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The Vampire Diaries Slays A Pivotal Character! Find Out Who Died Last Night On The 100th Ep! (Hint: It WASN’T Katherine!)

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tvd 1001 250

Holy Mystic Falls, Batman!

No doubt, if you’re a fan of The Vampire Diaries, you were glued to your TV last night to enjoy and subsequently scream over the drama, suspense and sexiness that was the show’s 100th episode.

But perhaps there were some of you who made plans last night or were too sick to watch TV or forgot to pay your cable bill this month. Onto you we say…. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

Oh, right, like WE were going to miss a chance to possibly see Ian Somerhalder shirtless? Not friggin likely! And though we were denied such a moment, the events of last night’s episode actually made up for it! There were enough twists in that thing to make a pretzel say, “DUDE!”

Let’s not waste anymore of your precious time… let’s get right down to it!


It’s best if we start at the beginning…

Bulgaria , 1490. A very much human girl named Katerina gives birth to a baby out of wedlock and watches as her father tears her from her arms and life forever. Flashforward 500 years and that same girl is finally starting to look her age…

tvd 1001 250

Yes, Katherine is dying and while we can count on one hand the amount of people who are upset about it, we need all our fingers and toes to count the others who are celebrating their demise. The whole crew, including Damon and Elena, still fresh from their breakup, reminisce about all the bad things she’s done to their group, including killing most of them and turning them into vampires!

tvd 100000

But the thing none of them counted on was the loyalty of Katherine’s daughter, Nadia. She shows up with the ultimate plan to save her mother: she’ll let her possess her body as a Traveler. (Think of it like The Host, only with vampires, not aliens) But Katerine won't hear of it and sends her away, in tears.

But Nadia has already run the group of our the house, except for Damon, who insists on torturing with Katherine’s head and making her see things that aren’t there… LIKE AUNT JENNA! WHOO!

tvd 100 250

Meanwhile, out in the woods, Caroline stumbles upon another old face who’s come to see Katherine die: Klaus. The pair share their usual hostile exchange until Klaus drops the first mega bomb of the night: he promises Caroline if she shares how she truly feels about him, he’ll leave Mystic Falls and never come back.


tvd 100o1 250
ttvd 10020
tvd 100

Hey! Klaroline fans! We’re not done! Stick with us!

While all this is going on, Stefan and Elena are being trapped by a group of travelers and being drained of a bucket of their blood. This is in no way explain in this episode, BUT we sense it will be pertinent down the road.

Everyone reunites back at the house for Katherine's finale hours — and when we say everyone, we do mean everyone!

tvd 100 ep vicky
tvd 100(1)

It’s nice to have two people who can see ghosts in the house!

Stefan spends what he thinks are Katherine’s final moments with her, showing her that the evils she committed along the way, including the slaughter of her entire family was not her fault. She was only a 17-year-old girl with no one left to love her.

tvd 1002 250

And it’s then that Katherine accepts the person she is and forgives herself for all she’s done. She let’s go, with her final thoughts being of her daughter and of Stefan.

tvd 10050

Except …. NO. Bitch bounces back (way to drag this one out!) and finds her doppelgänger Elena sitting at her bedside. The two share what can only be called an awkward exchange considering their history, but Elena takes the high road in light of her ancestors impending passing.

tvd 100 250


With her final breath, Katherine brings Elena close to her… and SWITCHES BODIES! Yes, she enacts the spell her daughter intended to use earlier to steal Elena’s body, and kill Elena in the process.

tvd 1000


But is Elena really dead? Can she be saved? Or has Katherine had too much practice being the Gilber girl for anyone to notice????

Maybe it all has something to do with the bucket of blood??? WHO KNOWS!

That's why we have to keep watching week to week — to find out MORE!

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9 comments to “The Vampire Diaries Slays A Pivotal Character! Find Out Who Died Last Night On The 100th Ep! (Hint: It WASN’T Katherine!)”

  1. giani says – reply to this


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  2. Jordy says – reply to this


    Elena didn't die. Do you not watch the show at all? A traveler can enter a body with the host still in there. Hello? They did it with Matt.

  3. Katy says – reply to this


    Wow! You clearly don't watch this show or you would know that Elena is still very much alive, they're just sharing one body. The spell enabled Katherine's spirit to use Elena's body, it didn't kill her tho

  4. 4

    LOL…Elena isnt dead. if you're going to write reviews of a show…make sure you watch it.

  5. Jenn says – reply to this


    So glad i read this before watching. would've been annoying to watch another dragged out episode. This show use to really draw me in but lately every storyline is repetitive and just falls flat.. I mean how many times will Katherine almost die, and than don't??

  6. 6

    They didn't swap bodies, Katherine is now sharing Elena's body, didn't you see the whole Matt/Gregor storyline

  7. 7

    Never watched the show, all the best to the fans.

  8. Mimi says – reply to this


    They didn't switch bodies. Elena was the one who answered the phone call and then the traveler brought forth Katherine. Travelers inhabit bodies like a parasite but don't kill the host or switch places with them.

  9. niansomerhalder says – reply to this


    Well, actually she's still alive. Elena's not interacting yet…
    They didn't switch bodies. Katherine just put her soul to Elena's body…
    Just like Matt and Nadia's "boyfriend" :) Goodness ! Katherine Pierce wont just die. Ultimate Survivor