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27 comments to “He Tweets! Justin Bieber Shares Special, Godly Message To Fans About Being "Worthy" Following DUI Arrest!”

  1. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    When Beibs said "no matter what others say" he meant people like Perez who just yesterday parodied The Biebs in a gif. Shame on you Perez.

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    He is out of his mind. Amanda Bynes 2.

  4. Hunter says – reply to this


    Why is it every time he stuffs up, he refers to God as some sort of automatic response mechanism?

  5. 5

    His "Beliebers" changed his life alright. For the worse.

  6. blondieb says – reply to this


    His tweet is not the same behavior as he has been displaying. How do we know he even wrote that?

  7. 7

    Please deport this bitch!

  8. 8

    STFU Bieber, this "God" and "grateful" stuff you automatically tweet every time you f* up, you obv think your fans are idiots. You are not grateful. You're the worst brat.

  9. eas123 says – reply to this


    So is he saying his fans are just as guilty for creating this monster.

  10. 10

    What a spoiled little twat.

  11. apple pie says – reply to this


    I am worthy because I work hard to make my life and the life of my kids respectful and happy. And I am proud that both of them think that you are a wannabe idiot who need some real love and not some people who cares about your money.

    Wish you well little justin time to grow up and please do me a favor. If you want to race with your car do that away from where people live and rent a race track so you can race all you want and maybe kill your own self. respect other.

  12. 12

    your a PIG go back to Canada.

  13. pixiestix61 says – reply to this


    Too Bad, So Sad Biebs- your contrite tweets aren't gong to bring back your fan base which are young girls whose parents pay for the tickets to your shows. You are not a rock star. You have chosen to act like a spoiled ,over indulged douche. You have made your "fans" (who are all under the age of 20)wait hours for you to show up on stage. Why? Cause you are sitting in some splendor filled back stage fantasy land guzzling codeine and laughing at how cool it all is… You are done dude, how the nighty have fallen

  14. Kansas says – reply to this


    Oh MAN, what an ass. Playing the "God" card, is he?
    I find it hard to believe that this self-entitled piece of cheesy crap lives a life centred around any kind of God, unless God can be found in the bottom of a sizzurp bottle.
    This is a blatant and ridiculous attempt to calm the firestorm after his unbelieveably stupid actions.
    And his Beliebers "changed his life"? LOL!
    Yep… "I will forever be grateful that you changed my existence from a small Cdn city kid into a disrespectful and rude, ego-centred douchebag. I mean, thanks everyone! Now I'm a drunk and stoned piece of crap who throws money around like a deck of cards, believing I can do whatever the hell I want to other people without paying a price. Thanks! Praise GOD!"
    Ugh. I agree with Seth Rogan: What a piece of shit.

  15. Kansas says – reply to this


    Oh yeah, I forgot:
    "This thing could have ended a lot worse."
    Perez is such an ignoramus.
    THIS hasn't ended yet. Not at all. It's only beginning.
    And "genuine" ? LOL. Shows how shallow Perez is, eh?
    Just mention religion and you're good as gold, right? I mean, it's GOTTA be genuine if you bring up "God," right?

  16. 16


  17. 17

    talking god isn't going to undo all the bullshit behavior he's been exhibiting for a long time.
    now that he's in deep shit he's run whimpering to god for help. grow up kid, face the music and start behaving yourself. money does not make you above the law.

  18. 18

    The whole " I'm young and dumb" excuse is not going down anymore so time to whip out the God card. Bieber is a spoiled brat who hasn't been told no is who knows how long and thinks the world owes him. Time to wake up sunshine, you need to grow the fuck up. And don't for Christ sakes send him back to Canada. We don't want him, and you can keep his ditch-pig parents too!

  19. duilama says – reply to this


    Hey Justin:

    Inspired much by MJ lately? Got $25millions spare change?

  20. OhGeezus says – reply to this


    JUSTIN YOU ARE NOT JESUS, and you arn't talking to your disciples.
    This guy has some serious personality disorders. Not going to end well.

  21. Pixi says – reply to this


    Re: pixiestix61
    Yep he is done. Britney and Chris Brown NEVER were so narcissistic and entitled like this, AND they also crossed over before their incidents occured.
    He is done.

  22. ok_then says – reply to this


    GOD has sent a strong message to Justin Bieber with this latest scare and is watching over him. I hope he takes the message clear because it couldn't be any more louder. Time to straighten out your life Justin! As a Belieber I am supporting Justin as is millions of other Beliebers around the world who are in shock right now that their worst fears have come true, and Justin is in desperate need of help for his mental health problems and now it appears addictions. We want Justin to take responsibility for his actions and are not making excuses for him. But we will not abandon him when he needs support like he has never needed before in his life. Fuck his haters!

  23. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Kansas – Fuck You! Nobody has to play the GOD card who believes in GOD. And no one has that power to come in between a person and their faith. If somehow you think you are more deserving and are a judge of who is deserving of GOD's love and compassion than enjoy that everlasting vacation in hell when it comes your turn to meet your maker. Seth Rogan is a fucking of shit himself anyway and a B-Lister, who gives a fuck what he says.

  24. The100%Truth says – reply to this


    Justin got a slap on the wrist for what he did. He was speeding, he was drunk, he was high, he talked back to a cop, he had an attitude and then he got a 2k out of jail card. seriously? Justin's antics and behavior is just sad. He should have gotten a stronger sentence, like 1 year or more in jail. (how can he learn anything in 24 hours) (people are grounded for more then 24 hours)

    Justin is going to go back out on the streets, and drag race again and some poor person is going to get hit and end up dead and then what? Justin needs to wake up and smell the coffee and his mom should be his mom and not his best friend.

    Hearing about Justin this and Justin that, is down right annoying. Cant turn on a tv without someone talking about Justin Bieber.

    All I see is a 19 year old music star with money and on his way to rehab for drugs and alcohol. and how can 19 year old person be able to have a drinking problem when the drinking age is 21?

    out of control musician on his way to downfall!

  25. 2014 says – reply to this


    so Justin bieber gets away with drag racing, speeding, drinking and driving and talking back to the cops and now his dad helped block the roads. not one person heard of a drag race area where it safe for the drag racer and their is no innocent people to run over.

    I think Justin bieber shouldn't got the slap on the wrist and the 2k bail. should have gotten 5 years for drag racing, drinking and driving, drug intoxicated and get rough with a cop.

    it seems if you are worth millions of dollars, the law doesn't work the same if the person is poor or middle class.

    before you know it Justin will be back in court again. I hope he doesn't kill anyone drag racing on the public streets. I wonder if he got written up for the 20k egg damage he done.

    all I know is Justin bieber is a train wreck he needs a grounded from his mom and not have his parents be his friends.

    I don't listen to his music, wish I can stop listening to his train wreck life that is posted online and on tv every day… wish the world would wake up and stop listening to Justin make an a$$ out of himself…

  26. Daisy Adams says – reply to this


    There's a saying "when you do something good people forget, when you do something bad people remember" if you say Justin should be treated like any other citizen who breaks the law, then shouldn't every person who breaks the law be on the news. thers such a big fuss about him, so why not have a fuss over any other? Besides if alcohol is that BAD,(which it is), then why not shut down the whole company, why not stop producing and selling it. its 4 every drug. WAIT a sec, i think i know why, its becuz the <3 4 $$$$. companies adore it, so they actually care for money more than people. who's fault is it. when its out there on the streets, then what do u expect people to do also whats the favorite thing to do on New Years. think be4 u beleive, look at the rela justin not the "medias justin"

  27. juel says – reply to this


    Bieber is so popular.