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Wacky Arizona Sheriff Restricts Inmates Diets To Bread & Water After Desecrating American Flag!

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sheriff joe arpaio restricting diets bread water over desecration of american flag

Well, it's a good thing Justin Bieber wasn't arrested in Phoenix!

Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio is making headlines again, but for all the wrong reasons!

The ultra-conservative and totes controversial lawman is royally pissed because inmates in one of his prisons desecrated American flags he forced them to hang in their cells!

How does he plan to punish these 38 rapscallions? By putting them on a bread and water diet!!

Wait, what!? That seems kind of messed up!! What if one of them is allergic to gluten?!

Sheriff Joe, a.k.a. the dude George Lopez BLASTED over his love of racial profiling, released this statement:

"These inmates have destroyed the American flag that was placed in their cells. Tearing them, writing on them, stepping on them, throwing them in the toilet, trash or wherever they feel. It's a disgrace … this is government property that they are destroying, and we will take action against those who act this way."

Yikes!! Why did he force them to hang American flags in their cells in the first place? Did he expect them to salute them every night before bed?

Apparently the Sheriff is figuratively shoving America down these inmates throats in other ways, too! He's blasting the Star-Spangled Banner every morning through the prison intercom and then God Bless America every night.

Look, we love America as much as the next guy! We love it even more than we love licking barbecue sauce off of Zac Efron's abs, but this is overkill!!!

The Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution pretty explicitly forbids cruel and unusual punishment!!!

While it might be up to the courts to decide whether Sheriff Joe's tactics are cruel, we think everyone would agree they're unusual!

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20 comments to “Wacky Arizona Sheriff Restricts Inmates Diets To Bread & Water After Desecrating American Flag!”

  1. eas123 says – reply to this


    Honestly, good for him. Kind of funny a few weeks ago you where bashing Phil Robertson, for expressing his opinion (which yes was disgusting but still his opinion) but when these prisoners desecrated are flag you don't give dam. So please explain to me why this a 2 way street? My opinion just because we have freedom of speech doesn't mean, there are consequences for it.

  2. jaleesa says – reply to this


    He needs to be fired this is cruel and unusual punishment. The shit he is doing is not even in his job description he needs to be fired.

  3. 3

    He's a sheriff and in charge of the county jails that this took place in. He is not a Warden, and is not in charge of any prisons - get your facts straight Perez, jeez

  4. F says – reply to this


    GOOD FOR HIM! A.) Those people are in jail FOR BREAKING THE LAW. B.) They are getting 3 hots and a fucking cot for whatever crime they committed and then they are going to BITCH about having an American flag in their cell? And go a step further and destroy it?! Fuck them. Let them eat their bread and water. It's not inhumane. He's not starving them. They are getting what they deserve.

  5. h says – reply to this


    total embarrassment for Az

  6. 6

    Seriously Perez??? If you don't like the American Flag hung near you then go live in some other country and see how much better it is there. And if you are allergic to gluten…don't do a crime that puts you in jail, eating bread paid for by tax payers…more nutricious than what homeless people get. Your priorities are so screwed up I'm speechless.

  7. JJ456 says – reply to this


    This is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. If he loves America so much he should realize that he has absolutely no right to deny an American citizen a basic right, such as food. This is cruel and unnecessary and if he didn't want them to do this shit then he should have never forced them to keep flags up in their cells. I love America as much as the next true blooded American but I don't exactly expect an imprisoned criminal to be the most patriotic of people (especially when it's shoved down their throat). SO they should be basically starved for their pride? Nope, sorry, NOT okay.

  8. 8

    Satan's coming for you Joe; enjoy eternity in Hell…

  9. 9

    Wait, what!? That seems kind of messed up!! What if one of them is allergic to gluten?!

    You really whote that, Perez.

    And, by the way, that sheriff is one of the reasons nobody, nobody takes America seriously anymoe.

  10. eas123 says – reply to this


    Re: JJ456
    Uh Bread and Water are still considered food in my book, any reason there not in yours? besides if someone is allergic glutton, he would give them some thing (he would have to see to it), when you go to jail you should expect your rights restricted

  11. eas123 says – reply to this


    Re: overthere
    Oh please great majority people don't know who he is outside of the US
    Re: h
    Please Obama is an embarrassment to this nation, Joe on the other is not

  12. FartSalad says – reply to this


    Lol at the fact that people are getting upset about this. Complaining about something like this being "cruel and unusual punishment". Prisons in America are better than the majority of other countries. Are we really that stupid that we care about the dietary preferences of rapists and hard-core drug dealers? If you're in prison, you did something pretty awful to get there, so I'm pretty sure that some diarrhea and stomach cramps are preferable to the execution or torture that you would face in other countries…

  13. 13

    Re: h – They are sentenced to being locked up and deprived of their freedom, not to be tortured by starvation, And not everyone in prison is guilty, by the way - just unable to afford a decent defense lawyer.

  14. 14

    And where did he say anything about putting them on bread and water? Oh, you just made that up. Are all fruits liars?

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    If inmates had that kind of inbuilt respect, they probably wouldn't be in there.
    Circumventing jail standards to suit your own personal code is either legal or it isn't.
    Arpaio's code is certainly preferable to the inmate's.

  16. damizza says – reply to this


    Way to go, Sheriff Joe! LMAO

    Seriously though, they do get three hots and a cot. And how the Sheriff chooses to run his jails is up to him. He has been the sheriff down there for a long time now, because people like how he handles things, and what he is doing.

    Way to want to show some respect to your country, Perez.

  17. Shi says – reply to this


    Re: jaleesa – He personally owns the jail, therefore it is in his job description.

  18. geral says – reply to this


    Tough cop as long as his victim is caged, handcuffed, shot or otherwise defenseless.

    The overthrown USA government with corrupt fbi/police/cia/cjis try to force inmates to embrace the very symbol of murderous tyranny that threw the men in prison. The flag of this nation is known universally as equivalent to the Swastika. Ask the Jews if they embraced that symbol at Auschwitz.


    Corruption in fbi:

    Corruption of all law enforcement by fbi:

    Fearful trembling species:

    Age of Madness:

  19. Laura says – reply to this


    Um.. Yes they should not disrespect the flag. But why is the warden putting them in the cells. Seems like he's adding to the crime by doing that. Just saying. Put the flag in the common areas. If they mess with it there, then punish. jmho.

  20. 20

    We love Sheriff Joe and he's doing his job…if you have a problem with it then run for office or shut up! GOOD JOB JOE!!