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Justin Bieber Curses Out Cop Who Arrested Him! Read The Transcript From The Arrest Report HERE!

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Where are your manners, Justin Bieber?

Justin unleashed a curse filled rant on the police officer who cuffed him!

Read his F-bomb laden response taken from the arrest report below:

"Why did you stop me?…Why the f*ck are you doing this?…What the f*ck did I do? Why did you stop me?…I ain't got no f*cking weapons. Why do you have to search me? What the f*ck is this about? What the f*ck are you doing?"

Wow, although he didn't spit in his face, this is still pretty bad! SRSLY it will probably take weeks to pick up all the F-bombs he dropped!

We're surprised he's so chipper in his smugshot!

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14 comments to “Justin Bieber Curses Out Cop Who Arrested Him! Read The Transcript From The Arrest Report HERE!”

  1. Selena says – reply to this


    Similar to how he spoke to Selena in those "fake" messages !

  2. sKankeliminator says – reply to this



  3. 3

    just deport the nasty little girl

  4. 4

    He's got the world by the ass and he's acting this way…he'll live fast and die young or be in jail. But hell, he's rich, he can get out of anything the normal person would be in trouble for…go figure.

  5. 5

    Geesh, he really is becoming suck a little puke. Stop acting like a turd.. and get your shit together and start respecting people.

  6. Enough is enough says – reply to this


    Little bastard….go home. Deport him.

  7. 7

    This little shit better get his act together or he won't be around passed 30! he's nineteen LOOK AT THE DARK CIRCLES UNDER HIS EYES!!! WHAT A JERK AND WHERE THE HELL IS HIS MOTHER????

  8. Laurie B says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – lol we don't want him back!

  9. Dani says – reply to this


    Time to send this piece of trash back to Canada. Dumb punk with a bunch of useless hangers on, completely out of control and soon to be yesterdays news.

  10. steveclemo says – reply to this


    probably will get off easy because of his celebrity status, but he deserves community service, lose his license and random drug testing. If he does, christmas will come early. :D

  11. 11

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  12. Zoomer says – reply to this


    Fake left/right.. Exact same marks on both side of face.. (freckles ect)

  13. 13

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha….why me?

  14. 14

    Lol id say DEPORT. but hey, when you have special connections like he does. He just needs a HUGE wake up call id say.