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19 comments to “Justin Bieber's Dad's Enabling Continues! Gets Snappy And Protective Because Everyone's An "Enemy!"”

  1. ... says – reply to this


    What pompous individual seems to be his father! Look at his eyes full of arrogance, of self-sufficiency, Beurkk.
    It is not surprising that was told that he would need prayer. In my opinion, it would also have great need of an Exorcist to deliver him of the bad influences of role model as his little Daddy.

  2. Muhahahah XD says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole
    The truth comes out of the mouths of babes

  3. 3

    If he was any kind of father he would drag his 19 yr old son's ASS to some sort of therapy before it's too LATE!!!

  4. > says – reply to this


    It was for sure that the kid wanted to impress his daredevils of father ! Here you are!

  5. tempe says – reply to this


    His did is HOT though. wow

  6. 6

    He needs to start being a parent and not a friend. His son is already down a dangerous path. If he wants Justin to be around for his 21st birthday and his other kids lives, he'll stay away from Justin and let him get the help he needs.

  7. fid says – reply to this


    Just LOOK at his dad, he thinks he's a 17 year old soft thug. Anyways, does Jeremy Bieber even work or does he just suckle at Justin's teat? The guy will say anything to continue getting a pay check. Loser.

  8. texasannie says – reply to this


    the tool doesn't fall far from the tree… what a loser father who's trying to be his buddy and sucking up to his money. I've heard that he wasn't around much during justin's upbringing and now he's a leech.

  9. 9

    This coming from a father who was NEVER there for his son until his son became RICH and FAMOUS and then all of a sudden he wants to be in his son's life. Of course he is agreeing with his loser son, he's afraid the gravy train will stop. And the dad seriously needs to grow up. He thinks he's 19 with the way he dresses and acts. Grow up, be a father, not a friend ( but he's not really even a friend, just in it for the money) He'd be nowhere near his son if Justin wasn't rich. Kind of sad, really.

  10. 10

    im not saying biebs isnt at fault but he is being a teenager, loo kat what most of us did, aside fro mgetting arrested but im sorry my parents wer firm and we paid for our actions, here both parents are contributing to his demise, its sad for Biebs because since his parents arent showing signs of concern he thinks its cool and it will fly., his parents like him are big part of the blame. Capitizing on his fame but one day this will al lbe over and where will they be then? its sad frankly

  11. Dang says – reply to this


    Obviously this guy is crazy. He's pissed because he was actually drinking and one of the people blocking the street so his drug impaired son could Drag race in a quiet neighborhood? He just proved that he is a user and no wonder his son never has taken and never will take responsibility. Everyone around him is telling him it's okay, it's not you, everyone is the enemy. That's paranoia, usually caused by drug addiction. Guess Papa Biebs must be partying way too much with his kid who he suddenly became a father to once the boy got rich. What a creep. He probably knows he's in Justin's will no matter what happens.

  12. 12

    This kids dad is ate up what lies? The kid has admitted 2 pot smoking, pills and drinking and drag racing how much more clear can that b? I am beginning 2 c what the problem with kid is, his parents.

  13. jc says – reply to this


    His dad is a dead beat and should be locked up for enabling violent and dangerous behavior.

  14. 14

    This is what happens when your kid is the sole breadwinner in the family. When dad is on the payroll and mom gives you prescription drugs, you get to do whatever you want.

  15. Etribbs says – reply to this


    Mr. Bieber is pretty HOT! I'll take Beiber Senior!

  16. 16

    Douche and douche Sr.

  17. D. says – reply to this


    Another father not in tune with reality.

  18. 18

    Because you can't prove the pot puffing, the sizzurping or half the other things. Just because he's nabbed on one item doesn't make him guilty on the 20 other allegations. This is what his dad is talking about. ANyway. I just want to see a picture of JB's vagina once and for all. I bet it has cute little dimples.

  19. Ms Me says – reply to this


    Can I just quickly add how pathetic Justin looks in this picture hidding behind his loser dad?? There he is looking like the kid he actually is, he should stop trying to be an adult because clearly he doesnt know whta it is ti be one.