard?!

He was jaywalking!

Srsly, NYPD?! No, really. Srsly?!

Wong was reportedly crossing 96th Street when an officer stopped him for illegally walking against the light. Cops have been cracking down on jaywalking in the area after three people were struck and killed by cars just this month!

But eyewitnesses say Wong didn’t understand what the officer who approached him was saying, and tried to walk away. That’s when several police arrived at the scene and apprehended Mr. Wong, leaving him with several cuts on his head!

His son, who happens to be a lawyer, now says they’ll probably press charges against the department.

We realize the police were really just doing their job and looking out for a citizen’s safety. But that picture doesn’t lie!

When an 84-year-old is bleeding from his head, the situation has definitely crossed way too far over the thin blue line!

[Image via NY Post.]

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11 comments to “New York Police Arrest 84-Year-Old Man For Jaywalking! But Not Before Bloodying His Face!”

  1. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    Yet no mention of "eyewitnesses" witnessing the the man being beaten or hit by the police-according to you Perez. what god awful writing on here.

  2. 2

    Little kids are being brutally raped & buried alive DAILY in NYC…and this is who the cops are BRUTALLY TORTURING…SENIOR CITIZEN JAYWALKERS.


  3. DALEK says – reply to this


    New York is the worst, but they think they're the greatest. Bunch of assholes. especially those damn cops who can't pronounce their 'R's correctly

  4. ... says – reply to this


    Another case of abuse of authority made by our dear police.
    You know that when a bunch of men are sets and they try to impress with a game of: who is the boss.
    There is nothing better for an insured disaster as a group of men who must think and Act sets. all this testosterone and these male egos…
    Just do the math!

    This is why in the army do you are asked not to think but to act soldier! ―..―

  5. caroline says – reply to this


    they will be stupid if then wont prosecute them… enough is enough!

  6. Irina says – reply to this


    Most cops here need to get off their high horses and get over their napoleon complexes. I can't stand them!! They all think they're above the law because they wear their uniform… meanwhile, instead of helping people in need, they do the complete opposite 80% of the time. PATHETIC! I hope the poor man's son sues the shit out of them!

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Very old seniors need to be treated with understanding, respect and kindness!
    Re: nationalenquirer – He's 84 years old. His face is bloody. There was a language barrier, but yes, all are waiting on witnesses as to what criminal activity great grandpa was perpetrating.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Just the other day watched a memorial clip of Tom Laughlin who played in the Billy Jack movies. In the clip he said, 'When policemen break the law, then there isn't any law.'
    Let's hope this isn't the case here.

  9. Elsie says – reply to this


    He shoved a cop. You're leaving that part out. That's a no-no.

  10. 10

    De Blasio 'way!Shame on you!

  11. telo says – reply to this


    I just heard politicians say that the racial ratio in prison is somehow wrong. To follow affirmative action, and to get some more Asians in prison, of course the police has to arrest an 84 year old Asian for Jaywalking, and let the black kids who "play" "knockout" "game" runaway. Hopefully this policy will lead to more reasonable prison population under our new mayor.