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Justin Bieber's Dad Was There TOO! Jeremy Bieber Was One Of The People Who Helped Block The Road They Drag Raced On!

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justin biebers dad jeremy bieber there too

Wait, wait, wait WHAT!??!!

Not only was Justin Bieber JUST arrested this morning, but reportedly his dad, Jeremy Bieber was right there with him while he was resisting arrest!

Apparently, Justin's 38 year-old father was one of the people who was blocking off the street that Biebsy was drag racing on!


Not only this, but apparently his father was with Bieberoni all day AND partying at Set nightclub with Justin prior to his arrest!!

He didn't even think to stop his son?! Or tell him that his behavior wasn't the smartest decision in the world?!?!

Man, oh man. That's some sad news.

P.S. Ch-ch-check out his mug shot (below)!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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41 comments to “Justin Bieber's Dad Was There TOO! Jeremy Bieber Was One Of The People Who Helped Block The Road They Drag Raced On!”

  1. candylou says – reply to this


    SHOCK another set of parents that DONT GIVE ASHIT about their kid and only see him as a cash cow. Justin and his parents need a punch in the face along with his manager,usher

  2. justsaying says – reply to this


    A dad who upload picts on Instagram saying his son has to put up with him because he has more tattoos than his son… way to be a role model. and you still can´t believe this one?

  3. Repulsive says – reply to this


    Stupid dad…..

  4. 4

    Like father, like son. Looks like someone never grew up and still has no sense of responsibility. Great parenting skills, Mr. Bieber. Maybe you can go to rehab together.

  5. 5

    His dad is a money sucking leech. I guess now he'll have to get a job to support all those tattoos. Great parenting idiot.

  6. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Another example of IDIOT parents who would rather be their children's best friend than an actual PARENT and good role model. Sad.

  7. Kansas says – reply to this


    The assapple doesn't fall far from the asshat tree.
    Bieber's dad was/is apparently a methhead in Stratford, where Justin is from.
    So not surprisingly, his son is also a drugged up, filthy, waste of space douche.
    On a unrelated note, I booed Justin when he busked in that city on the Bank of Montreal steps way back when. (I was there for the Festival Theatre.)
    Fond memories.

  8. 8

    Piece of trash father…..

  9. fid says – reply to this


    Most of these child stars gone wrong, have parents who don't care about their well being and just see them as additional bank accounts instead of kids they care about. Justin Bieber's dad looks like a douche, he looks young and is now too used to making money off his child.

    The only child stars that seem to have grown up OK are the type who have parents who are you know, good parents. The Fannings, Hilary Duff, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Elijah Wood, all child stars whos parents you never hear about. Look at the disaster child stars Lindsay Lohan, Corey Haim, Corey Feldmen, McCauley Caulkin etc. all of them have disaster parents who used them for money.

  10. Jenn says – reply to this


    With all these child stars gone bad, it ALWAYS comes back around to one thing- THEIR PARENTS!! (ex. Linsey, Miley) But at the end of the day you grow up and eventually have to take responsibility for your own actions…

  11. 11

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  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Father of the year, if true, plus a 19 year old with an unending pile of money.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  13. 13

    Re: candylou – His manager is Scooter Braun (sp?), not Usher. Usher signed him to his label. Gossip sites have been reprting for SOME time Scooter has been trying to stop Bieber's antics but has not been successful. Like he tol dhim to dump Lil Za, and sell his house and go to rehab….

    Canadian trailer trash.

  14. 14

    Both parents are pieces of s–t.

  15. Gema says – reply to this


    His dad is more irresponsible than his son. He saw how that kid was taking drugs and drinking, and then… he helped him to block the street for him to race!!?? WTF?! That's a bad friend, not a father! Or his mom, who think she doesn't have to care about him because he is over 18! Parents are parents FOREVER, teaching how not make ANY mistakes. That's their job. Now she is like: 'Pray for him'. Sorry, but if I believed in god I'd prefer to pray for children in poverty, not for a brat who thinks he is better than everyone else (Justin words when he got arrested: Do you know who I am?). Stop praying and go to see your f*cking son, talk with him, tell him you are
    disappointed (though it is a lie because you ignores what's happening).CARE about your son! I mean… BE HIS PARENTS, NOT HIS BUDDIES! The main problem with Bieber is his parents are like him. They think they are better than anyone else because they have a lot of money because his selfish son. Mallette must stop promotingher stuff and remember she has a son

  16. 16

    Why couldn't he have crashed and burned. Seriously Paul Walker dies speeding, but this shit head high and drunk doesn't? Ppft

  17. Mel says – reply to this


    Leave the kid alone, what a greeat dad, he`s not like the other dumbasess fathers who never let their son´s have fun as they want to. he´s a genius hahaha

  18. 18

    My Daddy did that…then my Mommy gave me pills….what mess. Get this kid in rehab now!!!

  19. Mel says – reply to this


    Re: candylou – Usher is not his manager idiot

  20. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …great parenting…..White Trash from Ontario Housing (that is, public housing….)…..Ontario TRASH !

  21. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Is the holy roller WHITE TRASH mom praying for her druggie son's salvation … ? ? ?

  22. phoebe says – reply to this


    Jeremy Bieber is an asshole, everyone in Canada knows this, he likes to beat people up in bars, he was an absent parent with Justin. Patty on the other hand is a normal Mom.

  23. phoebe says – reply to this


    re: Be-Atch screw you , who do you think you are?

  24. Maggie O says – reply to this


    Oh Daddy DO DO DO me
    He is a hottie

  25. Summer says – reply to this


    Re: Kansas – So you are bragging about picking on a kid-how nice.

  26. DanT2590 says – reply to this


    No wonder Justin is such a mess. People thought he'd get through the teen years without being a total shit, but he's such a mess, he's another one of the young "stars" that loves the attention…..and the more negative, the more he likes it! He seemed like a nice guy until he hit about 18….then turned into a ass.

  27. 27

    So his father sat back and watched his son drink and take drugs and then get behind the wheel? He doesn't give a crap if his is hurt or hurts someone else. Pattie needs to focus on being a mother instead of blogging. Especially considering the headlines her son has been making lately. I don't care how she 'sees it'. My parents wpuld have been all over me no matter what my age. She is sending a message of approval to him by not trying to intervene.

  28. 28

    Well of course he is going to let that spoiled brat do anything he wants, who do you think pays his bills and picks up the tab for all the partying they do together. No one is going to tell him no on anything when he controls their paychecks, would you? It will be to bad if he ends up like his idol Michael Jackson, but then the family would get even more again just like Michael Jackson worth more dead then alive.

  29. doesntmatter says – reply to this


    i dont know why everyone is assuming his mother isnt doing anything. we dont know whats going on there. she could be calling him day and night and trying to talk sense into him. so shes not blabbing about it and being graceful in public. that doesnt mean shes not taking all the action she can behind closed doors. he is an adult . there is nothing she can force on to him. she seems like a normal mother to me, worried about her son and at a loss as to what to do. if she was doing interviews aka michael lohan wed all be saying she was exploiting him.
    clearly, the dads an ass addict , and justin has addiction problems which could absolutely account for all the personality changes and narcissism. just classict addict behavior. hopefully he can hit a bottom without dying and get some clarity.

  30. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    These people are considered White Trash in Ontario…they took advantage of Ontario's generous welfare, subsidized housing (Ontario Housing), and other freebies…..just too damn lazy to work. This is what happens when WHITE TRASH gets money…

  31. B says – reply to this


    typical new money white trash. no wonder justin is so fucked up. look at his vanilla ice wanna be dad. drinkin and smoking with your son? hopefully they hit a wall going 100 so we can be rid of these douches already.

  32. Gaga's Monster says – reply to this


    They will drug him till he die and get the money :(

  33. KC says – reply to this


    Talk about like father like son. It's bad enough that the son wears his pants with his ass hanging out but the father does too. Has no one ever told these young guys and apparently older ones what the hell this is a sign for, ask an ex-prison inmate I am sure they will tell you.

  34. Ahmed says – reply to this


    Muhammad [may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him] said this about homosexuals and Deviants in general [Beiber's dad is a deviant]: _""Whoever you find committing the sin of the people of Lut (Lot/Sodom&Gomora), kill them, both the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.""_ Allah's messenger [may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him] also said this: _""Bukhari (72:774) - "The Prophet cursed effeminate men (those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners of women) and those women who assume the manners of men, and he said, 'Turn them out of your houses .' The Prophet turned out such-and-such man, and 'Umar turned out such-and-such woman. The man and woman were then led to the market in Medina where their heads were cut off by a scimitar. Allah is most wise, most merciful.""_ Clearly homosexuals are evil, and it is obvious that these people flaunting their unnatural lifestyle around wont last long, Allah will not permit it…Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth and homosexuality will be stamped out everywhere sooner or later. Allahu Akbar.

  35. missliss says – reply to this


    Is it wrong that I still think his dad is super hot? Bad father, but still, so hot.

  36. Morgan says – reply to this


    Lol fucking pricks. Both of them. Lol I'm fucking 15 and my dad is 49, but Biebs being 19 and his asshole of a father being 38?! I'm not gonna ask how old the mother is…no doubt that she's a fucking waste of life on this planet like her spouse and son…all of em' are fucking stupid money-sucking machines. They need to come to realize this…fucking hell at least my dad doesn't HELP ME DO A FUCKING DRAG RACE! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT FUCKING FAMILY?!?!?! Like father like son, I guess…

  37. 37

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  38. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: Summer
    Good grief! "..picking on a kid" ? LMAO. :)
    Are you telling me I should have clapped politely?
    Listen, Summer, I booed because he was terrible. And I still think he's terrible. I'd boo him again if I had the chance. Because the last time I checked, I'm allowed to have my own opinions, and I'm allowed to express myself.

    And btw, I don't drive drunk, egg houses, spray paint buildings in other countries, act like a douche while I'm stoned on sizzurp, and in general, behave like a spoiled rotten self-entitled asshole.
    (not so "nice", huh?)
    Summer, take your judgements on MY behaviour & shove 'em up your Belieber loving ass.

  39. jackie law says – reply to this


    ooooh! please dont spoil the son justin, be a sample to the son!

  40. Tara Greene says – reply to this


    Apparently Justin's mother and father were both crystal meth making and selling drugs when Justin was a baby. A friend of mine who grew up in Stratford just told me this. He says everyone in Stratford knows this. White trash, and now his Dad is hanging with him because his son's got millions. Sad, because the kid is a role model for many millions of kids. Justin is also a PISCES, which makes him more sensitive to drugs, denial, illusion, delusion, addictions, as well as being creative and spiritual. Pray for this kid to clean up his young ass.

  41. saywhat? says – reply to this


    Justin's mother was a single parent and now daddy's in the picture because of the $ and fame.

    seems like this Cinderella story is like Lindsey and her mom. Party hard and no responsibility! :(